Gilded Rose Auction House

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Gilded Rose Auction House
General Information
Status Active
Leader Mishka Sorokin
Historical Information
Founded Year 18 Day 93
Political Information
Type Auction House

Gilded Rose Auction House (GRAH) is a neutral galactic auction company, known for its weekly auctions titled "Late Night Credit Fights". Originally operating as part of Express Enterprices, on Year 18 Day 265 it incorporated as a separate entity. Since its establishment, GRAH has served as arguably the largest and most frequent auction in the galaxy. Assets of all types have been traded since it's inception, with credit amounts exceeding 1.5 billion in a single night at its most profitable competitive sale.

GRAH is currently a non-profit organization returning 100% of the revenue to those that list the items for sale. The group is composed of only volunteers, who now obtain a ring as evidence of being a volunteer with the group.


Chairwoman of the Board

Executive Board