Haor Chall Engineering

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Haor Chall Engineering
General Information
Status Active
Leader Echuu Shen-Jon
2IC Ryann Lhojugg
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 165
Political Information
Industry General Manufacturing

Haor Chall Engineering (HCE) is a production company allied with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Based out of the Kalarba System, HKD is the primary ship producer of the Confederate Fleet.

History of Haor Chall Engineering


The Xi Charrians founded a fanatical religious order known as the Xi Char which was dedicated to high-precision manufacturing. The Xi Char formed Haor Chall Engineering, a company in which their zealots worked tirelessly to produce experimental starfighters and engine technologies. Haor Chall was one of the more unusual manufactures in the galaxy, creating huge cathedral factories, such as Workshop Xcan, for their production lines. Notable Haor Chall designs included the Hailfire-class droid tank, the C-9979 landing craft, the droid starfighter, and the Scarab-class droid starfighter. It was rumored that the Trade Federation arranged a merger between Hoar Chall Engineering and Baktoid Armor Workshop, although this was never confirmed by Baktoid. Regardless of cause, the end of the Clone wars saw Haor Chall whipped from the galaxy.

The first rebirth:

With rebirth of the Confederacy of Independent Systems came rebirth of many powers forgotten to history. Haor Chall was refounded by Horley Cyan in Galactic Year 6. Focusing on vehicles, Haor became one of the elite producers of tanks in the Galaxy. The torch was passed to Kieran Traejik and, as the years passed, the faction became more and more independent, pushing away from its Trade Federation roots. HCE joined the Azure Empire and later was dismantled when the Black Sun Destroyed the Empire. HCE was gone once more, but not to be forgotten.

In Year 13, one of the Confederacy Noble houses deemed it worthy to breed life in to an old ruined industrial power by sending Andromeda Salvage and restoration expedition into ruins of the Xi Char cathedral factories on Charros IV in an attempt to recapture the facilities former glory. The salvage teams worked tirelessly for months to uncover technological secrets of former perfection. What excavation reviled was delivered back to House Andromeda. This lead to plans to reopen the Company long since left in ruin. Plans uncovered were taken back to the Andromeda Capitol on Mondress and put to use, leading to the official reopening of the Company. With the growing needs of the Confederacy, it was determined that HCE should focus on one thing it had done well in the past, production of droids.

The second rebirth:

Armies of the Confederacy are vast but could never match the numbers of the droid army the Confederacy mastered once upon a time, Haor Chall Engineering working tirelessly to rebuild the lost Droid armies of the past. Haor Chall Engineering learned from mistakes of Xi Charrians. learning to expand its influence and production complexes as well as build up defenses so that it cannot be effortlessly destroyed all at once. It also has retained its focus on the Confederacy, building up multiple production complexes throughout CIS protected space. With saftey and security handled, the faction focuses heavily on one thing: producing the best droids in the galaxy.



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