Harmonia de Chatillon

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Harmonia de Chatillon
Biographical Information
Alias Nia, Harmy
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Clan de Chatillon
Mother Diana de Chatillon
Father Ajax de Chatillon
Partner Zoe di Vigne
Siblings Danae de Chatillon, Aleister de Chatillon
Age 25 Standard Years Old
Born Year 0 Day 88
Languages Kiffu, Galactic Basic
Religion Kiffar Spiritualism
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 176 cm
Weight 61 kg
Coloring Pale
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Cantrell Conglomerate, Red Lotus
Title Dominess

Harmonia "Nia" de Chatillon (Born Year 0) is a force sensitive aristocrat and aspiring bounty hunter from the planet Kiffex, who is affiliated with the Cantrell Conglomerate based out of Ord Cantrell in the Fath Sector.

Early Life

Harmonia, born Year 0, was the second daughter born to Ajax and Diane de Chatillon, both prominent members of the de Chatillon clan. From the time that she could walk and talk, she had it in her mind that she was the head of the household, and that everything in it was hers. In fact, her parents to this day swear that the first words to come out of her mouth were "No, mine!". As she got a little older, she would try to order the households servants to get her sweets and items that were either out of her reach, or that she knew she wasn't supposed to have, when she was not following her sister Danae around, annoying her as little sisters often do.

Harmonia's early education focused on both survival and hunting skills, as well as the tools needed to run an estate. Her father, though allowing his youngest daughter to get away with much while on the estate, much to the dismay of her mother, was a strict taskmaster when out in the field. He expected perfection from her, and was not one to suffer too many mistakes when the skills he was passing on could be the difference between life and death. Though she felt like she was excelling in all tasks that her father set before her, it was never quite good enough for him, and he would constantly compare her to her sister. Every time that she felt that she had surpassed his expectations, she would be reminded that Danae had completed it faster, had been more quiet or had hunted a larger beast. From an early age, she had come to see her older sister as a rival for her father praise, and this would only spur her on later in life.

Her mother was in charge of her tutelage of all other matters, and where she herself lacked, hired only the finest tutors for Harmonia. She also instilled an appreciation for the arts in her youngest daughter, and encouraged her burgeoning talent with the piano, going so far as to obtain an antique Grand Piano for her to practice on. When she wasn't hunting or taking her studies, Harmonia threw herself into perfecting her ability. This was something that she alone was good at, something that couldn't be taken away from her, and she devoted herself to being better than anyone else, winning countless awards and accolades for her talent, some critics even calling her a prodigy. At the age of sixteen. Harmonia applied in secret to the Musical Conservatory on Kiffu, and was surprised when she had been accepted. Convincing her family oriented parents had been a little more difficult than she had thought, as her sister had left Kiffex four years earlier, and they didn't want to feel like they were losing her as well. A screaming match ensued, and ended with Harmonia, eyes red rimmed from tears, locking herself in her room, refusing to leave or speak to anyone until they relented.

A few months later, Harmonia saw herself on the clan shuttle, headed to Kiffu to begin her new life away from her family

Attending the Kiffu Conservatory

From the moment that she stepped off the shuttle, Harmonia knew that her life had changed. The estate she grew up on was by no means small or quaint, however compared to the size and extravagance on display here, that is exactly how it felt. The first few months were a blur, with the days blending together until they seemed to just be a continuous loop of eating, class, practice and sleep.

Having no difficulty with the practical aspect, or the theoretical portion of the schooling, Harmonia soon had a reputation among her classmates for being bookish and a teachers pet. Having been raised and schooled on her family's estate, she had not had much in the way of social interaction with others of her own age, and had always had the importance of schooling imparted upon her, and the nuances of the boarding school pecking order were initially lost on her. Back home, she was used to getting her way, as the baby of the family, however here, she found herself at or near the bottom rung of that ladder. Teenage girls had little or no regard for social status outside of the confines of the Conservatory, it was all about who you knew inside that would make you or break you. Harmonia decided sometime during her second semester, that she would be the one to know. That she would be the one to make or break the other girls' reputation.

It was Harmonia's second year at the conservatory, her 17th, that she started to gain a reputation as a party girl or a wild child in Kiffu's club scene. Second year at the Conservatory was when students were finally able to leave the grounds unchaperoned. Hearing some of the more popular girls in her year say that they were going to a club that night, Harmonia convinced her small group of friends to go as well, as she needed to get off the grounds and see more of the city. Dressing as young girls do to appear older while going out for the night, Harmonia and her friends arrived at the club, and waited in line with everyone else. Finally reaching the bouncer, he barely glanced them over before looking at his datapad and asked for their names to reference the guest list. Feeling embarrassed, as she didn't know that was a requirement to gain entrance, she tried to bluff her way in, and managed to squeak out a soft "Chatillon, Harmonia de Chatillon." Looking over the list, the bouncer started to mumble that there were no de Chatillon's on the list before he stopped and looked at her, specifically the qukuuf under her left eye. Raising an eyebrow in surprise, he unhooked the rope that separated the line from the entrance and smiled. "My mistake, I see your name here. Right this way Miss Chatillon." Blinking in surprise, Harmonia laughed it off when her friends questioned her and entered the club.

Music blaring, smoke hanging lazily over their heads and the smell of spilled drinks, tabac and other, more illicit substances permeated the air as the group of girls started to weave their way through the mass of bodies towards the bar. Looking around, she spied her classmates over in a booth, sneering at them and laughing as they had to resort to bar service, feeling superior that they had a booth and were waited on. Not paying attention to where she was going, Harmonia bumped into someone and took a step back, the apology already forming in her mouth when the person looked at her and smiled, awkwardly bowing to her in the middle of the club and spoke a little too loudly for her liking, drawing attention to them. "Oh my, Lady Chatillon, I have been looking for you ever since I heard of your arrival. I am Frederik, I am the manager of this fine establishment, and I wanted to apologize for the mix-up at the front just now. Marcel is new, and didn't recognize you. Please, why are you down here on the ground level? We have a VIP booth just waiting for you in the upper levels. If you will follow me?" Looking at her friends in bewilderment, they followed Frederik to the upper levels, passing their classmates on the way up, and were shown to a VIP booth. "Please, you are our guest, do not worry about credits, everything you want is on the house. My apologies once again for Marcel earlier. You are welcome here anytime. No waiting in lines, and the VIP booth always available. It is an honour to have a Chatillon in my establishment. Please, when you see him, give my regards to your cousin." Bowing once more, the man left the girls to themselves and spoke to a waitress, telling her to get them anything they required. Her friends, just as perplexed as she was, asked her who her cousin was. Shrugging her shoulders, she said she didn't know, as her parents never spoke of him. Harmonia internally vowed to find out more about him though, if this was how people were going to react to her name.

The 'Incident' and leaving the Conservatory

Goodbye Kiffex, Hello Ord Cantrell

From Contessori to Dominess

Personal Life


Harmonia can come across as arrogant, stuck-up or even bitchy, thanks to her aristocratic upbringing and superior Kiffar genes. And while she herself will admit to being all of these things, she is also fiercely loyal to her clan and extended family, and extremely competitive when it comes to her sister.


Harmonia, though raised in affluence, had little in the way of personal possessions upon her entrance onto the galactic scene in early year 22. However, the items that she has acquired both reflect her personality, and her penchant for the finer things in life.

Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 'Perfect Harmony'

Perfect Harmony
Personal Luxury Yacht 3000

The first ship that Harmonia had acquired, gifted to her by a Zeltronian Mandalorian named Kassandra Aetos.

Minstrel-class Space Yacht 'Excessive Opulence'

Excessive Opulence
Minstrel-class Space Yacht

Harmonia's current flagship is the Minstrel-class Space Yacht 'Excessive Opulence'. Styled in a custom paintjob bearing her personal colours, the 'Excessive Opulence' is her home away from the surface of Ord Cantrell. Outfitted with everything that she requires, from a bar and lounge, to a holo-theatre and library/trophy room, to a guard barracks and training room, it can serve as both a luxurious personal transport, or as her personal hunting ship.