Guardians of the Fey

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Guardians of the Fey
GoF Logo.png
General Information
Motto "To protect our family... we'd become enemies of the govs and the universe!"
Status Active
Leader Simkin Dragoneel
Owner Simkin Dragoneel
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 186
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral, Faerytail Family
Industry Paramilitary Organization
Holosite Faerytail Medical

Guardians of the Fey (GoF) is a private mercenary organization owned by Simkin Dragoneel. GoF owns and operates many different military facilities in the Dalchon Sector, as the flagship organization of the Faerytail Family, GoF also owns a lot of businesses, cities, and a huge fleet.


The Dream of Three Friends

The Faerytail Family was initially started with the creation of Faerytail Medical. Faerytail Medical was formed by the dream of Simkin Dragoneel, Erik Thor, and Kirlos Serlon in their desire for medical items and services to be more easily accessible for all people located in the galaxy.

Formation of Faerytail Medical

The name of Faerytail was created from a legend in certain backwater worlds located on the rim about a mythical creature known as the Faery. According to the legends, this vicious little creature’s tail has the power to cure any illness, and even regenerate limbs. Some legends even claim this object has the power to bring back life to the recently dead. The Faerytail family has been devoted ever since to curing the sick and selling Medical Items to all beings.

However, this universe is not a nice or kind place. Many different groups and people have tried to hurt members of Faerytail in their benevolent quest. In order to better defend themselves, Guardians of the Fey was formed (GoF).


Guardians of the Fey are an elite group of soldiers dedicated to protecting all Faerytail members and territory. While their primary goal is defensive, sometimes the ideal "A good defense is a good offense" is called upon to strike first at other groups and organizations we view to be a threat to us. GoF is currently led by the owner of all the Faery factions, Simkin Dragoneel. We will be offering protection and station building services at a future time.

We are Guardians of the Fey, and we will protect our people.


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Faerytail Family
Family Members Faerytail Medical; Faerytail Recycling; Guardians of the Fey
Allies Faery Friends Sekkret
NAP's Sekkret
Sectors Dalchon; Likasha; Harrin; Renillis
Planets Krmar II; Oshara IV; Dalchon; Denubba; Harrin Prime; Harrin Minor; Harrix; Harrad; Harresh; Harrak; Mechis I; Mechis II; Mechis III; Foless