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Hall of Houses

The Avance Coalition is governed by the High Seat, the Second Seat and the Hall of Houses. While the High Seat and the Second Seat are not part of a Council, the Hall is comprised of the Consuls from the Councils, and a number of Advisors to the Hall. Members of the Hall of Houses are referred to as Sitters, although they only hold authority over their own Councils, in the case of the Consuls, and only within the Hall in the case of the Advisors to the Hall. The Hall of Houses has been the governing body of The Avance Coalition since it was formed in late Y6.

The Hall of Houses is named after the central hall of the Avance Government House, where this council of leaders meets to discuss matters of government concerning The Avance Coalition and it's corporations. Members of the Hall are normally seated along a large round table, surrounding a large holographic emitter which serves as a visual aid in Hall meetings. Equality is valued in the Hall of Houses, hence the round table, where the High Seat is first among equals.

The Hall of Houses has the power to propose and enact laws as well as empowering individuals or groups of individuals to act as the Judiciary. Because of this the Hall of Houses is responsible for the wellbeing of the Avance Coalition, it is their duty to oversee the functioning of the government and do what is necessary to defend the ideals of the government.

Noble Houses

The Avance Coalition is composed of several Noble Houses of varying stature and power within the government and within society as a whole. These houses do not have to be made up of people that are family. They are in fact more like an extended family, where everyone helps out for the better good of the house.

The houses are divided into two groups: major houses and minor houses. The major houses can never exceed two and can never fall below one. The major houses are considered the most influential and powerful of the houses and as such also the rulers of the government. Both major houses will share the Capital system of Endor.

The minor houses can never exceed five and can fall as low as zero. The minor houses are considered members powerful and important just not as much as the major houses. Each house will get to be governor of one system under Avance control, which they can rule as they see fit, though following certain guidelines.


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