Green Devil

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Green Devil
Biographical Information
Race Kel Dor
Homeworld Dorin
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Loronar Security (Year 3)

Green Devil was an alias used by Vel Koon during the early years of his career. He was given the nickname through his involvement in a wide variety of Arena Tournaments, and it was given to him because of the green-colored armor he always wore. Circa Year 3 Day 213, Green Devil was reportedly slain by Eldrick Kuraine, a powerful businessman, after his fractious takeover of Loronar Security. (Kuraine himself was murdered a year later by Sith assassins at the Battle of Beta.) In a sense, Green Devil did die, as it was an identity that Vel Koon never used again.

See Vel Koon for more details.