Great Plight

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The Great Plight
Date39 standard years before the Falleen Federation
LocationFalleen Prime
ResultSignificant numbers of Falleen race killed.
Falleen Prime retaken by the Falleen.
Galactic EmpireFalleen Noble Clans
Rebel Alliance
Commanders and Leaders
Farur Marilt
Cithorah Chir'dorna
Davvyk Lysander
Tholin Dur`aak
Rebel Alliance
Casualties and Losses
Unknownsignificant numbers of the Falleen race

The Great Plight was the Galactic Empire's historic attack on Falleen Prime. Biological warfare resulted in the decimation of approximately 3/4 of the Falleen race. The royal Huruk-Rah clan led the Falleen until they were dethroned during the Great Plight, and subsequently led the resistance against the Empire until Falleen Prime was ultimately retaken in the Battle of Falleen. This resulted in the formation of the Falleen Federation.


Notes: BF = Before Federation. AF = After Federation.

47 BF The Galactic Empire Arrives. The Huruk-Rah bloodline is dethroned from power.

39 BF The Great Plight. Imperial biological labs kill 3/4 of the Falleen race.

34 BF The resistance forms under Farur Marilt, a Yhu’ra.

32 BF Clan Brujah creates large trade network across Prime.

31 BF Clan Eu'maios begins to take political control.

27 BF Farur Marilt is killed in battle. The resistance is thrown into disorganization.

25 BF Clan riots occur throughout Falleen Prime. Within one year, 32,000 Falleen are killed by their own race.

20 BF Cithorah Chir'dorna appears, makes significant success with the resistance and forms clan Chir'dorna.

16 BF Falleen Space Exploration and Colonization Fleet returns to Prime. Clan Mindano founded.

10 BF Brujah merchants make contact with Clan Kthran.

4 BF Lord Tholin Dur'aak, Nathran of Clan Huruk-Rah, takes over all resistance operations after Cithorah disappears.

1 BF The Independence War takes place. Imperial forces attempt to hold onto Falleen with their shock troops, but with the help of the Rebel Alliance and desperation tactics, the Empire is finally expelled.

0 AF The Falleen Federation is created. Lord Tholin takes power from the clans for the sake of the government. All major ministries are established. The Federation creates a neutral pact with the Empire.

2 AF The average Falleen life expectancy has drastically increased from 40 to 70 years.

3 AF Lord Tholin publicly announces the need for a modern Falleen space fleet within two years.

5 AF Clan Ghera'jh is formed and formally recognized. First Falleen ship is acquired. The Falleen nation begins to expand to outlying stars.

6 AF The Empire no longer recognizes the Falleen Federation as an independent government.


The only written records of the Great Plight exist in the form of a memoir composed by Kareen Hols'thar, Hertheka of Kthran and a servant of House Dur`aak of Huruk-Rah. The full memoir is located in the Falleen Central Library on Falleen Prime. What follows is an excerpt.

"No one knows for certain who ordered it. No one knows exactly what it was. An Imperial vessel whilst in orbit fired upon the surface of Falleen. The weapon was like none we had seen, and quite possibly developed on Falleen itself. Biological in nature, millions died in the effects. Millions more died in the after effects. The population of Falleen was decimated. Counted among the dead were my parents, my master's parents, and many of the ranking members of the Huruk-Rah.

Davvyk Lysander took control of the Huruk-Rah resistance. But something had changed. Nathrans were beginning to gather at my Master's home. They were seeking leadership. Dante, Nathran of the Mindano, Halis Des'pa of the Brujah, Cypher of the Eu'maios had come with a plea. Unite the resistance. It is now that my master turned to me. I bid him seek out the remaining Nathran.

Over the next decade we traveled the surface of the Falleen. We spent a number of years amongst the Chir'dorna. My Master listened to their teachings, those of the prophet Chir’dorna, and became a devotee of Kiyorath Dhin. An apt decision given these turbulent times, he swore to worship the Goddess of the desert, the goddess of survival who he believed had granted his life.

Into the deserts of Carloda we traveled. We wandered searching for the nomadic Nathran of the Kthran. A man I had never met before. After what seemed like months of searching they found us. Their desert speeders surrounded us. We were captured, prisoners of the Desert Lord. A days travel and we were brought before him in his sand palace, for that is what it appeared to unknowing eye. My Master stood before this lord, looking at him as one looks at an equal. I greeted him as one greets their Nathran in the Kthran, showing my clan tattoo and re-affirming my Oath to the clan.

I distinctly remember a tense silence. My Master bowed and introduced himself. The Desert Lord was unreadable. I was certain he would be killed. But the Nathran simply returned the introduction. Pixelor Xess, a Nautolan who was Nathran of Kthran. The Desert Lord had heard of the Great Plight of our people. When my master pleaded for the assistance of the Kthran, he simply smiled and invited my master to join him for a meal. I was not privy to this meeting, but when my master emerged the next day, he was accompanied by the Desert Lord and a retinue of Hertheka. We were to journey to Ankhialos where the first meeting of the clans of Falleen in the modern era would occur."