Fairwind Exotics Auctions

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Fairwind Exotics Auctions
General Information
Status Active
Leader Avelyn ca Vella
2IC Angwyn Eyre
Headquarters Ord Cantrell
Historical Information
Founded Y19 D216
Political Information
Affiliation Gilded Rose Auction House
Type Auction House
"Greetings one and all and welcome to the Harlequin Auction Company's Saturday Afternoon Delight!"
Moretti'ameli'arose at the first official auction

Fairwind Exotics Auctions (Frequently abbreviated as FEA), formerly known as the Harlequin Auction Company, is an auction house founded by Moretti'ameli'arose in Year 19.


After her wedding, Amelia quickly found herself interested in starting up her own handhold in the trading market. She found it particularly interesting to start an auction company, since she has noticed there was a niche not being filled with current offerings. On Day 216 of Year 19, the Harlequin Auction Company was officially launched with the first auction following nine days later. It is headquartered on a Trading II space station in Ord Cantrell.

After the murder of Amelia on Y19 D360, Raziel Morbus took over as the new Director, hoping to guide the company into future success. To help expand the business, Director Morbus signed a sponsorship with Fairwind Exotics on Y20 D1. The company was rebranded the Fairwind Exotics Auction Company, but promised to never to forget their late founder by erecting a memorial on their trade station. Avelyn ca Vella, a trader with Fairwind Exotics, was brought in as a consultant to supervise the sponsorship. After further integration between the companies, she was elevated to its leadership.


FEA has two levels of staff: Staff and Directors. Staff run daily operations and Directors run the company.

Current Staff

Former Staff