Gesenix Mining

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Gesenix Mining
Gesenix Mining Logo 01.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Vigo Jad Hep Viridux, CEO
2IC Minister Astrid Sarka, COO
Headquarters Revyia (System)
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 157
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Industry Mining company
Holosite Black Sun


The newest step of evolution in the growth and prosperity of the Kabal System and its people, Gesenix Mining was originally formed as Hyrotii Corporation on Year 10 Day 354. The Kabal System enjoyed a period of growth and success, embracing a nationalist identity under the leadership of its Imperator, Kabal I. Having built a successful entertainment empire, the former business Mogul Kabal Shryke consolidated his power and at the behest of its people, transformed the relatively minor Kabal System from a backwater system to one of prominence. Admired for its just rule, respected for its successful business ventures, esteemed for neutrality that welcomed many in open arms, and nearly revered for its winning Shockball team, Onslaught, the Kabal System quickly grew to prominence in the Outer Rim scene. Hailed as a new chapter for a glorious golden age, Hyrotii Corporation was the incarnation of the Kabal System’s pledge to greater self sufficiency, greater heights, and a promise to always serve above and beyond the standard. Eventually, Hyrotii Corporation would begin working with Black Sun. As the working relationship between Black Sun and Hyrotii became stronger, Black Sun took steps to absorb much of Hyrotii's resources by indoctrinating Sector Managers and bribing Administrators to funnel more resources to the growing criminal syndicate. After successfully turning most of Hyrotii's Senior Staff, Black Sun toppled the organization's management structure and absorbed Hyrotii into its shell. Under the leadership of Black Sun's Family Council, Hyrotii grew massively in size - absorbing elements of other corporations such as Aurora Mining Technologies as they fell into the influence of Black Sun.

Beginning in Year 15, following an economic rise, it was decided that Hyrotii would be re-branded as Gesenix Mining under the leadership of Underlord Alexander von Ismay. Today, Gesenix Mining continues to shine under the banner of Black Sun's growing empire. Gesenix exclusively serves the Family with materials necessary to develop planets, construct star-ships, and expand to new horizons. Gesenix thrives on the principles of Family, Honor, and Profit under the watchful eye of the Family Council, who appoints a CEO to govern its day-to-day operations.


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