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Average Height1.7 - 2.0 meters
DistinctionsExoskeleton, sunken eyes
Known MembersList of known Givin

The Givin are a humanoid race originating from the planet Yag' Dhul, in the Tapani Sector of the galaxy. The Givin are a very advanced race, due to the extreme conditions of their home planet's surface. The Givin are able to survive in the vacuum of space due to the nature of their exoskeleton; which protects them from sudden changes of pressure or temperately. The Givin are also supposedly resistant to some forms of physical damage [1]. The Givin are a race that revolves around mathematics, and are able to calculate hyperspace routes without the assistance of Navigation Computers.

Appearance The Givin range from 1.7 meters to 2 meters in height; and their physiology makes them appear like puppets, with their ligaments extending past their chest area. The have a hard exoskeleton of a bone-like material, and all of their joints are capable of maintaining a vacuum proof seal. The Givin's eyes appear sunken deep into their "skull" which can frighten those who are unfamiliar with them. The Givin are also known to have four or five digits on their hands, while having three toes [2].

Society The Givin speak their own mathematic language, which is quite hard for most other species to understand. Since most other races are incapable of mastering mathematics to the level of an average Givin, many other species appear rude when they are unable to respond to a typical Givin greeting, a quadratic equation. The Givin in general often come across as arrogant to other races, viewing them as lesser due to a weaker understanding of mathematics.