Gunther von Esling

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Gunther von Esling
Gunther von esling.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.83 meters
Coloring Gray/White
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Order of the Sith
Rank Executor
Prior Affiliation Imperial Core
Dark Empire
Order of the Dark Hand
Awards Battle Efficiency Award
SWSim Award
Black Cross of the Sith
Imperial High Command Bar
Combat Action Ribbon
Fleet Command Proficiency Award
Allied Tion
Beta Campaign
Tatooine Campaign
From the Ashes
From the Ashes 2

Gunther von Esling, also known as Darth Vraith, is an Imperial officer with a lengthy and distinguished career. Years ago, he served under Emperor Hiram Drayson and then, during the chaotic events of the Second Imperial Civil War, joined the separatist movements known as the Imperial Core and the Dark Empire before finally returning to Galactic Empire during the brief reign of Emperor Greyson Uebles.


Gunther von Esling began his career in Nightmare Squadron, an Escort Shuttle squadron under Admiral Virgil. He quickly became its CO and had 12 men to command. Commodore Veynom of the 3rd Naval Recon & Strike Fleet quickly became something of a mentor to Lieutenant Von Esling. It wasn't long until the Commodore requested Admiral Piett to transfer Von Esling under his command at the rank of Lieutenant Commander. The 3rd Naval Recon & Strike Fleet became an elite division, creating respect and fear among the Empire's enemies. And most of the upper names are part of the Imperial legend now.

A change in the Imperial strategy forced the 3rd Naval Recon & Strike Fleet to be dissolved and most of its members where assigned in the 2nd Imperial Fleet. Commodore Von Esling became 22nd Sector Fleet CO, where Fleet Admiral Veynom was 21st Sector Fleet CO. These combined were the 2nd Imperial Fleet, its CO and XO were the COs of the 21st and 22nd Fleets respectively.

But his command at the head of the 22nd Sector Fleet did not last long. As a few months later, Emperor Spytek decided to leave the throne. The Empire was thrown into chaos. Grand Admiral Piett could re-establish the situation by seizing the throne and imposing his vision of the Empire. Gorn Veynom became Grand Admiral and commanding officer of the Imperial Navy in service of Emperor Piett. The Grand Admiral chose Simms as his XO.

For a month or two, Von Esling became a Quadrant Governor with the rank of Grand Moff. Veynom knew that Von Esling's heart was still with the Navy and asked him to join Naval Command. Admiral Gunther von Esling became third-in-command of the Imperial Navy and Director of INIS, the Imperial Naval Intelligence Services, one of the most succesful (counter)intelligence departments ever. Captain Uebles was the Admiral's right hand in INIS, whereas Captain Michael Pangborn was his left. They formed the INIS Directorate. These were the glory days.

Then happened the unthinkable: civil war. The Emperor was summoned to the Dark Side and left for the Outer Rim, never to return. Admiral Veynom soon followed and an Empire that many couldn't in all honour serve was established. Simms, Dreighton, Uebles, Machkhit and many others formed the Imperial Core. Admiral Von Esling and INIS followed, bringing many officers and enlisted in their wake. Veynom was declared the true Emperor, and for a long time the Imperial Core prospered. The Core became the Dark Empire, and Emperor Uebles reigned. When Charon's regime was finally toppled, the Dark Empire merged back into the Galactic Empire, with Emperor Uebles on the throne. In this Empire, Von Esling served as Navy XO, and later CO.

It was around this time that Gunther von Esling was revealed as a Sith Master, Darth Vraith, who had been training under Emperor Uebles, or Darth Cypher, for a very long time.

When Emperor Vodo assumed the throne peacefully, Von Esling was appointed Lord Executor and answered only to the Emperor himself. Prior to his appointment as Executor, Esling briefly led the Praetorian Guard.

Then came a period of relative quiet; Von Esling and his apprentice, Lady Zerona Corinth weren't seen for a very long time. It is believed they were looking for Veynom and Darth Cypher. Now, he has returned; and apparently he has brought some rare vessels, too.

He is now publicly known as Darth Vraith, serving the Emperor once more in Imperial High Command, from his position as Sith Master.


Dark Lord of the Sith
Preceded By:
Darth Knyte
Darth Vraith
Year 7Year 11
Succeeded By:
Darth Volentus