Hapes (planet)

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System Hapes
Sector Hapes Cluster
Galactic Coordinates (152, 106)
System Coordinates (10, 6)
Astrographic Entry Hapes
Type Temperate/Breathable
Primary Terrain: Grassland, Glacier, Mountains, Ocean, Jungle
Rotational Period 22 standard hours
Orbital Period 240 local days
Population 763,114,662 inhabitants
Controlled By Hapes Consortium
Governor None
Magistrate None
Sentient Races Hapan

Hapes, often referred to as Hapes Prime, is a temperate world located in the system by the same name, nestled the Interior region of the Hapes Cluster. It is among the largest temperate worlds in the Galaxy, with vast oceans, endless grassland and forests, and soaring mountain ranges. Due to the surrounding Transitory Mists, as well as its seven, orbiting moons, Hapes is bathed in shimmering, eternal light and never sees darkness. The average day on the planet lasts 22 standard hours, and the year encompasses 240 local days.

It is the homeworld of the Hapans and throneworld of the Hapes Consortium, a reclusive government that has held dominion over the Hapes Cluster for over four millennia. Owing to the Hapan fondness of nature, the planet's landscape has been spared the over-development and pollution one might find on other capital planets elsewhere in the Galaxy. Only a few neat cities can be found on its surface, catering to the needs of the central Hapan government and the Royal Family.




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