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General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Tomas o`Cuinn
Headquarters Gree system
Historical Information
Formed from Dael'mor (faction)
Founder Unknown
Founded Day 95 of Year 15 (CGT)
Dissolved Day 267 of Year 15 (CGT) (renamed to Gree Trade Authority)
Political Information
Industry Paramilitary


The GenoHaradan, historically, are an ancient order of intelligence operatives who have manipulated various galactic events through assassination and espionage. Originally founded to serve as the secret police for a powerful empire that predates the Galactic Republic, the order eventually broke free of political ties and instituted a tradition of selling their services to the highest bidder. The shifting political landscape of the galaxy would lead the GenoHaradan leadership to order a decrease in operations, eventually ceasing entirely as the membership was absorbed into other organizations.

The modern GenoHaradan are a reformed version of the ancient order, existing as a complex series of compartmentalized cells operating independently of each other throughout the galaxy. The vast majority of GenoHaradan cells operate as simple information sponges and are strictly observation-oriented, while a select few are tasked with executing operations based upon the intelligence obtained from the other cells.


During Year 9 to Year 10 (CGT), a GenoHaradan operations cell led by Marshal Coeus Ahlstedt operated under the cover of Paradigm Laboratories and Silhouette Security. This cell used Silhouette Security, sponsored by the Tion Hegemony government, as a double-bluff to cover its operations against the Black Sun Crime Syndicate and Paradigm Laboratories to distribute its narcotic products and expand its financial empire. Operating specifically to attack Black Sun, the GenoHaradan cell successfully achieved its mission when it assassinated the former Dark Prince Adam A Flynn,[1] along with causing the defection of several high-ranking Syndicate members along the way.[2] Coeus soon became the main target of Black Watch, eventually being captured by the Tenloss Syndicate. He was quickly delivered into the hands of Black Sun and imprisoned within the bowels of their flagship, the Darkstar Battleship Ill Gotten Gains.[3] Many of the remaining members of the GenoHaradan cell were able to escape into obscurity, though a few were also captured by Black Sun. Silhouette Security and Paradigm Laboratories ceased to exist while then-Vigo Tar Alaks announced the capture of Coeus to the galaxy and declared victory over the GenoHaradan.[4]

Day 95 of Year 15 (CGT) saw the creation of a public GenoHaradan company, an operations cell run by veteran GenoHaradan operatives with close ties to the Year 9-Year 10 (CGT) group led by Coeus Ahlstedt. Some of the remaining operatives of the broken cell had infiltrated the Black Sun Criminal Syndicate in the years since and recruited a number of Family members into the ranks of the GenoHaradan. Chief among the recruited operatives had been Nyarlathotep Alaks, kin to Tar Alaks and future Vigo of Shadows, and Tomas o`Cuinn, Director of Indoctrination for the syndicate, who used their respective positions to funnel intelligence to the GenoHaradan.

Using the intelligence they had taken, the GenoHaradan were instrumental in removing Black Sun forces from the Gree System and turning control over to a newly formed system government, the Gree Trade Authority. Nyar and Cuinn, now full-time GenoHaradan operatives, persuaded their colleagues to contract the Mandalorian clan Dael'mor, led by their close friends and former Dark Princesses Cait Catra and Niobe Asha, to assist with taking and holding the system from a plausible Black Sun counterattack, but the criminal syndicate never managed to respond. In exchange for their assistance and continued support, the local government agreed to allow GenoHaradan to freely operate out of the Gree System. Black Sun leader Alexander von Ismay posted a news article informing the galaxy that the system was a gift to the leadership who had handed him his throne.[5] Later on, Alexander would contradict himself and state that the gifts had actually been stolen, declaring a select number of GenoHaradan and Dael'mor members as enemies of Black Sun.[6]

GenoHaradan was dissolved on the 267th day of Year 15 (CGT).