Gunn Starfall

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Gunn Starfall
Biographical Information
Race Kuati
Homeworld Kuat
Mother Alex Jensen Starfall
Father Connor Starfall
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Day 93 of Year -16
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Six Feet
Coloring Pale
Eye Color Gray
Political Information
Affiliation Athakam MedTech, Tion Hegemony
Rank Instructor
Positions Technical Advisor
Prior Affiliation

Gunn Starfall is an instructor and technical advisor, working for the Tion Hegemony, and he is also member of Athakam MedTech, the medical branch of the Hegemony.


Early life


Gunn Starfall was born in year 16 BCT on the planet Kuat to native parents. His father, Connor Starfall - a middle class citizen - worked on one of the hubs on the Kuat Drive Yards orbital shipyard array around their homeworld, as lead hyperdrive engineer. Although there is little information about his mother, Alex Jensen Starfall, it is known that she was a pilot enlisted to the local military and often traveled to distant systems.


Stepping in his father's footsteps, Gunn attended the Kuat Academy, where he studied spacecraft engineering. Unfortunately, he could not finish his studies.

Leaving the homeworld

Death of parents

Gunn's parents presumably died in a shuttle crash in year 8 CGT. They were considered deceased after a short investigation, though no real evidence ever came to surface proving that they are truly dead. Gunn left the academy, left Kuat, in hope of finding out more about his parents mysterious end. This was the first time he ever left his homeworld. He disappeared, and it is still unknown where he was or what he was doing in the following year. Gunn then returned to Kuat for a brief time, to tie up loose ends and meet his old friends. After this uncertain period, he decided to finally leave Kuat.

A New Beginning

Baktoid Armour Workshop

Gunn joined the Baktoid Armour Workshop - a Trade Federation affiliate - as a transport pilot. Alex Track was the man who recruited and helped him in the beginning, and he learned quickly. After the death of the former CEO, Arturius Hall, a new leader was assigned to oversee BAW's operations: Gadon Trammer, the man who has slowly become Gunn's mentor and friend in later times. At BAW, Gunn also met many friends: Taranae Rhode, Gwanunig Magor and Metyl Onyx among many others.

After nearly a year of service, Gunn was promoted to Special Director, and he was overseeing all the efforts on technical improvement within the company.

Joining Frost Shipyards

On Year 9, Day 293 CGT, Gadon started his own ship production company, called Frost Shipyards. Gunn - and some of his fellow employees from BAW - followed him to the Trax sector in the Outer Rim, where they began building up the new organization. This caused a brief diplomatic crisis with the Federation, and some of the leaving members had to keep a low profile while they were waiting to be extracted from TH territory, including Taranae Rhode. The conflict was then quickly resolved with pure diplomacy between Gadon and Viceroy Jacob Jansen. At the time, Gadon claimed that it was never more than a simple misunderstanding between them.

New Duties

In the newly formed company, Gunn did what he did before: dedicated himself to research. He also sat back into the cockpit at times when valuable cargo was to be brought to the headquarters. In the following years, he even tried leading another organization created by Gadon, The Mining Guild, which eventually was sold, and Gunn returned to Frost Shipyards.

Anzatan Commonwealth

For a while, Frost Shipyards became the affiliate of the Anzatan Commonwealth - a relationship that was doomed after the former Sovereign, Wilhelm von Ismay expired, murdered by his own wife, Keishi Miahr.

Relationship with Taranae Rhode

Meanwhile, as the organization was growing, Gunn and Taranae started to develop a relationship. They were involved in several missions together, helped by their fellow Frost members. On one of these missions, they traveled to the planet Hoth, where they discovered the lair of dark force user called Commar'is underneath the surface. Commar'is lured the party there, to attempt to harness and twist the force power that was present in the bloodline of Miss Rhode. After the death of Commar'is, Taranae's newly found abilities in the force were gone. This was the first time they admitted their feelings towards each other. Whether their relationship advanced or ended since the events on Hoth is not known.

Days in the Hegemony

Joining the Tion Hegemony

In the organization, after a short period of diplomatic talks with the Tion Hegemony, Gadon decided to affiliate his company to them, and rename it to Tion Military and Science Industries. Gunn continued his work and also participated in a major construction project, aiming to shield Malduiphin, the home planet of TMSI.

He started working both for Gadon and the Tion Hegemony.

Athakam MedTech

After he developed a new holonet communications system for the TH and it's affiliates, he was appointed as the leader of Athakam MedTech, a newly formed medical production company co-owned by Gadon and the Hegemony. He chose Gwanunig Magor as his second in command, and they quickly began the production of precious medical supplies for the Hegemony.

After several months of development, Gwanunig was appointed as leader of Tion's Joint Logistics department, and a new second in command was chosen, Crislyn Anessa Waryn. She has quickly proven her abilities in leadership, and took over most of the leadership work from Gunn, while she also inspired and assisted Gunn in his research and technical work for the Hegemony.


An expert technician and a fine pilot, Gunn Starfall is a trusted member of the Tion Hegemony. He no longer leads Athakam MedTech, instead, he chose Crislyn as his successor, and retired from command. Now, he continues his research, and also takes part in training exceptional personnel for future high risk operations.



Over the years, Gunn changed a lot, and this had an impact on his appearance too. From the elegant scholar robes, and other expensive outfits, he switched to the usual pilot's gear when he left his home. He also used a custom targeting visor at the time. He looked like an average pilot, until he acquired his first battle armor. Although he rarely got the chance to actually make use of such an armor, it did save his life more than once.

More recently, he began to return to his more elegant ways inherited with his Kuati blood, Gunn now usually wears a ceremonial armor, and a fine sword by his side.