Gideon Kaine

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Gideon Kaine
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Homeworld Corellia/Anzat
Mother Elesie Kaine
Father Byron Du`Raine
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 2
Coloring Pale
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Wayfarers Sodality
Rank Admiral
Prior Affiliation Damorian Manufacturing Corporation

Gideon Kaine was a Corellian who succumbed to the Metamorphosis Plague popularly known as the Derra Virus in Year 14 D27 and genetically transformed into an Anzati. A staunch pro-human, Gideon was at the forefront of pursuing human interests to the detriment of alien lives. Now transformed into an alien himself, Gideon's whole life is thrown into question as to what his purpose in this galaxy will be. He is currently the leader of the Wayfarers' Sodality a nomadic community deemed to be pirates by the galaxy. His reclusive lifestyle within the galaxy means he focuses his attention to the Wayfarer community to support them. Gideon has gained a reputation as an honest trader and friendly sentient to know. He is strong-willed in his ideology which is now being reviewed due to the Derra Virus.


Early Life

Gideon Kaine was born into the high-class Corellian Kaine family. His mother Elesie Kaine a member of the prestigious Hapan Kaine family and his father Buron Du`Raine a Corellian born human resided on Corellia. Gideon was thus submitted into well educated Imperial schools that taught the pro-human mantra and condemned alien sentients for polluting the high human culture that would bring order to the galaxy. During his university years he fell in with a group known as Echelon. A self-proclaimed pro-human far right political group that would violently attack aliens. They believed that aliens were only being employed by human based companies because they originally provided cheap labor over their dignified human counterparts. As the economies across the galaxy grew more alien immigrants would arrive until they were being paid the same and sometimes more than humans who had lived on their own homeworlds since they were born. This mentality of corporate greed fueling a rise in alien immigration burned hatred for aliens deep within Gideon to the point where he would also engage in these violent acts against aliens.

Eventually he was sent off-world by his parents, shortly after which his father disappeared mysteriously never to be seen again and his mother boarded a shuttle to the Kaine family manor to live the rest of her years. During Gideon's time away he connected with his cousins who were working alongside Gabriel Kaine in Damorian Manufacturing Corporation at the time. After brief discussions with Gabriel, he decided to join the company for a short while as Gideon planned to venture into his own world.

Damorian Manufacturing Corporation

Gideon's time within DMC was very short-lived. He had begun to use the family money to acquire for himself numerous ships. Some of which he still possesses. During his tenure there he began to notice that even Damorian Manufacturing for all of its pro-human rhetoric were employing aliens. It unsettled him and he spent many occasions arguing against such actions. For him though it fell on deaf ears and he soon found himself disillusioned with how companies, particularly human-based companies were operating and willing to be so liberal in their employment of alien races in what he could only term as a desperate need for employees that constituted sacrificing their ideals for profit.

Soon an acquaintance, Bossive Ketwol would contact him and ask him for a favor. He would be required to leave his current employment and go and work for a crumbling Government the Old Republic. Gideon agreed to this out of a sense of accomplishing a favor for Bossive.

Old Republic/Commonality

Wayfarers' Sodality

Metamorphosis Plague

Whilst on a visit to Rannon to oversee the finalization of a Modular Taskforce Cruiser Gideon was required to board a number of Trading II stations to hire new workers and to transport them to the Shipyard IV after an administrative error terminated 230 workers who had been building the Modular Taskforce Cruiser for the past 6 months. During one of his trips to the employment office onboard the Trading II he came into contact with an Anzati worker. Unknown to Gideon this worker was carrying the Metamorphosis Plague and had passed it onto Gideon. Gideon felt no immediate affects and continued his project to its completion. After he had boarded the Modular Taskforce Cruiser and jumped into hyperspace he began to feel unwell a day or so into the journey to Sabrash. Within hours the plague had set in and he began to experience physical and psychological changes to his body and DNA. When he awoke a number of lays later he found that he was no longer Corellian but was in fact Anzati.

Amongst the changes to him was his thought processes. Thinking now like an Anzati he began to experience strange side effects. He began to hear voices which he perceives is the voice of a long dead Anzatan ruler. It's entirely possible that Gideon now suffers from an extreme psychotic break due to the extreme nature in the change of his physiology and mentality. This has resulted in some drastic steps to have been taken by Gideon that resulted in his stepping down and moving on to the Anzatan Commonwealth in search for answers to his changes and answers to the voices in his head guiding him all the way.

Anzatan Commonwealth

End of the pilgrimage, return to the Sodality

Kaine Family