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Hammers Slammers
Hammers Slammers Logo Year 6.png
General Information
Motto "Fight any fight for the right price."[1]
Status Disbanded (Year 6)
Leader Ralois Hammer (Year 3)
Rune Tao (Year 4)
Others (List of leaders)
2IC Ulic Quel-Droma (Year 3)
Owner Ralois Hammer
Historical Information
Founded Year 3
Dissolved Year 6
Political Information
Affiliation Night Thieves (predecessor)
Industry Mercenaries
Holosite Hammers Slammers (Year 3)
Hammers Slammers (Year 5)

Hammers Slammers (HS), alternatively spelled as Hammer's Slammers, was a long-lived mercenary unit founded in early Year 3 by the illustrious Colonel Ralois Hammer[2] and his second-in-command Major Ulic Quel-Droma.[3] The organization would gain renown as the nexus for many later famous individuals such as Derek Shado,[4] an Eidolan pirate, and Xya Howie,[5] a future ruler of Black Sun. After existing for three years, Hammers Slammers was acquired by the Tenloss Syndicate and reinvented as Relekin Confidential.[6]


In a war-torn galaxy replete with marauding brigands and Imperial slavers, many desperate governments publicly sought mercenary units to reinforce their planetary garrisons. In order to capitalize on this lucrative situation, Hammers Slammers was formed in early Year 3 by the ostentatious Colonel Ralois Hammer and his trusted second-in-command Major Ulic Quel-Droma. The majority of its early recruits were ex-personnel of an anarchistic collective known as the Night Thieves, an "urban guerrilla" terrorist group engaged in armed resistance against all forms of authority.[7]

Following a disastrous mission on Gromas XIV and the disappearance of their leader Owan D'arc circa Year 3 Day 98, the remnants of the Night Thieves joined Hammers Slammers as an official sub-unit.[8] Initially, Colonel Hammer served as Chief Administrator of the unit and Quel-Droma as the Deputy Administrator.[9] The original command staff in Year 3 consisted of Colonel Hammer, Major Qel-Droma, Rahm Zarkov, Seifer Almasy, Paul Rendar and Snarg.[3] Other known personnel of Hammers Slammers included Xanadu, Jon SkyHut and Cyndal Wraithmoore.

Colonel Hammer remained the leader of the eponymous organization for roughly six months until his disappearance. Rumors swirled that Hammer had been assassinated by Zarkov. Ultimately, Ulic Qel-Droma assumed power in Hammer's absence on Year 4 Day 8 and promised the personnel that Hammer would return "soon."[10] However, Hammer did not return and, by early Year 4, Qel-Droma had permanently assumed the mantle of leader.[11] Qel-Droma would oversee the Slammers' activities for half a year before retiring.

On Year 4 Day 146, Irving Howie[1] replaced Ulic Quel-Droma as leader of the Slammers.[12] During Howie's brief tenure, the mercenary unit attracted a number of unsavory brigands including Derek Shado, a future Eidolan pirate. When Howie left the mercenary group, so did Shado. After his departure from the Slammers, Shado teamed up with Bruce Spear to found a new group: "Eidola."[4]

By Year 4 Day 240, Rune Tao[13] had gained control of Hammers Slammers.[12] Under Tao's auspices, the popular mercenary unit was structurally revamped. These structural changes resulted in an exodus by many veterans. Appointing himself as president, Tao's staff included Grand Admiral Jay Farlight, Rear Admiral Ryan Garcia, Captain Scant Marrer, Major Bruce "AllTeam" Kueller, and Chairman Gailen.[14]

In mid Year 5, the leadership of Hammers Slammers changed hands repeatedly from Boba Fel[12] to Kevin Storm[12] to Mergweq Thensbane.[15] When Thesbane assumed command, he reorganized the group yet again. He dubbed himself "Legatus Legionis," and appointed Reeze Prid as his second-in-command.[15] Six months later, Aconitum Storm and his executive officer, Lance Kalzack, took charge of the Slammers.

By early Year 6, the Tenloss Syndicate acquired Hammers Slammers via a "one off trade" with notorious pirate Teniel Djo. Now managed by Jeric Sensar and Thrax Mincoul, the mercenary unit was used to oversee Tenloss' criminal operations. The leadership of Tenloss mandated a name change and, as such, Hammers was dissolved and reinvented as Relekin Confidential.[6]


Colonel Ralois Hammer welded five thousand individual killers into a weapon more deadly than any other in the human universe. When a planetary government faces unfriendly natives, guerrilla insurgents, or ruthless terrorists, they do the only thing that might save them: They hire Hammer's Slammers, the toughest, meanest bunch of mercenaries who ever wrecked a world for pay.

Known throughout the galaxy for their cold, ruthless ferocity, the men of Colonel Hammer's indomitable armored brigade routinely accept impossible missions. Again and again, they go up against overwhelming forces, or fight a two-front war against ferocious oppositions, all without atomizing their civilian employers. Can they keep doing it? Not if they abide by the rules of civilized warfare... but nobody ever said Hammers were nice. Even when their chances are not good—those who oppose them have no chance at all![16]


"The Hammers Slammers, the ultimate military machine of the ancient times, was the catalyst that spread galactic conquest throughout the known universe. Disciplined and well trained, the Slammers fought in closed ranks against the greatest of foes, where each man as one fought for personal glory. With superior tactics and organization, designed specifically for new technology, the Slammers were an unstoppable force for nearly a millennium. Now under the leadership of Mergweq Thensbane, the Hammers Slammers mercenary group is looking to reach the pinnacle of the success of old.

One of the most active and versatile groups in the galaxy is available to flex its collective muscle for you. When you think of mercenaries, you probably have images of some guy in face paint, slashing through the jungle. While it may be true that a primary function of a mercenary is ground combat, Hammers Slammers is so much more. Hammers Slammers prides itself on the versatility to meet any of your possible needs. We have the manpower, experience and skill to make any thought a reality.

Hammers Slammers is always looking for dedicated and active individuals that don't shy away from the life of a mercenary. Applicants should be highly interested in participating in the many operations of Hammers Slammers and committed to learning and growing with a group of similarly minded people. Openings are currently available in the Navy, Army, Intel and the Support Corps.

The life of a mercenary is nothing but exciting. New, unique missions present themselves at every turn. No day is like the last, no hour like the next. Hammers Slammers, embodies this very lifestyle. This band of battle hardened, experienced soldiers roam the galaxy, from job to job, adventure to adventure. Whether it be as routine as a ship transport, as daring as a scouting mission into hostile territory, granting asylum to a trouble rebel or imperial, doing a hit on a crazy Jawa or as dangerous as an all out offensive into the depths of hell, Hammers Slammers is there."[17]

Known Commanders


Main article: Timeline
  • Year 3 Day 98: The Night Thieves become a subgroup of Hammers Slammers.
  • Year 4 Day 8: After Ralois Hammer disappears, Ulic Quel-Droma becomes commander of Hammers Slammers.
  • Year 4 Day 146: Irving Howie replaces Ulic Quel-Droma as commander of Hammers Slammers.
  • Year 4 Day 240: Rune Tao is appointed the new commander of Hammers Slammers.
  • Year 4 Day 259: Hammers Slammers, Hapes, and Horizon Corporation form an "Anti-Theft Group."
  • Year 5 Day 163: Kevin Storm replaces Boba Fel as commander of Hammers Slammers.

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