Gree (System)

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General information
Sector Gree
Galactic Coordinates -20, 439
Date of Discovery Before record-keeping began
Planets 4
Suns 2
Moons 0
Asteroid Fields 0
Controlled By Black Sun
Astrographic Entry Gree
This article is about the system of Gree. For the Gree sector, see Gree (Sector)
This article is about the system of Gree. For the Gree planet, see Gree (Planet)

Gree hosts binary stars and is the most populous system in the Gree sector, and is renown throughout the Outer Rim Territories for the unique beauty of its contrasting blue and red stars. Long controlled by the Black Sun syndicate and serving as their capital star system, the 350th day of Year 14 CGT saw the start of an internal power struggle in the syndicate, with resulting hostilities transferring the system into the hands of the GenoHaradan paramilitary organization. Supported by the Mandalorian clan Dael'mor, GenoHaradan would force the Black Sun occupation forces out of the system and seize the remaining strongholds, eventually turning management of the system over to the newly-formed Gree Enclave on the 267th day of Year 15 (CGT). On the 75th day of Year 18 (CGT), the Gree Trade Authority and Gree Enclave merged together to govern the Gree system more effectively. The system fell back into the hands of Black Sun in Year 18 (CGT) through a trade deal between the syndicate and Tomas o`Cuinn, though The Resistance publicly claimed it was the result of military operations.


The Gree system is comprised of six celestial bodies: four planets and two stars. Per galactic planetary classification standards, Gree and Gree II are temperate planets with type I breathable atmospheres while Gree III and Gree IV are gas giants with type IV (environment suit required) atmospheres. The planets orbit the star designated as Gree Aurek while gravitational pull from Gree Besh modifies each of the orbital trajectories into an ellipse.

Gree Prime is the central and primary planet in the system. It is heavily fortified with defensive surface emplacements, protected by a network of interlinked shield generators, and surrounded by a number of fully operational battlestations. It is arguably one of the most fortified planets in the entire galaxy.

Gree II is a temperate planet renown throughout the Outer Rim for its untouched beauty.

Gree III is a massive gas giant, currently undergoing development.

Gree IV, a large gas giant, is home to an extensive mining operation that spans the planet’s entire gaseous surface via self-sufficient city platforms, each suspended approximately 50,000 kilometers above the surface. Producing an export of tibannagas, the mining network is protected by a network of interlinked shield generators. A shipyard of the largest modern design orbits the planet, providing additional production capacity and acting as a massive storage hub for the raw materials destined to construct more infrastructure in Gree IV's atmosphere.


Planet Position Type Size Population Control
Gree (10, 10) temperate/breathable 11,11 17,504,717 Black Sun
Gree II (7, 13) temperate/breathable 8,8 3,103,106 Black Sun
Gree III (13, 7) Gas Giant 18,18 214,561,189 Black Sun
Gree IV (12, 13) Gas Giant 16,16 11,365,145,720 Black Sun

Planetary Images

Gree Aurek Gree Besh Gree (Prime) Gree II Gree III Gree IV

System History

Gree on 15.204
Gree on 15.328
Gree on 16.169