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LanguageGran [1]
Average Height1.5 - 1.8 meters [1]
Skin colorTan [1]
Hair colorNone [1]
DistinctionsThree eyes and goat-like snout [1]
Average lifespanUp to 79 standard years [1]
Known MembersList of known Gran

Biology and Appearance

The Gran are a sentient species distinguished by their particular features. They are tan-skinned, with large ears, small horns and three eyes on thick stalks. Their exceptional vision allows them to perceive the infrared spectrum, which, in turn, enables them to gauge the emotional state of other beings through subtle changes in their body heat and skin coloring. Having evolved from a more primitive herbivorous species, Gran maintain two stomachs to store and digest their food. Generally, likely also adapted from their primordial relatives, they tend to eat their food slowly, savoring every bit of it. Goatgrass is a local favorite and considered another vestige of their evolutionary predecessors. Female Gran are distinguished from their male counterparts by having three breasts with which to suckle their young.[2]

A recessive genetic mutation sometimes causes some Gran to suffer from misshapen extremities, with hands and feet swelling to abnormal sizes. While not affecting the individual's ability to do finer work, the handicap nonetheless often results in social isolation. Gran scientists intently study the trait to attempt to find a cure.[1]

Culture and Society

The Gran are generally a peaceful race and it has been over 10,000 years since the last conflicts amongst the Gran people. Native inhabitants of the idyllic world Kinyen, located in the system of the same name (Kinyen), they are noted as being warm and friendly. Gran have a well-developed sense of loyalty and enjoy the company of others to the extent that they are unable to remain alone for extended periods. In fact, a member of this extremely sensitive species could sicken or even die of loneliness when denied companionship. Like many other humanoid species, Gran mate for life and their family ties are strong. These bonds and their intense need for socialization result from the Gran's need to band together in their pre-civilization years to protect each other from carnivorous predators.[2]

Gran society is based on a strict career system. Its close observance of social rules ensures that every individual learns to develop the trade best suited to his or her capabilities and talents. Each worker's efforts are geared toward the common good, at the expense of individual satisfaction. A typical Gran places the betterment of society above the betterment of the self, and is aware of his or her role in the bigger picture. The highest form of punishment within the society is exile from the Gran homeworld. Exiled Gran, without other Gran to support them, often die or go insane. Some manage to bond with other aliens, however they are often unreliable. For this reason as well, Gran rarely travel far from Kinyen.[2]

The Grans are also very protective of their families, and are some of the most devoted parents in the galaxy. This is because of their very powerful and sensitive sight, which can sense the emotions of their mates and their children. Gran society maintains its balance by setting up strict career quotas, and making sure young Gran are educated for a specific job that best serves his or her talents. While other species who value free will criticize such a rigid social system, to the Gran it is both logical and essential. Gran religion revolves around the worship of the goddess Doellin.[1]


The Gran on Kinyen managed to maintain a peaceful civilization for over ten millennia before the fall of the Galactic Republic. During an expansionistic period circa a thousand years ago, colonies were established on Hok and Malastare. However, the emigrating colonists left a significant imbalance in Gran society on Kinyen.[1]

During the days of the Galactic Republic, Gran's government, consisting of delegates from individual families, established isolationist policies out of fear that Gran emigrating to nearby colonies were destroying familial bonds. While this protected the Gran on Kinyen, the Gran off-world were cut off entirely, which led to a more corrupt society evolving amongst the colonies that is still prevalent today.

One of the most infamous examples of corruption in the upper levels of their colonial society was the Gran Protectorate of Malastare, which subjugated the native Dugs population, treating them as little more than slaves and even relocating them to the western continent of their own planet. The behavior of Malastare's Gran was unusual, as most Gran on Kinyen were peaceful, calm beings who abhorred violence, and preferred peaceful ways to adapt to difficult situations. The high corruption rate, as well as the brutality towards the Dugs, led some Gran on Kinyen to conclude that the Gran of Malastare were no longer real Gran.[1]