Haven Recycling Corporation

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Haven Recycling Corporation
Th havenmainlogo.png
General Information
Motto "Recycling today for a better tomorrow."
Status Active
Leader Squall Tigroe
2IC Dante Prechner
Owner Squall Tigroe
Historical Information
Founded Year 0 (original foundation)
Year 9 Day 337 (re-established)
Year 16 Day 81 (re-dissolved)
Political Information
Affiliation Confederacy of Independent Systems
Industry Recycling
Holosite Haven Recycling Corporation

Haven Corporation is one of the oldest recycling corporations still active in the known galaxy. Originally founded in Year 0, Haven has been renamed, rebuilt, and reworked many times over the years. Currently, Haven is the lone recycling subsidiary of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In addition to its recycling operations, Haven is a manufacturer of EVA Construction Droids and GZ-6B Wreckers, as well as an assortment of spacecraft produced from the charred wreckage of vessels long since destroyed. Haven uses the most up-to-date designs and blueprints in an attempt to give its clientele the best possible product that credits can buy. Haven is also one of the few recycling companies in the galaxy that accepts recycling contracts from private clients.


Due to its notable longevity, the Haven Recycling Corporation has a lengthy and tortuous organizational history. Despite successive mergers and name changes, the company's heart has nevertheless endured, but it makes for one complicated history. The Haven Recycling Corporation, in its current form, is the result of mergers between the Haven Corporation, Phoenix Recycling Corporation, the Imperial Resource Conversions and Kaos Reclamation Services.

The Beginning

Haven was founded on Year 0 Day 5. Most of the old Haven history has been lost, as many of the company records were destroyed when ownership changed hands.

Haven's Original Logo

Haven Recycling was owned by Zorran Black, the director and proprietor of the Myorzo Corporation. Midge Cellewan, a respected Sakiyan who was also a prominent trader and reputable middleman, was appointed to lead Haven. After much success in Haven, Cellewan was appointed director of the Myorzo Corporation. Midge decided that Haven, being a mere recycling organization of no great stature, just wasn't for him and looked to sell off the shares Myorzo had. Haven was sold first to a Mon Calamari named Adam Flynn. Flynn, after evaluating the company, decided the world of Reclaim wasn't for him and turned the company over to Horley Cyan.

Haven's Original Wrecker Design

Horley Cyan took Haven on as a challenge and opportunity for himself to spread his business principles further into the galaxy. Having a recycling organization gave Horley many great new ideas for how to not only increase his own holdings, but the holdings of his friends and comrades as well. Business was something Horley took to quite quickly and within weeks of gaining ownership of Haven, had it up to self sufficiency and running smoothly. Early in Year 6, the corporation was purchased by the Trade Federation after Horley Cyan was appointed Viceroy of the Trade Federation. At this point Haven joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) with Auron Shadowbane appointed as leader.

Haven found itself very busy. Most of its time was filled with many recycling jobs for the CIS and the Falleen Federation. After two years of leading Haven, Mr. Shadowbane, stepped down and was replaced by a Nautolan named Todor Ginchev. Mr. Ginchev led Haven for almost as long as his predecessor. In Year 9, Marco Salo was named successor to Mr. Ginchev, who left the Confederacy. A small clerical error led to the dissolution of Haven, but the company was immediately re-founded. Haven was renamed Confederate Recycling Company in an emphasis on its main duties in the Confederacy.

Age of CRC

CRC Logo

Created from the remains of Haven Corporation led by Todor Ginchev, CRC struggled at the beginning to create one of the best recycling companies from the remains of another. At first the company was led by Marco Salo and was thought to be on the fast track to success but soon ran into problems with recruitment and clientele. As the organization floundered, more and more clients lost confidence in the corporation's ability to meet demands, and it was soon clear that something drastic would have to be done. With that realization, CRC embarked on the single greatest challenge of the company's history. With new leadership in the form of Siraloth Xivah the complete reorganization of the corporation and its clients began. The company soon restructured its hiring practices and started to only hire the most qualified, most experienced, and most dedicated engineers possible. With its employee standards raised, it then set its sights on restoring the confidence that was lost in the corporation. It started this by first satisfying all its current client's contracts. CRC unfortunately realized that just satisfying its contracts would not be enough. The company began pushing itself beyond all possible limits and succeeding where other companies would fail. It finished before it was expected, took jobs other companies were afraid to, and soon proved beyond a shred of doubt that it was the best corporation for any job in any part of the galaxy.

Haven's Golden Age

With hard times behind itself, CRC began the golden age of recycling. It soon had contracts being taken out everywhere in the galaxy from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim Territories. Soon the CRC's reputation had grown so much it caught the eyes of some of the largest collectives known in existence. While the company is at its best demolishing facilities and stations, its leaders soon realized a change would be needed. With such a growing reputation and power base it would soon have to choose where it would place that strength. It didn't take long until it knew where that strength would best be served, the strong and reliable hands of the Trade Federation. With such a strong government supporting it the CRC would have the power and demand for its serves to keep itself going forever. And it soon signed a contract with the Trade Federation to permanently work solely for them.

The corporation continued to do well, with the capable and experienced administration of Dakin Nerwalker the CRC remained one of the top recycling company in the galaxy. Dakin and his capable staff the CRC focused on hiring the best of engineers to work for it all while continuing to grow. After the collapse of the CIS, CRC was renamed back to Haven Corporation, where it stayed until Year 11. Early in Year 11, Kopljanik Despotovic was appointed leader of Haven and would remain so until late in that year.

Deviation from Haven


After Todor Ginchev left the Haven Corporation, many things changed about how the corporation was run and operated. This directly led to the founding of a new recycling group known as the ZeroGravNomads (ZGN). While the company itself was a new entity, its roots were not. The majority of the personnel in ZGN came from the Haven after the shift in management. Haven personnel Gideon Stargazer and Wuma Uxal-Lumir had some disagreements with the Confederate leadership on how Haven was to be run in the new administrative era. When a compromise couldn't be reached, they decided to leave Haven and gather resources to restart, with the idea that they could recreate the old glory days of Haven, but under a new flag. A new company was created with the name ZeroGravNomads with the goal to raise it to an official corporation level as soon as possible. As time went by, they hauled raw materials, built space stations for customers, and traded on the galactic markets to accrue capital for the new company. During this period, more and more old Haven personnel joined the two pioneers in their mission.

In the past, Wuma had close connections with The Antarian Rangers, which helped the ZGN politically. On Year 9 Day 338, the recycling company ZeroGravNomads was officially founded. Once founded, they joined the Antarian Rangers as a privately-owned subsidiary. ZGN, under Wuma Uxal-Lumar's command, also created the militia brand of TAR. ZGN's personnel thus had military duties so that they would be prepared for combat should the need arise. Over time the company grew and prospered. ZGN command funded the creation of a second company called Shoki Shoen. All was going rather well until the destruction of the Antarian Rangers by the betrayal of Jormungand Gand to Black Sun. ZeroGravNomads suffered from the loss of its closest ally, and slowly started to whither. The corporation was sold and dismantled, and was considered lost.

Rising from the Ashes

PRC Logo

The Phoenix is a classic representation of rebirth and rebuilding from what has come before and, in this regard, the Phoenix Recycling Corporation strongly identified with its mythical namesake in both origin and function. Born from the ashes of the ZeroGravNomads corporation that preceded it, Phoenix existed to scour the galaxy reclaiming materials and parts from the past in order to help build a new future. ZeroGravNomads was renamed Phoenix Recycling Corporation on Year 10 Day 363. It was the brainchild of Hodniwa Stone and his wife, Brooklyn Stone, the corporation's first Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Through the tireless work of the Stone family, Phoenix has been build into a shining example among the recycling industry. Additionally, the Stone family's close ties with the New Republic led the company on the path to become a private sector affiliate. As the corporation continued to grow, the Stones decided it was time to pass their legacy onto a new generation of leadership.

A New Phase of Leadership

Desto Drake, one of Hodniwa's most loyal companions, was chosen as the new proprietor of Phoenix Recycling Corporation. After being handed the company he began the search for a new leader ultimately appointing Dabrickashaw Jones as Brooklyn's replacement. Following on the strong foundation built by the Stones and continuing the great tradition of Phoenix as a private sector affiliate, Drake and Jones look to the future to continue the corporation's growth. Armed with a cutting edge fleet of vehicles, ships and facilities; and powered by a tight-knit cadre of recycling and production experts Phoenix goal was to continue to drive the industry standard for reclamation and production.

The Fall of the Phoenix

Through some strange corporate dealings, the company found itself void of most of its recycling assets and capital. Phoenix lost its affiliate status in the New Republic and fell from the ranks of top recycling groups in the galaxy. The ownership of the organization changed hands many times, until landing in the lap of Aeonian Masha mid Year 11. Aeonian used his resources in his information agency Courier Commutations to try to revitalize the corporation. Unfortunately, those resources were far inferior compared to what was needed. The company looked to wallow down the path of inconsistency and ineptitude for the foreseeable future, until Aeonian took several necessary steps to ensure its survival.


Siejo Kutol at the Time He Acquired Haven

Aeonian contact Siejo Kutol, ruler of the Corporate Alliance, for assistance in the matter of the future of his company. After much debate and consultation, ownership of Phoenix was transferred to the Alliance. Phoenix was integrated into the Alliance conglomerate under the Ministry of the Interior and was assigned to work as the Department of Reclamation Services. Minister of the Interior Tyrie Dajek was appointed leader of Phoenix and given the task of raising the corporation from the dead.

The company itself had little trouble starting out, as the Corporate Alliance provided all it could ever need. The major issue was that it lacked any recycling equipment, which made it very hard to do anything but production. With the help of Remus Voslikov, a Polis Massan with a knack for gears, the first few batch of GRZ-6B Wreckers came off the lot, and the corporation was on its way.



After six months in the Corporate Alliance, Phoenix proved to be a strong asset with recycling teams flying all over the Alliance territory.

Imperial Resource Conversions

Late in Year 11, the administrators of Haven Corporation, a long time Confederacy of Independent Systems subsidiary, contacted the leadership of the Alliance. The sponsors of Haven needed to expand business elsewhere, and, after tense negations, the two collectives were merged, bringing the two splintered groups back together after three years. Together, under the banner of Haven Recycling Corporation, they began work on expanding their fleet and bringing its services to a wider audience. At this point, Siejo Kutol took command of Haven and looked to rebuild it into the most successful recycling group in the galaxy, one that could live up to its long history. Several months later, Haven was contacted by the Empire regarding recycling services and relations involving its recycling affiliate Imperial Resource Conversions. After negotiations, IRC merged its operations into Haven.

Confederacy Rising


On Year 11 Day 265, Haven Recycling Corporation was contacted by The Order of Kampar and Corporate Alliance regarding the reestablishment of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In the past, Haven had done very well with the aid of other Confederate subsidiaries and its leadership unanimously voted to join. With the assistance of its new found allies, Haven began doing very well. In Year 12 it gained control of its first real planet, constructing a new headquarters in the city of Arcadia. Haven made a strong advertising push, making sure the galaxy knew Haven offered recycling services to the galaxy. After a strong first quarter in Year 12, the company saw a large increase in overall orders as well as in new equipment, ships and personnel.

With Haven doing very well, the Corporate Alliance turned its attention to remodeling its spaceship-production affiliate Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc., leaving Haven to work by itself. The freedom was revitalizing to some employees, leading to an overall increase in production and construction to strengthen the financial base of the organization. It was at this point the corporation endured several growing pains. Once the city of Arcadia was complete, the company began work on increasing its production capacity to better serve the public demand. This proved to be more difficult than initially thought, as the corporation had to put on-hold taking pre-orders for most of its products after using up its initial stocks of materials. Lacking in strong material supply lines proved to be a very challenging obstacle to overcome for Haven but, using its Confederate allies, Haven was able to steadily manufacture products for the market.

Growth and Expansion

Leo Iscander

With its production lines moving and recycling jobs booking out to the end of the year, Haven was doing very well and morale had never been higher. Leo Iscander, a transfer from Galactic Medical, took command of much of the overall management of the company after being promoted to Chief Engineer on Year 12 Day 154. Leo served as the senator for Haven to the CIS Senate and also served as interim Supreme Commander when Siejo Kutol stepped down to run for Head of State. With his vast production knowledge and strong dedication to learning from Siejo Kutol, Leo helped Haven improve its overall efficiency. His managerial style, while still developing, was very direct and employees found that appealing.


On Year 12 Day 198, Siejo Kutol was approached by Sybok Taldin, Viceroy in the Kaos Star Federation and leader of Kaos Reclamation Services, about a possible merger between the groups. Kaos was looking to leave the recycling world and knew of Havens reputation. After some quick negotiations, a truce was struck and a merger occurred, with Haven promising to maintain all of the old KGF contracts and obligations.


Main article: Timeline

The following are the recorded dates of some important events in this company's history.

Recorded Event Date


Year 00 Day 005

Haven Corporation is founded

Year 06 Day 144

Haven is purchased by the Trade Federation and joins the Confederacy of Independent Systems

Year 08 Day 037

Todor Ginchev is appointed leader of Haven Corporation and succeeds Auron Shadowbane

Year 09 Day 127

Marco Salo replaces Todor Ginchev as leader of Haven

Year 09 Day 267

After a transaction error, Haven Corporation is dissolved, and immediately reformed as the Confederate Recycling Company

Year 09 Day 292

Marco Salo retires from active duty and Siraloth Xivah is named his replacement

Year 09 Day 337

ZeroGravNomads is formed and lays the foundation for what will become Phoenix Recycling Corporation

Year 10 Day 287

Siraloth Xivah retires as leader to serve as the second-in-command of CRC and Dakin Nerwalker takes his place

Year 10 Day 363

ZeroGravNomads is rechristened as Phoenix Recycling Corporation

Year 11 Day 009

Phoenix Recycling Corporation is voted in as a Private Sector Affiliate of the New Republic by the Republic Senate

Year 11 Day 065

Desto Drake and Dabrickashaw Jones obtain ownership of the Phoenix Recycling Corporation

Year 11 Day 065

Kopljanik Despotovic is appointed director of the Confederate Mining Company

Year 11 Day 112

Aeonian Masha becomes major stockholder of Phoenix Recycling Company and appoints self leader

Year 11 Day 155

Corporate Alliance obtains 95% of stocks for Phoenix Recycling Corporation and appoints Tyrie Dajek as leader

Year 11 Day 212

Confederate Recycling Company is reorganized by the Trade Federation and renamed Haven Corporation

Year 11 Day 240

Remus Vaslikov is appointed as leader of Phoenix Recycling Corporation

Year 11 Day 249

Haven Corporation and Phoenix Recycling Corporation merge into a single organization known as Haven Recycling Corporation

Year 11 Day 265

Haven Recycling Corporation, the Corporate Alliance and The Order of Kampar refound the Confederacy of Independent Systems

Year 11 Day 338

Siejo Kutol is appointed as leader of Haven Recycling Corporation

Year 12 Day 001

Haven Recycling Corporation and Imperial Resource Conversions merge efforts under the banner of Haven Recycling Corporation

Year 12 Day 075

Haven Recycling Corporation gains control of Tilnes and establishes their capital in the city of Arcadia

Year 12 Day 154

Leo Iscander is promoted to Chief Engineer of Haven

Year 12 Day 198

Haven Recycling Corporation and Intergalactic Junk and Salvage, formally Kaos Reclamation Services, merge their operations into a single entity under Haven Recycling Corporation

Year 12 Day 349

Haven Recycling Corporation and LeadRaven Recycling merge their operations as Haven Recycling Corporation

Year 13 Day 092

Allana Xess, the leader of Haven Recycling Corporation, is succeeded by Raheem Quintana

Year 14 Day 131

Subsequent to nearly two years of all but total faction inactivity, Squall Tigroe is appointed Chief Engineer of Haven Recycling Corporation, to begin the revitalization of the company.


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