Gothar Elensar

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Gothar Elensar
Gothar Elensar.png
Biographical Information
Race Noghri
Spouse Jojo Velker
Born Year -30 Day -358
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic, Knights of the Republic
Rank Knight of the Council
  • New Republic Academy Dean of Recruitment
  • Governor of Tyrius
  • Associate Minister of Trade & Industry
  • New Republic Justice Department - Judge
  • Hydian Star of Excellence (Year 19 Day 163)
  • New Republican of the Year (Year 19 Day 54)
  • Dean Dedication Award (Year 18 Day 200)
  • Leadership Award (Year 18 Day 157)
  • Republic Achievement Medal (Year 18 Day 157)
  • New Republican of the Month (Year 18 Day 125)
  • Operation Urgent Fury (Year 19 Day 292)
  • Exceptional Service Medal (Year 19 Day 292)
  • Combat Action Ribbon (Year 19 Day 292)
  • Military Exercise Medal (Year 18 Day 290)
  • Operation Unknown Signal (Year 18)
  • Republic Readiness Award (Year 14 Day 174)
  • Operation Peacekeeper (Year 14 Day 174)
  • Combat Action Ribbon (Year 14 Day 174)
  • Joint Operation Ribbon (Year 14 Day 174)

"Awesome Noghri are always a reason.... everyone knows that!"
— Gothar Elensar at Academy's staff meeting


Jandur Longs Haul Success on Multiple Fronts

Gothar and Tulio walk the long gangway to enter the enormous ship, the NRS Tabder. Or more affectionately known to him, the Tabby Cat. Unusual for a toothy Noghri, he knows but he just can't help himself. The two of them barely knew each other when these long hauls for the Jandur project required their assistance. Well, really only one of their assistance. These two had a special relationship of Master and Apprentice. Already well progressed in their understanding of the Force it was deemed a perfect opportunity for deep meditation and long training exercises. A little over two weeks each way so about one month per trip. Yes - ample opportunity indeed!

The first trip out to the dirty little mining planet that is proving to be a treasure trove of raw materials for the New Republic proved to be fairly inconsistequential for the pair of Knights. Long hours of getting to know each other's abilities, strengths and weaknesses. The trip however, did prove fruitful. Coming back with a full load so the builders can keep up the work. Getting ready to debark and make a trip to his favorite watering hole, the duo were asked if they could immediately make another trip as many more resources were required to make the project continue. Of course the needs of the New Republic came before his need for a drink and change of scenery. It's not like he really has anyone waiting for his return anyway. Looking at each other the two smiled and headed back on board with more supplies for the month long tour.

This trip proved to go more quickly. At least it SEEMED to go faster. The two knowing each other much better were able to delve more deeply into their use of the force pushing each other - both master and student to their limits. The first leg of the trip passed with almost no sleep for the pair. Upon arrival some of the mines were found depleted which slowed the transfer down significantly. Throwing himself into the resource pickups and quick stop at a little out of the way place he found last time they quickly turned around and headed back. The return leg may as well have been in stasis as the pair did little but eat, sleep and meditate.

Coming in to dock, it proved fairly difficult to find storage for the copious quantities of materials. Flying around to pretty much every location twice the goal is achieved! Finding a little space colony to dock at Gothar heads in to a pounding dance club. Odd for sure, but he needed the commotion and presence of sentient beings around him whether or not he participated. As expected his Knight garb and the rather dour (normal) look of the Noghri kept most folks at a distance. Until someone walks in.... Orion Chran, Chief of state..... man this guy gets around. Smiles and walks over to the table. I felt your arrival sir - was the entourage needed? (Knowing full well it was...) he looks about the room surprised that absolutely no one else is aware of who sits across from him. Guards have filtered in with the crowd nearly blending in with the normal patrons. A young oblivious gyrating patron is gently pushed off in another direction with a nudge from the Force. Let me guess - another run is needed to keep things moving... a simple smile proves Gothar's suspicion. He does however enjoy Orion's stay for the time being as its rare to get a little sit down time with this busy man. Not wishing to talk politics or anything else they just make small talk and enjoy the moment of anonymity downing a few drinks as the night begins to move into morning. Clasping Orion's hand firmly he makes his way back to the now empty Tabby Cat.....

Taking off immediately under droid power, Tulio and Gothar head back into the black reaches of hyperspace to make a third and hopefully final run. This particular trip happens to be exceptionally fruitful as they realize the growth of each other's understanding of the force and realize upon their return to the Knight Council they will have both afforded new ranks of Knight Captain and Knight Commander!

The Force Strikes New Balance Against the Dark Side

Its ranks swelled by both returning knights and new members. The Knights of the Republic have become a stronger force for the light side. Under the empowering hand of the new Chief of State Orion Chran and a highly motivated and dedicated Knight Council many Knights have taken the Oath. Dedicating their lives to bolstering The Force against the dark side both within the New Republic and across the galaxy we have begun working on many initiatives.

Of course the primary focus is always on making The Force stronger. Frequent force tests will be provided across the galaxy to all New Republic members (does this extend to alliance members as well?) A new training method has also been put into place to help fellow Knights progress rapidly in their understanding of The Force as it pertains to the light side. This new regimen has seen to a great increase in both Captains and Commanders within the Knights of the Republic. Membership within the Knights is encouraged but by no means required. We will work with and train with any force sensitive member of the New Republic to deepen the strength of Force across the galaxy.

We also look to begin work on new temples at home in Dagobah. We are also looking to building new training facilities based on the path the apprentices wish to proceed down in the knowledge of the Force. Whether it be on ground combat, healing, defense or space combat we intend to help our padawans become masters in whatever facet of the Light Side they choose to embody. New temples and training locations will also be built in other locations across the Galaxy to help reach more sentients.

A Knight's Oath

The Knights as a whole look forward to new challenges and initiatives. We uphold the core beliefs of the New Republic and its citizens. We vow to combat the dark side no matter the color it calls itself. Please feel free to contact myself - Gothar Elensar or any member of the Knight Council about any topic related to the Knights or the Force. We are here to help those oppressed by the dark side and the free!

As Knights of the Republic, this is our duty, our Oath: We believe in the inherent value of all life, and respect it in all its forms. We trust in the ways of the Force, and acknowledge the limits of our own understanding. We serve in many ways, but always with honour, compassion, and humility. We use our powers to protect those less able to defend themselves. We guard ourselves against hatred, ignorance, fear, or prejudice. We keep our minds clear through meditation and contemplation. We seek to improve ourselves through knowledge and training. We spread the Light by the practice of our convictions. We pledge our loyalty to, and upload the honour of, our fellow Knights. The Force be with us always, for we are Knights of the Republic.

GE slave ring broken on Dagobah

Knight Commander Gothar Elensar and Knight Councillor Tulio Gillek embarked on a hunting and training expedition on Dagobah. Training several new squads of riflemen the terrain was heavily patrolled as well as thoroughly scanned by New Republic scouts and droids. What started out as a standard training operation much higher levels of bandit activity were quickly discovered that what is usually found on the peaceful swamp world of Dagobah. Ops team Bravo uncovered a den of bandits living in squalor at the base of a giant tree on the edges of a vast swamp. The first recon sweep showed unusually high levels of tech for such a ragtag bunch of bandits. Calling in Ops team Alpha and Gothars Melee shock troops a well coordinated raid was made on their base. While the ops teams came in from the east and west drawing fire the shock troops using the force speed jumped into center camp quickly dispatching those bandits that remained with no loss of life to the Knight squads.

Searching the camp more thoroughly a large dug out was discovered under the massive tree that led into a dark, dank series of passages underground. Many prisoners were discovered locked in slave collars and stun cuffs. The more decrepit were just left in their own filth. Circulating quickly through the caverns, Gothar healed the sickest among them and the remainder were tended to by the squads. After the initial sweep was completed all the prisoners - over 150 in all were shuttled to Gothar's Ardent Class Fast Frigate the Mo' Force and evacuated to the nearest Knights temple for further care and location services to find their homes.

After a day of sifting through the camp a data pad was located that indicated a smugglers ship would would be arriving in a few days time to pick up the slaves. While encrypted with a low level algorithm the specifics were quickly gleaned about the operation but no indications of who was running the ring. Dressing in non-descript garb Gothar's shock troops brought the camp back to "life" as slave camp. Charlie and Delta squads took up positions in the slave dens with weapons cached along the dark walls.

At the time found in the data pad the trap was ready. Three sprint class rescue craft descended to a clearing a click away from base camp. A full squad of storm troopers exited the first craft heading for the camp. A scan showed only pilots remained in the remaining three craft. Echo squad immediately boarded the three craft disabling the crew after the storm troopers disappeared into the heavy growth. Bypassing the main camp the storm troopers went directly to the dens punching in the code to the lower levels. It was painfully obvious they were used to this routine. Directing his squad to fan out and gather the slaves they were met with two fully armed squads of troops in the cells and descended upon from the rear by Gothar's elite troops armed with Vibro blades. The majority of the troopers were captured and placed in stun cuffs. Data pads were captured on board the sprints and in the possession of the trooper squad leader. The enemy troops and equipment were taken to the nearest base awaiting further processing by New Republic Intelligence.

Lucid dream - carnage

Their two naked bodies intertwined in bed, Gothar and Jojo lie in restful slumber after their long journey together over the past few days. Their bodies spent and their minds exhausted. As they lay silently in each others arms they begin to share a dream. The dream opens with a raid ongoing into a rival clans village. While most of the scene is a blur you can make out the forms of many in close combat, their blood lust raging. You see others skulking about raiding food stocks and animal pens. You take in the scene and two figures come into clarity. The defending dynast (clan leader), a male garbed as a war priest stands on a parapet on the Dukah (main community and meeting place) overseeing and directing the defense of the village. On a small clear knoll just outside the village a feminine form casts a shadow over the village. The Maitrakh (storyteller and keeper of lore also a ranking leader in the village) of the clan she was clad in leather battle armor and covered in many intricate tattoos. Seeing the Dynast engaged in directing the battle Tama sprints around the outskirts of the village and approaches from the rear. Making her way unseen through the village Tama enters the Dukah straight through the unguarded entrance. The room filled with an acrid smoke stings her eyes which she blinks away. Climbing the stairs to the parapet she comes up behind the Dynast her fighting sickles in hand. Raising them to strike she instead wrapped them around the Dynast and they dropped to the ground. Marc'Tor my love, how I have waited for this chance. Turning quickly he embraces her and leads her inside. No words are exchanged but their desire is obvious. Taking her to his private quarters the smell of incense is strong. The power of their spirits is palpable in the air. The feeling of great power floats through the room as the couple lie on a pile of furs in the corner of the room.

Your dream fades to blackness and restful sleep returns for a time...

...your dreams return... you see the same Noghri female - Tama, laying on a table with a midwife next to her. The room is filled with color. Artwork is seen on nearly every surface in a myriad of color and commotion. Hundreds of individual scents assail your nose but in a pleasant way. The room is warm and inviting with a fire glowing in the fireplace, a pot of water boils on a small platform. In a place of honor on its own easel is a large intricate drawing only partially finished but you instantly recognize as the tattoo which now adorns your back. Tearing your eyes away from the drawing you hear a wail in room. A baby Noghri is born. His skin has more of a light greenish hue than the definite blue of his mother. She cradles him whispering quietly to him about his father who is not present. Telling him that he will see him soon.

You body is whisked through the ether and you find yourself back in aroma filled room of Marc'Tor. He walks around his room in a loin cloth holding the same infant - grown only slightly in his arms. His skin more closely resembles that of his father. His crest is shaped more like his mothers. He speaks somberly to the baby as though he can fully understand.

Little Gothar, Your mother and I though of rival clans may never be together. We love each other deeply but we are honor bound to remain with our clans. Your birth has brought about a tentative peace between us but it is fragile. You are to be raised among both clans, belonging to both. It is mine and your mothers hope that upon your maturity you can unite our clans into one. We both have much to teach you. I will educate you in the ways of battle, spiritualism and leadership while your mother will teach you the lore of our people and her ancient arts. We are of course powerful and respected amongst our people and have many things to share. We have great hope in you my son.

With a smile on your face at the sight of little Gothar the dream ends and you hold Gothar tightly.

You slide back into another dream segment and see Gothar hunched over a table studying scriptures. He is already well muscled and poses a commanding presence. Even more so than his father who is nearby preparing a joining ritual for two members of his clan. Father - he says. May I go spar with the troops. I need to stretch my muscles and get some fresh air. Turning to him he responds. My son, after I am gone it will be for you to take care of these people. Your skills here are equally important to your battle prowess. You clans will look to you for spiritual guidance daily which will bolster them for when you need to exercise your combat skills to protect the community. Finish your current lessons then you may go to them. I will also need your help tomorrow with this ritual. I require you to commit them to memory as our tradition dictates they not be written down but contained within ones self.... I believe your mother has also requested to see you this evening.

Yes sir, Gothar responds with a sigh. He knows full well this is important to the clans if he hopes to bring them together fully one day. He is honor bound and feels it is his destiny.

Skipping the sparring he decided to go straight to his mothers. Walking the four clicks between villages he spots a group of Noghri, a few from each village playing bones and gambling off to one side. About his age they used to be friends. Since he was found to be force sensitive last summer they now steer clear of him in fear, respect or disgust, he does not know. They stare at him silently as he goes by not saying a word.

He arrives at his mothers dwelling and enters, the warmth and hospitality quickly washes away the thoughts of his "friends" on the trail. Hello mother, I have missed you this past week. I hope all is well. She smiles back at him like only a Noghri can.... Of course all is well, how could it not be with our clans at a relative peace. Striding past everything in the room Gothar does as he always does and goes to check on his mothers life long project, the tattoo to go on her soul mates back. Mother, will you be able to do this soon? I see that after all these years its almost complete. Tama waits a few moments in thought as a moment of sadness crosses her face. I hope so but you know it goes against custom and we are honor bound to remain with our clans. Only when we are one clan may we attempt the joining. I am hoping you will be able to conduct the ceremony for us when you are the leader of our combined clans. Did you gather the ingredients to make our inks as I asked? Tama says. Of course mother! He says with a smile. Pulling a rather large sack off his shoulder he carefully removes everything one at a time and gently places it on the table, preparing for his lesson in ink preparation. Tama continues - I think you are ready for one of the most difficult of inks, its an irridescent ink that can color shift. However it is rather random in the effects. Your father and I think this can be overcome with proper rituals and prepartion of the recipient. Its all theory right now though. Also its very poisonous so only small tattoos can be completed without the recipient becoming very ill or succumbing to death. We think you might be the key with your new found healing abilities using the force....

A new path

Waking up for a short while, Gothar slides out from under you to ensure the ship is still running as expected. The crew is doing well and announces an ETA of 8 hours... He finds Emerald and Sapphire lounging about who both smile at him as he passes on his way back to our chambers. He stops momentarily and thanks them for their assistance and requests we be woken up three hours before arrival. Laying back down he pulls your naked form against him lifting your leg over his waist, your arm across his chest and your head resting on his shoulder. He falls asleep thinking warm thoughts of you.

Shortly thereafter you both slip into another dream...

You see Gothar, his robe in tatters and his body emaciated. He wanders around the villages he grew up in, with family, friends, lovers and more than a few enemies. He has tended to all the dead, conducting funeral ceremonies for each as dictated by each clans customs. Those clans he did not know he returned to their homes and conducted simple ceremonies. He has since wandered the area, lost in a haze of grief and solitude.

One day a single New Republic ship lands in his home village, now overgrown with weeds and staring to crumble back into the ground. A single female form steps off the ship. A Thyferran woman that Gothar does not know, he does however immediately sense the force is strong in her. She strides through the decimated village taking in the scene and finds Gothar watching her with anxiety. She extends her hand, not in a handshake but in a manner that proposes he holds it and follows. Sensing no aggression he does so. She smiles and says Taka sends his regards, I am Jahu Skyla. He has worried after you so I took it upon myself to come find you. I think I can help you and you can help us.

Gothar boards the ship with her and with a single look back he waves to the spirits of his family and vows to carry on their honor. His life in the New Republic revolves around his new friend in all ways. He finds their bond of friendship to be stronger than any bond he has ever had before with the exception of his mother and father. They were not always together, in fact it was a rather rare occurrence. But their friendship always endured.... as her face fades from the dream a blur of scenes start to pass by quickly.

You see him enter the academy choosing a civilian path quickly moving on to him making deliveries, working in the mines, producing various items, all the things most folks do for a living. Cutting over to a new scene you see Gothar standing in Ceremonial Knight armor for the Knights of the Republic. Jahu poking and prodding him trying to make sure the design works ok and moves appropriately. You see one of his mentors Jake help him become the Governor of the Dagobah system. He works in recruiting and Argh for some time. Throughout all this you can see his primary dedication remains with the Knights. Then another time of upheaval, you see the backs of many of his friends as they leave. Some leave the New Republic, some just just disappear into the masses of sentients on a random world. Greatly saddened Gothar descends to a small clearing he found as governor on Dagobah when he was building cities and retreated into his own thoughts for several months. He built a simple dwelling and made some rudimentary furniture. The only thing decorating the hovel was his mothers masterpiece which he hung carefully on the wall.

Months pass as he keeps to himself and reflects on the force. He collects various items he can use in rituals and following in his mothers art craft practice. Suddenly that same ship that found him so many years ago on Honoghr again descended a short distance from his home. Out steps the one person that has always been a part of his life and again extends her hand. We have missed you she says, please come, there is much to be done...

Again the scenes begin to spin wildly, he swings into the Knights and starts working on projects new and old, he meets old friends and makes new ones. Taking over as Dean of recruiting again and even joining the News team for a short while. As suddenly as she arrives in his life again, his best friend Jahu gets a sad look on her face and hugs Gothar. Goodbye, I dont know when I will return.... with that she leaves. For some time after that Gothar looks for her with no success. He carries on with his work but feeling little direction anymore in what he was doing. He takes a couple long haul flights with his student Tulio Gillek but does little else. After those are done he feels a new calling. he is asked to help in the Operation Unknown Signal where he throws himself with full force into operations and planning. The operation a great success he returns to more or less normal duties. He leaves the news network and begins work on building the Knights fleet. He spends quite a lot of time in hyper flying about force testing people when requested.

One day after a routine request comes in for a force test, he reaches out to NRI to get approval and he receives a response. Standard protocols apply, you have approval to test Jojo Velker. Gothar flies to meet her where she has been prospecting for the MoTI. The first thing he sees is flame red hair and he immediately feels something new stirring inside him....


Gothar greets Jojo on the surface of Rodia in one of those rare locations where a small mountain range juts up out of the jungles. Always one of his favored spots to reflect on the Force when life becomes too hectic and he feels like meditating to strengthen his connections to everything around him. He has always wanted to share this location with his beloved but their day to day work on improving the lives of those Rodian’s and other sentients that live in the Tyrius system are always been at the forefront of their normal work keeping them apart for more than they would like. He has finally broken away from the daily trials and met her on the surface. She arrives in her trusty Action VI and he in his Horizon Star Yacht that has been retrofitted with advanced atmospheric controls to create a perfect mobile training environment. Most of the work on that provided by Jojo. He gets off the Yacht dressed in his traditional loincloth and stretches as the cool evening breeze caresses his skin. Gothar sees that Jojo’s Action has just settled in landing and he goes over to her ship to greet her as she exits. He gives her a smile and a long tight hug nuzzling her neck for a few moments. He takes her hand and leads her on a short hike. My love, he says, I have been wanting to show you this place for some time now. He points over at a partially uncovered temple in the distance that is now falling into shadow like much of the valley they landed in. This is a place of great significance to the Rodian people. While many dont know it themselves, this is a great place strong in the Force, that temple is one of the oldest found on the planet and generations have built other temples nearby. Far from any other civilization it remains pristine and is a destination for their pilgrimages. Gothar leads you on a steeper part of the hike up onto a rocky plateau in the valley that stands well above the rest. Winding their way to the top you find a small ancient altar surrounded by a myriad of small flowers. Many of which are closing but most of which are just starting to open. The flowers glow in the fading sunlight, their scent wafts through the gentle breeze. Gothar lights a brazier on either side of the altar and pulls Jojo onto a roughly hewn wooden bench off to one side facing the sunset. He looks at her, her face bathed in the gentle glow of the setting sun, her hair being touseled a bit by the breeze, a few errant strands go across her face. He wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her close. He brushes the hair from her eyes and kisses her.

Here - come and look at this he says, taking your hand and pulling you from your seat. There is something I want you to see over here. He takes you through a narrow nearly overgrown path. The sounds of nearby insects hums through the air and small creatures scurry through the undergrowth. You come out into another small clearing much higher up. You can see the braziers burning far below and looking up the sky is covered with stars from horizon to horizon, Three of the moons are visible floating through the night sky. You can see the twinkling of Gothar’s training city fountains clustered on Soomana. The sky above the mountains is a brilliant red as the sun goes down. Gothar turns to you….

My dearest Jojo, While our time in this expansive galaxy has been short our personal journey has reached into the deepest depths of my heart. I consider you to be my one true life mate. When I am with you I feel complete, when I am not with you I have trouble thinking of anything else. My very being longs to be one with yours. I wish for our souls to be joined. I wish to be yours completely and you to be mine. My dearest Jojo, will you marry me?

Notable Positions and Titles

Ministry of Trade & Industry
Preceded By:
Associate Minister of Trade & Industry
Unknown — Current
Succeeded By:

New Republic Justice Department
Preceded By:
Unknown — Current
Succeeded By:

Preceded By:
Academy Headmaster
Year 18 Day 247 - Year 19 Day 163
Succeeded By:
Kaja Teno

Preceded By:
Dean of Recruiting
Year 19 Day 163 - Present
Succeeded By:

Knights of the Republic
Preceded By:
Knight Councillor
Year 19 Day 39 - Present
Succeeded By: