George O Rourke

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George O Rourke
Georgie retrooo 100x100.png
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Clan Rak`Qua
House House Kaos, House Jade
Mother Ariel O Rourke (Deceased)
Father Glen O Rourke (Deceased)
Marital Status Single
Siblings Tori O Rourke (Unknown)
Children Scarlett O Rourke
Born Year -3 Day 172
Languages Galactic Basic, Nautila
Quote "Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it" - George Santayana
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 6
Coloring Blue
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation -ARK-.png -ARK-
Galactic Alliance Emblem.png Galactic Alliance
Title High Lord
Positions Minster of State

High Elder, House Kaos

Prior Affiliation JediCoalitionLogo.png Jedi Coalition
ARE logo.png Arkanian Engineers
OldArkLogo.png Arkanian Brotherhood
THC Plain Logo.png The Hyporian Commonwealth

Awards OldArkLogo.png Arkanian Brotherhood
  • Silver Exploration
  • Derra Campaign
  • Arbran VI
  • Ministry of State
  • Academy Graduate
  • 1 Year of Service
  • Combat Infantry Ribbon
  • High Command
  • Arkanian Family Award
  • Bronze Construction
  • Mass Housing
Signature George WIki Sig.png

Mr George O Rourke, or more commonly referred to as Georgie by many of his friends and companions is a Blue Nautolan of the Planet Glee Anselm. He is of average Nautolan height at 6'6 medium build. He has an array of different attires, from his custom white and pink heavy armour, to his -ARK- embroidered suit for his official diplomatic business as Minister of State. However he is usually seen wearing very casual attire outside work and simple smart casual button up whilst on duty. Georgie loves a nice Corellian Whiskey at the local to wind down after a busy day of work.

George was brought up by his single mother after a unfortunate 'incident' took his father when Georgie was only 3 years old. It was very difficult on the young mother as she not long after loosing her husband had their second child. Little Tori would never get to meet her father. And the family was well below the poverty line of Galaxy. With 2 young children it was difficult to find work for poor Ariel. She managed to get some night work after the kids had been put to bed. It wasn't much, but it was enough to get at least some food. Once George was old enough to fend for himself he was stealing and making a right nuisance of himself. He was frustrated with his poverty and seeing the ruling miners living a life of luxury. At the age of 10 his life was turned upside down. The settlement was attacked. Men Georgie had never seen before came flooding into town. Attacking and plundering everything in their path. In the turmoil George's mother was killed, and his sister was taken. With nothing left, he began wondering. Stealing and learning the ways of the streets to make a living. Hoping to one day be reunited with his sister... Somewhere somehow.

Early Life

George, born on day 172 of Year -3 on his peoples home of Glee Anselm. George had the unusual blue skin tone compared to the usual green skin tone. He was the first born of Ariel and Glen O Rourke. A small family in a small settlement on Glee. His father worked long hours in the mines to feed his family whilst Ariel looked after George and took care of the house, ensuring their was food on the table for Glens return home. However one evening it was getting late, later than usual. Ariel began to worry, Glen being late was not out of the ordinary. But to be this late was concerning. She got Georgie all ready for bed, he too was worries. He wanted to see his daddy before bed. "Its okay Georgie, Daddy will come in and give you a kiss goodnight when he gets home" She said softly as she got the little man into bed. Little did they both know, Glen was not returning. George cuddled into his little teddy and fell asleep slowly. Ariel returned to the living room, waiting for her husband to return home. It seemed as hours had passed by. She was 'resting' her eyes as she was woken by a knock at the door. It was pitch black outside. She had no idea of the time, but she scurried to the door. Rubbing her weary eyes on the short journey. As she opened the door there stood two suits. Men of the mining company stood there straight faced. The words that were about to be uttered from their mouths would change the O Rourke Clan forever. Glen was dead. The suits gave little information was given, only that it was some kind of 'accident'. Ariel broke down, crumbling to her knees. Sobbing into her hands. The suits stood for a moment before leaving. Ariel slowly regained her feet, tears streaming down her face. She looked at the dining table where her husbands meal lay cold. She sat at the table staring at the plate.

Morning time came, she was still sitting at the table, but she had fallen asleep in a pool of her own tears. He walked himself down the hall. He sees his mum in the chair, he comes up to her and tugs on her shirt. "Mummy... Where is daddy? He didnt give me kisses?" The young boy questioned, sadness spelt over his face. Ariel awoke, dazed for a moment she looks down at the little boy. 'Oh no' she thought as she saw the little boys sad face. 'How do I tell him?' She thought again. It was never going to be easy. But it had to be done. "Georgie my boy" She said eyes just barely holding back a stream of tears. "Daddy..." she started briefly. "He's... Not coming home." She closed her eyes and held the young boy tightly. "Im sorry son" She uttered quietly. "Im so sorry"... George was still confused. He couldn't comprehend the fact his father was never coming back. But for a child so young it would take some time for it to become a reality. The timing of Glen's death couldn't have been any worse. The two were expecting another child. The egg was laid. Only months away from hatching.

A few months had passed. George was still hoping for his fathers return thinking it was some silly work thing. Ariel couldn't do anything but show George as much love and affection as she could. Soon the egg hatched, and a new life was given to the world. A little girl Tori. Over the coming years the family lived under the poverty line. Scraping by with nothing more than a roof over their head and some bread in their hands. Ariel did her best to raise her two kids by herself. Ariel slowly looked to return to work. But will two young kids and a single mother it was difficult for her to find time to juggle them both. She ended with some night work after she had put both kids to bed she would slip out to earn some credits. Just enough to keep them alive. Once George was old enough he would go out on his lonesome. Stealing and generally getting into trouble was the norm. He tried to bring back anything extra he could for his little family. Ariel did her best, but it became the norm for the years to follow.

A young George O Rourke.

Years had passed, the O Rourke family scraped by day to day. George was now 12 and his little sister was 9 they were enjoying life as much as they could in their situation. However this day would change George's life forever. Whilst George and Tori were outside playing speeders and hooded figures could be seen heading towards the settlement. George quickly grabbed Tori and pulled her back to the safety of their little shelter. The figures began terrorising the settlement. Plundering and attacking anyone in their path. George turned to his mum "What do we do? The people are attacking!" Ariel was in shock, she didn't know what to do either. Run? Hide? What should she do. She grabbed the kids and began running, she had Tori in her arms and George was running ahead. The men saw them and gave chase. Rifles drawn he tackled Ariel, Tori leaving her grip as she fell. George heard and turned. One man had his mother, another had grabbed Tori by the arm. "No!" George screamed. The men looked briefly at George before returning their attention to their new captors. One dragged Tori back down towards the town centre. She screamed, George was frozen, tears streaming down his face. Ariel was pinned on the ground. She could now see Tori being dragged down the street. Her eyes turned to fire. A rush of adrenaline coursed through her body. She kicked at her attacker she continued kicking managing to get free. She begins to run down towards Tori. The man gets to his feet taking a few steps before pulling his small blaster from his holster. He fired two shots. Silence. Ariel's body began falling to the ground. The man holding Tori slung her over his shoulder and ran back to their speeder. The other man slowly walked towards the dying mother. "That'll teach ya. Stupid bitch" he kicked dirt as he walked. In the exchange he hadn't realised that his rifle had dislodged. He was busy whipping the blood from his lip after a few good shots from Ariel. A few steps more he begins patting, looking for his rifle. He spins seeing George and the rifle. George looks at him and sees the rifle laying on the ground, his tears turning to anger. Both jump for the rifle. George managed to get his hands to it first. He sees the trigger and pulls it. The rifle begins blasting. The man goes limp and lifeless. George screams and lets go of the trigger. He runs to his mother now dead in the dirt. He cries over her body, but she was cold. He was lost.

The town was devastated. Few survived, those that did would likely die in the coming days. George would likely fall to the same fate. But he didn't, He ran, he ran as fast and as far as he could. With the clothes on his back and small photo of his little family tucked into his his pocked he ran. Hungry, exhausted and near death, he made it to Pieralos. He managed to get to food and regain his strength. But he was still in the big city, a child with no where to go and learning to survive was his only hope. He learnt to steal quietly without being noticed. The food stands in the city were much more populated than his home town, so getting a hold of something unnoticed was a bit simpler, but the danger was much higher. For months George would steal to survive and watch the people and learn. However one day he was caught. Whilst attempting to steal some fruit from a stand his hand was grasped. Shocked he stood up. There stood an elder Nautolan looking down on the young George. "What do you think you're doing boy?" the man questioned. "I'm... I'm hungry. I just want some food please sir." George replied avoiding eye contact. "Look at me boy!" The main exclaimed, George straightened up and looked the man eye to eye. "You want some food? Eh. You shouldn't be stealing, where are your parents?" The man questioned. "Uh..." George paused. "They're dead." He replied looking back at the floor. The man gently lifted George's head with one hand. "Oh. My boy that's terrible." The man proceeds to give George the fruit before withdrawing. "Hang on, this isn't some kind of trick is it." The questioning look on his face. "No sir, of course not... My father when I was young... My mother only recently. Men attacked out town. My mother was killed and my sister was taken." George looking at the ground, tears gathering in his eyes trying to avoid sharing too much of his feelings. "I see. Here have this. But instead of stealing, how about you do some work for me. And I'll give you some shelter and food." The man smiled and returned his offer of the fruit. George's head slowly rose with the those words. The mans smile almost brought happiness to the young boy. He smiled and took the fruit taking a massive bite into it. "Yes, yes that would be great." He exclaimed in excitement, mouth full of food. "But. What will I be doing?" George stopped chewing waiting for an answer. "Well you'll be helping transport and sell this stuff. My old bones and this job has taken its toll. Its getting a bit difficult for me now." George nodded and continued munching down on the piece of fruit. "Now boy, what's your name. Cant have you running around and just calling you 'Boy' can we now." "My. My names George. George O Rourke. Thanks Mister." George replies taking his last bit of food and a big smile. "Nice to meet you George, you can call me Mr Guda." Mr Guda extends his hand out. George grabbed the mans big hand and shook it exorbitantly. George had survived.

The Great Escape

Years had passed and although George had made quite the impression on the city people, he was still moving boxes and selling fruit. He had grown quite rapidly over the years and was now the image of a young man, not the young boy he was when he came to the city. But now his urge for adventure was rife. He wanted to get out and explore the universe. He had heard many stories from people throughout the city of life outside of Glee Anselm. George too wanted to taste these adventures. Whilst cleaning up the storage area one day George came across a flyer, it seemed a passer-by had dropped it in their scurry. George turned it over and gave it a read. "Unity In Purpose" Leading title had George hooked. What was this for? The newly minted Jedi Coalition, thats what. A new Government from down south. Did Georgie know where 'down south' was? Hell no, but it looked like an adventure. He quickly made contact where he was issued instructions to make heed for Arbra, the Jedi Coalition capital. Mr Guda was understanding of the young ones want for adventure and bid him farewell with some delicious fruit for the journey. Georgie quick hopped to the starport and got the one way ticket to Arbra.

The flight from Glee Anselm to Abra was long. Made even longer due to George's excitement, but he tried to make use of the flight. Finding out information about his hopefully new home in Arbra. After all he hadn't been accepted yet. Soon enough the transport touched down in Arbra. His first steps outside were breathtaking. The environment was completely different in comparison to what he was use to on Glee. He stood in traffic and just looked in awe. The crowds of people speeding by, George ignored it all, although to their displeasure. He snapped back to focus, retrieving his further instructions. He made his way to the Arkanian HQ where his application would officially begin. He took his seat and filled in his paperwork before returning it to the receptionist. He couldn't sit still. The boy was fiddling and jumping at the bit. He got called up. "We've looked through your application and it has passed all our beginner checks with flying colours. I note you applied for the Navy Recruit. I am pleased to inform you there is an available Navy recruit position that you'll be able to slip into once you've completed your Academy training." George could barely contain his excitement, but he was on his way to the Jedi Coalition Academy.

Once at the Academy it was a fairly simple process, a few tests a few lectures and bam, graduate. His graduation was shared with a fellow new recruit Fooda Fayelk, it was a fun day of lots of celebrations. Meeting his new Coalition members and hierarchy was an amazing time. After the celebrations George got right down to work. He was admitted to the Second Task Force, nicely nick named the Wolf Pack. George meshed well with his new pack and the Navy at large. Within months he was promoted to Petty Officer Second Class. George was quick to show his passion and his ability to learn quickly. Even though he was serving within the military arm of the Coalition he still had the opportunity to do a few different things. System searching was the first, but moved on to hauling RMs and even planet building. It was a diverse job that Georgie enjoyed to the fullest. However although George was having the time of his life, the Jedi Coalition was not. Turmoil at the top had caused a divide between the two original organisation. On day 292 of year 13 the Jedi Coalition dissolved, subsequently recreating the Jedi Order and Arkanian Brotherhood. It was another tough decision in George's life, but in the end he decided to join the Arkanian Brotherhood. Many friends chose the Jedi in which George would bid farewell for now. It was difficult, but necessary. In the coming years it would prove he made the right decision.

Arkanian Brotherhood

George O Rourke wearing his Arkanian Robes wielding his Custom Vibroblade.

The Arkanian Brotherhood was Georgie's new home since the dissolution. It was going to take some time to get the new Government up and running, but everyone was putting in countless hours to ensure reality. George continued to serve the now Arkanian Brotherhood Navy, however with the loss of many high ranking officials, more juniors were getting the call up to higher ranks. George was one of these people, he was soon promoted to Warrant Officer and was now one of the more senior members of the Navy. However George wasn't alone, he still under the guidance of a few of the great Jedi Coalition military leaders. The Brotherhood continued to rebuild and return to the stature that the Jedi Coalition had once had within the Galaxy. Over the following months every member of the Brotherhood put in the work and made the Arkanian name rise again. Once again George's efforts didn't go unnoticed, he was once again up on the stand receiving his next promotion. Ensign O Rourke was a brief title, much like his next one. Lieutenant O Rourke was a title George held for mealy 3 weeks before another position came up. This time a big move, no longer was he a Military man, he was now a man of the State. The new Director of Member Resources under the Minister of State. It was quite different, lots more talking, lots more selling. But it was great. George excelled quite quickly. Brining many new recruits to the Brotherhood.

Minister O Rourke

Over the coming 6 months George excelled in his position as Director of Member Resources, it was really a roll that suited George. However there was continual change in the Brotherhood, the High Command had changed once again and the current Minister of State had been transitioned across into the now vacant position of Minister of Intelligence. With the Minister of State roll now vacant, George was graciously offered the position. To which he took without a second thought. Although it was a great stride in George's personal development it also came with some big challenges. Mainly of which was the giant step into the diplomacy shoes, one of which George had no experience with. He had ventured out into the world straight into the Jedi Coalition and had lived his life there. He had some contact with other factions outside of the Brotherhood but it was still limited. This was about to change as he was now 'the' person to speak to. But as any challenge taken on, George took it in his stride and learnt quickly. This didn't subtract from his member resources roll which also fell under the Ministry of State. George is extremely proud of the great quality of people he has managed to recruit into and join the Arkanian people. One of which is Belwarmec Al-Thorac one of his most prized graduates. George and Bel initially met through their shared want to help others new to exploring the galaxy. Both as mentors to the new they helped many people get out into the galaxy. A friendship began and soon Belwarmec joined the Arkanian ranks.

Combat Dome

During George's down time he was invited to join Belwarmec at the famous Combat Dome[1], a place where back street brawls were a norm and it was a fight to the death... Well almost. Participants went into the match under their own legs, but not the same as they left. Many carried out and worked on by the medical staff on stand by. As George arrived he was greeted by Bel, and noticed there was a large group of people with Bel around a table. As Bel introduced George to the group he noticed the very different backgrounds of many of the people there. Wylly Grimm one of Bel's former boss who eventually earned the nick name 'Boss Cat' by his friends. Tess Santori a subordinate of Wylly was also at the table. When George arrived Mr Grimm was part way though his own bout. Unfortunately it ended disappointingly for both participants. Even though Wylly won it wasn't a win he was happy about. After that bout another member of the little group got his chance to fight. Rhularrr Khaatook better known as Rhu had his time to shine. His bout lasted a long time, coming down to the wire. Rhu ended up the victor, but not without serious injuries. His foe laid passed out on the ground as Rhu dropped to his knees, exhausted and broken. Both were taken away to the infirmary for treatment. After Rhu's bout the owner and organiser of the Combat Dome decided to try her luck. George was not familiar with either combatant, but the entertainment was good and the refreshments even more so. Wylly's faithful bodyguard Renee was organising some Whiskey for the young Nautolan. It was delightful. However the taste would soon turn bitter as the Combat Dome was about to come full combat.

Invasion And Survival

As the bout finished explosions could be heard and seen all over the Dome. George had just received a drink from a waitress before the chaos erupted. However she was struck in the entrance. She had sustained a blaster bolt to the chest and was in a lot of trouble. As she fell she crashed into George's table, knocking his drink and emptying it all over his face and body. But that was the least of his problems. He needed to exit the building and return to the slightly safer place that was his ship. Him and his new found friends fought together against the incoming enemies. The waitress was wounded badly, she needed medical attention, the kind the combat dome no longer supplied. George and Bel managed to get into a corner with enough cover to make a new plan. However with the enemy guarding the main exit a new strategy was needed. Thankfully Wylly had a few bacta patches on him and gave George a few to help the waitress become mobile once more. Whilst this was going on Bel had scouted out an exit plan. There was a kitchen just past the next wall and it lead to a secure loading bay which would give them access to their ships. With the waitress barely conscious she was not able to walk on her own. Bel and George took a side and helped her to the corridor. Soon after Rhu came through with a horde of droids, some of Securitronix finest busted a hole in the wall giving George, Bel and the waitress an easy access. However was it a blessing or a curse? The original plan was to sneak out without anyone suspecting, but that wasn't going to happen with the droids making all the noise in the world.

As they made it to the kitchen they decided to sit and take a breather. With George and Bel watching each direction the waitress manage to get a rest too. And George even got some information on her. Her name was Tina Goldona, she couldn't remember much about what she had just been through, but she was strong and kept with it. They continued on but now with the help of some of Rhu's droid forces. However once again bombs littered the Dome. Over half of the droids had been destroyed. A few nicks and scratches were sustained, but nothing serious, thankfully. Rhu headed of, but left the remaining droid forces to protect Bel, George and the now 6 staff of the dome headed for the ships with the escort of Rhu's droids. Finally they made it to the ships with George having his YT-2400 there wasn't much room. George decided to take Tina with him, Bel took one of the waitresses in his YT-2400 and the remaining 4 went with Rhu's droids on his ship. They all managed to reach orbit, but Tina was still in a bad shape. She was still in much pain and the stress of the situation was getting to her. George did his best to calm her. But all was not over, they hadn't reached hyperspace yet and the thugs had some serious space weaponry. Bel and George both in their YT-2400 managed to avoid enemy fire with their advanced piloting skills. Thankfully a Securitronix capital ship was nearby and able to start blasting the thugs. George and Bel both docked on the capital where Miss Fukura Mist sat in the captains chair. With their exit they were able to return to their home in Arbran. Tina with her only real place to call home now destroyed decided to return with George and settle in Arbra as well. She quickly picked up a job with the Little Arkania, a beautiful little pub on the captial.

Arkanian Engineers

As the times change, so does our roll within the galaxy. Another shift was required and the time of the Arkanian Brotherhood had run its course. The Arkanian people decided it was time to real back our standing within the galactic politics and take the stance of a smaller nation once more, one centred around business. So in Year 16 the Arkanian returned to their ship building roots and the Arkanian Engineers opened for business. With the restructure of returning to a more business style structure George's position had a minor amendment. He was Minister no longer, but now Director, the Director of Arkanian Affairs. However his job description varied little. It was still his job to maintain relations with other companies and nations along side bringing new members into the Engineers.

Another rather large change for George was his relocation to Nulan. With the creation of the Royal Arkanian Order and his admittance to the honorary order he joined House Kaos, named after one of the Arknian founding fathers Gavin Kaos. This House was based from the Hook Nebular sector, specifically the Nulan system. His residence resided on the lovely planet of Nulan VI, it was a small villa on the pristine beaches. He shared this small hut with Tina, who he had become quite close with. Tina loved the beachside villa, she made the villa home. Thankfully Arkanian space is littered with bars, taverns and pubs so it was quite easy for Tina to find a little job working behind the bar at the local bar. Lucky for George, as he was a regular whenever he was home. Although with the move to Nulan IV George had noticed that it was a little under developed, towns were small and spread far apart. George alongside the other Board members agreed start construction creating a major hub on Nulan VI, however one of the design necessities was that it mustn't encroach on the beautiful landmarks of the planet. And with the design work set, George was tasked with leading the effort, overlooking the construction. Although this added more work for George it also meant he spent quite a bit more time at home with Tina.

Vice President

With the sad departure of President Nat Dues from the Arkanian Engineers this left an overwhelming gap in the leadership of the company. It was at this time George's name was put forward to the board as a replacement to the now vacant Vice Presidents position which Va`Li Owa had advocated in his advancement to President. It was with this vote of confidence George was chosen to become the new Vice President of the Arkanian Engineers. As of yet his previous position as Director of Arkanian Affairs has yet to be filled, thus he continues to do the majority of the work in this area. However with the help of Belwarmec it has made the work a lot easier allowing George to allow more time for his new duties. It was a difficult change with long timer leader and good friend of all Nat Dues leaving to retire after his many years of leadership and service. George just hopes he can live up to standard of those before him, as he has very big shoes to fill.

Down the Track

George had been Vice President of the Arkanian Engineers for some time now and was getting much more comfortable in the position, becoming more of the public voice of the Arkanian Engineers, as well as the speaker within the Arkanian Engineers. President Va`Li Owa had the experience, but wasn't much of a talker, this allowed George to be more expressive and helpful. George looks up to Va`Li for advice and guidance. It was a great honour though as Va`Li put the production of the Birjis system into the hands of George. His first company wide operation. It is well underway and everyone seems pleased with the way it is going. This boosted George's confidence giving him a mighty step in the right direction. However along side this George and the Arkanian Engineers had found a successor to the Director of Arkanian Affairs which George had abdicated months before. It was Teagan Kaos, related to the great Gavin Kaos who now heads up the Arkanian Affairs Department, revealing some pressure along with adding a new set of eyes and another perspective on things. So far he has done great work creating new ideas and thinking outside the box. With the Arkanian Board full again they were back at full running speed and that pretty much summed up the Arkanian Engineers at this time. Full of life and with plenty of things to go. Forwards seems to be the only direction the Arkanian Engineers seemed to know and it was great to see from all board the great Arkanian ship.

Some Down Time

After the years of service to the Arkanian Engineers it was time for George to take a little break. And with his new wife took some time off to build a little shack down by the lakes on Nulan. However after only a few days off duty he was sent a message, invited back to the HQ on Nulan for a small celebration regarding the Royal Arkanian Order. Va`Li requested he join the team for this small event, and well George had no problems coming in for a small celebration only a few hours away. But he hadn't known what was about to happen. As he made his way into the Headquarters and took his seat. Lord Paramount Va`Li Owa started the proceedings. He started with the new inductees of the Order before proceeding onto the newest promotions within the Order. But just when George thought the ceremony was wrapping up Va`Li had one more announcement to make. This regarding Georgie. Va`Li invited him up to the podium. "Finally, I have one last person who has scraped and clawed his way up to the next rank. It is not easy to become an Officer of the Royal Arkanian Engineers. After all this time, only five hold the rank. So I'm very excited to introduce a new addition to this prestigious position. Lord George O Rourke, no longer are you a Lord. From today on, you shall be High Lord George O Rourke, Officer of the Royal Arkanian Order. I am honoured to be able to grant you all the rights and responsibilities of this position. May it honour you, and may you continue to honour us. Thank you High Lord O Rourke." Shock came over George's face as the big man said those words. Surprising and quite joyed George stood there with his mouth almost hitting the floor. He gathered himself and said a few words. "Thank you Va`Li for bestowing such an honorary title in me today. I will continue to do my best to make the Arkanian name shine bright within the Galaxy. Long live Arkania!" George finished has he punched his closed fist into the air, still reeling from what he had just been told.

A few hours after the ceremony George was on his way back to his little piece of paradise only a few hours from the HQ, After telling his wife about the ceremony their leave finally started, their lake side shack would start the building process and George would be able to unwind for a few months with little to no work duties on his back. Something he was slightly sad about but overjoyed that he had some time to spend with his wife and to relax .

The Brotherhood Returns

With his shack completed and his holiday come to an end it was time to return to work. But as he returned he had found that big change was coming. Talk were that the Arkanian Engineers would be taking a turn. Always for the better, but was definitely out of left field. It was time for the Arkanian name to return to Galactic politics as a Government. And the Arkanian Brotherhood was reborn. It was an excited timing for George as he had been through the whole loop from Government back to company and there once again return to a full fledged government. Not a whole lot changed day to day, but it was good to be recognised as a Galactic Government once again. For many Arkanians it was their first taste of Government status, as many of the new Arkanian members had joined during the time of the Arkanian Engineers.

But with the change to Government there had be some title changes to reflect their new status. With that George now became Prime Minister of the Arkanian Brotherhood. However this didn't effect the job he did at the Arkanian Brotherhood, he was still under now, Chancellor Va`Li Owa but still ran most of the Diplomacy team and had a strong hand in the member resources along with Gavin Kaos. It was definitely great to be apart of the Galactic Politics once more.

Joys and Misery

Georgie and Scarlette enjoying a beach day.

Not long after George return to full duties he received word from his shack on Nulan that his wife was pregnant. He was over joyed with the news, but was also very upset that he could not return to comfort and help his wife through these tough times. But with his leave his jobs mounted up and he unfortunately could not get back to Nulan for some time. With his wife going into labour George had to drop everything and return to Nulan, he just could not miss the birth of his wonderfully bundle of joy. In Year 19 on Day 315 his wife Tina Goldona gave birth to a wonderfully healthy little girl. She was named Scarlett O Rourke. She looked very much like her father taking majority of his species genetics. She was however a cute little green Nautolan, unlike her father. But she was the most beautiful thing that George had ever seen. He stayed with her as long as he could, but inevitably the task of being Prime Minister of the Arkanian Brotherhood took its toll and George had to return to the capital to continue his work. Leaving his little baby and his wife behind on Nulan. He hated it, but he had to continue his duties and his task of creating a strong, better nation for his baby girl to live in.

Months had gone by and George had only been back to see his little one a few times. It was extremely tough for him not seeing his little baby girl, but even tougher for his wife. It was taking an immense toll on their relationship. After a further few months of George only being back for small and few visits Tina was at her end. She filed for divorce. George knew why. He wanted to promise to fix things, to make it work. But he knew deep down he wasn't going to be able to keep those promises. His life changed and his little girl was now in full custody of her mother. Although Tina was very amicable with the him visiting his girl it was extremely difficult. Had went from having it all, to pretty much nothing. An ex-wife and a beautiful child he rarely got to see. It definitely wasn't easy for the Prime Minister. In order to deal with it, he threw himself into work to try and distract himself from his sadness. This however ended up throwing him head first into the state of Galactic politics, which unfortunately didn't make him any happier. Just more frustrated, just with something else.

George returned to Nulan to visit his little Scarlett. Everytime he saw her she grew some more. Every single time. She was walking now and George couldn't help but cry a little. He was missing out on so much of her life. Her first steps. Her first words... Was he ever going to hear her say "Dada"? He questioned his being, he questioned his decisions. He questioned almost every decision he had made up till this point. Were they right? Were they wrong? At this point in time he felt everything was wrong. But after spending a few days with his girl, things changed. He felt happier, he saw his daughter grow and even got to hear that happy word... "Dada" Once he heard Scarlett say that he was ecstatic. His whole mood changed. But he knew all good things had to end. He had to head back to the capital and return to work. But this time with a whole new meaning in life. Fully charged and ready to smash it he returned to Arbra full of enthusiasm.

More months had past and Scarlett was almost 1. He had been planning something big for her birthday, well something he thought was big. To a 1 year old, getting to play with her ewok doll and sing songs were the best of things. However he had planned to take her to the capital and explore his work home more. George and Scarlett headed off to Arbra to do some exploring, well as much as you can do with a 1 year old. He took her to the zoo, to daddys work. Everywhere. He hoped loved her so much. She was the bright light in his life. What he worked his life for. In hopes that one day she will be a fine young lady. He had hopes she would follow his footsteps into the Arkanian Government, but it was early stages. But by the end of the week both him and Scarlett was exhausted. They returned to Nulan for a few days before he had to leave her once again. It was bitter sweet, but he knew that he had something special. And it helped him work harder and harder every day to see her with a safe place to live and a future she can make her own.

Change is Coming

Georges time as an Arkanian was coming to an end. No, he had not left. It was time for the people of Arkania to move on, into the future. A deal had been carved out between the Arkanian Brotherhood and The Hyporian Commonwealth to merge the two great nations into one giant super nation. In the schemes of mergers, it was relatively quick and painless for both parties. But it did also mean a big shift for George. His previous position of Prime Minister within the Arkanian Brotherhood had to be relinquished. It wasn't so much relinquishing his position that saddened George, it was saying good-bye to the Arkanian name. But he had to move forward and into the Commonwealth. He was fortunate to pick up the position of Minister of State, a position he had held previously within the Brotherhood, so he did feel quite at home. Although it would be different having so many new faces that he would not be working with. There was plenty of names to learn and an entire new way of life to learn but George was excited and confident that the future was bright and his new home in the Hypoirian Commonwealth would be full of sunshine and happiness.

A Messy End, But A Better Beginning

The merger got off to a shaky start. With poor communication between the Hierarchy and its members within the Commonwealth. However after a few months progress was made to unify the government. For a time it was getting better with each passing day. However it all soon changed. Progress started to deteriorate with theft and greed. Behind the scenes the seeds of discontent was sowed throughout the Commonwealth. Original members of the Commonwealth spoke out against the current Hierarchy, insisting that the new leaders from the former Arkanian Brotherhood were the reason behind the failings of the Government. However these were backed with few evidence or reasons beyond - "Its what I heard" Thus difficult to resolve with little idea with the real issues were. As time passed most members of the Commonwealth worked to unify the Government further. However the seeds of discontent had grown out of control. With the pressure of the former Commonwealth members on his back, Prelate Nikolaj Eyre felt he had no choice but to request a divorce between the two Governments.

This itself caused even more dramas and decisions. With Prelate Nikolaj Eyre being a suspect in the murder of former Galactic Alliance Representative and former leader of The Cooperative (Hyporian predecessor) Sol Savrek. There was much to discuss in regards to the former Arkanian Brotherhood leadership in what sort of action would be taken as the events unfolded. In the end it was decided by Hierarch Va`Li Owa and Arkanian Hierarchy members that the newly renamed -ARK- would seize the land that in the eyes of the Arkanian Brotherhood was stolen from their friend and Galactic Alliance Representative Sol Savrek. From that moment on, all measures necessary we undertaken to ensure the control of all Commonwealth assets were retained by the new -ARK- Government. In the end -ARK- successfully managed to seize the assets owned by the Cooperative years before, bar a few ships and materials that were smuggled out during the seizure. All in all it was a success for -ARK- and they could move into the future with a more positive outlook.

George O Rourke's new custom armour


Once the previous Arkanian Brotherhood was reformed as -ARK- Georgie retook his position as Prime Minister of the Government helping Chancellor Va`Li Owa with the running of the Government. After the events of the Hyporian Commonwealth -ARK- was left with far more lands than before. Thus work had skyrocketed with many many more planets needing to be built and secured. This was good and allowed -ARK- to work closely along side its allies in the Triumvirate Coalition and the Jedi Order. Without their help years would have been added onto these projects. Since the split -ARK- has prospered with its community ever growing and the people happier than ever. Its moments like these that bring a smile to George's face.

Return to State

Some time had passed since the separation between -ARK- and The Hyporican Commonwealth and George had continued his position as Prime Minister of the government. However as time went on, he felt that he was no longer the best fit for Prime Minister of -ARK- and had spoken to Chancellor Va`Li expressing his discontent. Va`Li understood and the two of them discussed a replacement for George. One name quickly came to the forefront. Lord Belwarmec Al-Thorac. Long time member of -ARK- and definitely one of the best recruits George had procured. It wasn't long before it was announced and George took up his position as Minister of State for the government, a position Georgie was more accustom to. With BMF merging with -ARK-, Bel's tenure in BMF was finished and a replacement leader for the new -ARK- Nat could be found. Thus leaving Bel free to take up the Prime Minister position.

Due to the new lands acquired during the merging with The Hyporican Commonwealth there was much work to do. George had been flat out between slabbing for new cities to prosper, hauling RMs and even building defence stations around -ARK- lands. It was a very busy time indeed. But seeing progress was a great reward for the Minister, along with a good few new recruits welcomed to the government. During this time he set up some better defence for his home system of Nulan, ensuring the protection of his home and his family. However he has also adopted a new system as well, K749 home of the Pzob planets. With his home in the south of the Galaxy and west side of the -ARK- territories the new K749 system will be Georgie's home in the east. With its undeveloped environment George will be able to create it his way, for himself. Something he is very excited to jump into and get doing.


Georgie is a blue Nautolan around 6'6 in stature with a broad build. As a key diplomat its custom for him to wear classy and professional attire to events. These can include, -ARK- robes, a traditional dark robe with splashes of bright blue and green tying in with the governments flashy colour scheme. This colour scheme can also be found on his suits, always sporting the -ARK- Logo embroidered onto the breast pocket. However in his free time he likes to dress down a little bit and can usually be seen wearing a variety of tight fitting t-shirt, board shorts or jeans (Dependent on temperature) and a black or brown jacket. Finally his military attire, more so hunting attire. As military operations are few and far between for this Nautolan. This attire is simply a set of Heavy Battle armour and matching helmet. Simple, but very effective. He keeps his tendrils nicely maintained normally the bulk of them are tied up with them running down the middle of his back whilst he has one left out on each side dangling down over the front of his shoulders.

Whilst Georgie is outside of -ARK- space and wearing either his profession robes and suit, or his more casual t-shirt and jeans he'll more than likely be carrying weapons of some kind. He'll care a small knife in the boot of his right foot covered by the base of his jeans and normally whilst wearing his jackets carry his pair of ELG-3As in hidden shoulder holsters. His past military service has ensured he keeps some kind of protection on him at all times. However when he is rocking his military or hunting attire he carries an A-280 sniper rifle and a E-11B Trooper rifle. His goto weapons in a fight. Along with his knife he has almost every range covered. Making him well suited to many different attacks.


'Dear Baroness'
- Kandosii-type Dreadnaught
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Capital Ships
'Grim Prophecy'
- CR-90 Assassin Corvette
- MC-30b Corvette
- CR-90 Corvette
Assassin Corvette.jpg
Grim Prophecy.png

'Ice Lance'
'Heavy Ambience'
'Elder Princess'
'Princess Shuttle'
- Modular Taskforce Cruiser
- Colossal Class Heavy Carrier
- Ardent Class Frigate
- BFF-1 Bulk Freighter
- D-5 Mantis Patrol Craft
- Gozanti-Class Cruiser
- Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle
Big Buddy.png
Heroes Farewell.png]
Gozanti Cruiser.jpg-2.png
Escord Shuttle.jpg
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Transparent space between lines.png
'Ivory Sentinel'
'Killa Queen'
'The SpyMaster'
'Sgt Gunny'
'Probe Me'
'Little Varkyrie'
- YT-510
- YT-2000
- YT-1300
- YT-2400
- GAT-12h Skipray Blastboat
- BTL-A4 Y-wing Longprobe
- RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor
Killa Queen.png
Star Shooter.png
Probe Me.png
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Transparent space between lines.png
'Big Gun Bob'
- Eta-5 Interceptor
- Firespray-class Interceptor
Armoured Neeld.png

Career History

Current Positions

  • High Lord of the Royal Arkanian Order
  • Minister of State - -ARK-

Positions Held

  • Petty Officer First Class - Jedi Coalition
  • Lieutenant - Arkanian Brotherhood
  • Director of Member Resources - Arkanian Brotherhood
  • Minister of State - Arkanian Brotherhood
  • Director of Arkanian Affairs - Arkanian Engineers
  • Vice President - Arkanian Engineers
  • Prime Minister - Arkanian Brotherhood
  • Minister of State - Hyporian Commonwealth
  • Prime Minister - -ARK-
  • Minister of State - -ARK-
Arkanian Brotherhood/Engineers
Director of Arkanian Affairs
Preceded By:
George O Rourke
Y16 D133 - Y17 D63
Succeeded By:
Teagan Kaos

Prime Minister
Preceded By:
Va`Li Owa
George O Rourke
Y17 D63 - Y21 D125
Succeeded By:
Faction Merged

The Hyporian Commonwealth
Minister of State
Preceded By:
George O Rourke
Y21 D125 - Y21 D277
Succeeded By:

Prime Minister
Preceded By:
George O Rourke
Y21 D277 - Y22 D130
Succeeded By:
Belwarmec Al-Thorac

Minister of State
Preceded By:
Gavin Kaos
George O Rourke
Y22 D130 - Current
Succeeded By: