Havoc Squad

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Havoc Squad
Havoc Squad Logo.png
General Information
Status Ongoing
Leader The High Council
Historical Information
Formed from Year 23 D...
Founded Year 24
Political Information
Industry Mercenary

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During the Galactic Civil War, forces clashed endlessly on both sides of the great conflict. Those loyal to each side battled across the galaxy, sector by sector, system by system, vying for dominance. Over time the conflict had only developed hardened veterans of an endless war. Havoc Squadron is the product of such wars, formed by a number of veterans of past major powers in the Galactic Civil War. They are fiercely loyal to their code in which they vow to live by.

Havoc Squad is a Mercenary Organisation operating galaxy wide, performing their services with the utmost professionalism and skill. They are comprised of Ex members of various galactic powers. All had recently worked within the Resistance, but were dissatisfied by their life in that faction and so they left enmasse. Amongst their Number are former members of both sides of the Galactic Civil war.

The History of Havoc Squad

Havoc Squadron joins Havoc Drilling and Extractions as a sibling branch under the Havoc banner. The Havoc groups are led by a council known as the Triumvirate. They are responsible for all planning, training, development and business within Havoc. Havoc Squadron operates as a private military company (PMC), led by the High Marshal. Within the organization there are multiple Chapters that specialize in all forms of combat, training, medical, search and rescue, assassinations and intelligence. Each Chapter Master has full autonomy and operational ability within their designated areas of deployment as long as the code is adhered to. Those wishing to join the elite and exclusive ranks of Havoc must go through a rigorous recruitment and training process. Those who apply will be outright rejected. We are only looking for the best of the best and recruits must prove their worthiness. An invitation by the Triumvirate or their agents must be extended in order to be accepted into the training program to become an Aspirant.

Faction Political Leanings

As a Mercenary faction they don’t officially take any side merely take the jobs on offer, who ever is offering.


The faction is organised into several sections. Firstly the Command section, this is followed by the individual Ordos.

The High Council

The high council is run by the leaders of the faction. Each of these leaders run their own individual Ordo within the faction.The High Council itself has no overall leader, rather operates as a Stratocracy.


Command is led by the High Council.


List of Ordos here…

Each Ordo has it’s own responsibilities within the faction.

Notable Character within the Faction

Samux Marus

Brian Almeida

Shas`o Cho

Magnus Ironside

Zashtayn Marus

Bram Dupol

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