Guri-n Krayt

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Guri-n Krayt
GnK Logo
General Information
Status Active
Leader Raa`hse Nahk
2IC Sinya Ani
Owner Ani / Nahk
Headquarters Cantras Gola
Historical Information
Founded Year 23 Day 180
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Paramilitary



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The Guri-n Krayt is a military order of sorcerers based on the rogue planet Cantras Gola in the Perinn sector of the Outer Rim. They are organically independent, gathering their own resources and producing their own hardware. Knights of the Force compose their core banner, while supporting elements and industries are staffed by non-sorcerers. The Guri-n Krayt accepts private military contracts, although they are selective about their clients, and they are licensed agents of the Bondsman's Guild, welcoming all who honour the Bounty Hunter's Creed.


Eshaar Gnor

The ancient roots of the Guri-n Krayt are not well documented. Some evidence suggests that they could have been an esoteric branch of the Convocation of the Force on Jedha. Their teachings were enshrined in a holocron, which was discovered on planet Ithilleron by Force pilgrims who revived the movement. What began as a commune grew into a school and eventually organised itself into a military order that attracted many disciples.

The Guri-n Krayt prospered and became one of the strongest organisations on the planet. To continue growing, it was necessary for the order to become a licensed corporation, and so permits were obtained through Riax Tardes, a bonded broker. Eshaar Gnor, the first public representative of the Guri-n Krayt, issued shares in Year 10 CGT. But the new business model was not popular with many of the knights, and after just a year, the order collected its assets and sold the corporation to the Kains. It would later be rebranded as Mecrosa.

The ejection of the planet from the doomed Pakrick system changed everything. The Guri-n Krayt remained after the mass exodus and found themselves the ruling majority. But essential services could not be restored without returning to corporate status, and so new business licenses were acquired in Year 23 by the head of the order, Raa`hse Nahk. Reformation of the Bureau of Ships and Services in Year 25 prompted the Guri-n Krayt to absorb Sunburst Mining and also incorporate Ithilleron Exploration from a salvaging firm based outside the frontiers of Tresarian space.

Cantras Gola

Pakrick system

Far from its sun, Ithilleron was always a lifeless world of ice and flame. All throughout its history, the settlement of the planet was driven either by industry, which was interested in the abundant deposits of mineral wealth, or religion, which was attracted by the planet's rare sorian crystals. Heated more by vulcanism than by solar energy, Ithilleron's colonies were domed by necessity as the atmosphere was a frigid fume, toxic to most races. As both commercial and spiritual enterprises prospered, the surface was gradually transformed into an ecumenopolis that spanned the globe.

In Year 12 CGT, an era came to an end as Pakrick's sun destabilized. Wild fluctuations in gravity caused Ithilleron to be ejected from its solar orbit and flung into space just months before the sun erupted in a supernova that vaporised the system entirely. Most of the civil authorities fled offworld, leaving Blackbird Industries in charge of the largely abandoned rogue planet, which was now reclassified on star charts as CT1832, Cantras Gola. Concerned that the mineral wealth would be lost as the planet's core cooled, Blackbird eventually withdrew as well, and so the planet became the outpost of the Guri-n Krayt.

Curiously, the planet's core did not cool. Geologists speculate that Cantras Gola's sorian content generates the energy that heats the mantle and drives the planet's vulcanism, despite the lack of gravity to continually churn it. The only conspicuous change to the lifestyle on Cantras Gola is the loss of circadian rhythm, as the world became shrouded in endless night. The Guri-n Krayt established the dome of Sankuchuari as the public capital of Cantras Gola, offering services to friendly offworld merchants and bounty hunters.



The Guri-n Krayt is jointly owned and operated by the head of the order, Master Raa`hse Nahk of Glee Anselm, and his apprentice, Master Sinya Ani of Ryloth. Business affairs are discussed in an open forum, including both knights and orderlies. While various departmental directors are granted a degree of autonomy, final decisions are reserved for the owners.

Raa`hse Nahk Sinya Ani

Goods and Services

Guri-n Krayt products are available to the public through Centrepoint and Trade Federation commercial accounts. Military contracts are only negotiated privately. The order's exact policies are known only to clients. The Guri-n Krayt operates a Mummers Three-Star-rated network of bounty hubs galaxy-wide as authorised representatives of the Bondsman's Guild. All ranks are welcome to visit The Lazy Krayt, draw pucks, and browse the available selection of Guild rewards.

The Lazy Krayt

Navigator's Link

A ⭢ 1404 Sankuchuari, Cantras Gola

B ⭢ 614 Palace Gardens, Asteroid 23-R-262 Theta

C ⭢ 219 Maal 105, Maal

D ⭢ 1211 Hunter's Landing, Leafar

E ⭢ 506 Champala Service Moon, Chag II

F ⭢ 1211 Shadolan Bounty District, Skeebo III

G ⭢ 2005 Havana Platform, Karedda

H ⭢ 1120 Pyr 504, Pyr

I ⭢ 1106 Plankton, Basan I

J ⭢ 520 Shogun 406, Shogun

K ⭢ 1201 Haslin's Haven, Mrlsst Asteroid VIII

L ⭢ 617 Czerka Corporation Bounty Tavern City, Abraxas I

M ⭢ 1912 Lucky Charm, Takodana

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