Heirs of Ziost

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Heirs of Ziost
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Aidon Sadow
Owner Aidon Sadow
Historical Information
Dissolved Year 11
Political Information
Industry Mining company

The Heirs of Ziost was a mining company located in the Trax Sector before the force storm rearranged the galaxy. It had total control of the Entrus system until shortly before its demise and at one time had ruled the Trax Sector.

Last Days

Like many companies the last days of the corporation were not its best. There was an attempt to streamline the process and revitalize the company. To this end Ezrakh Rhuk who had joined the company not many months before proposed a revamping along the old ideas of a Seeker branch, Governor Branch and a Counselor Branch. After some proding Aidon Sadow agreed. Chief Seeker was taken by Ezrakh Rhuk himself. Aidon gave Chief Governor to Ku`Bakai Roche and retained Chief Counselor for himself. These were mostly the positions that they wanted.

Ezrakh had planned his betrayal well. He had gained the power he needed and made sure that none of the Governors or Counselors outside of Aidon himself could stop his plan. To further frustrate things he sent Ku`Bakai Roche out on a red herring to pick up ships 2 weeks before to only tell him that "Oh I sold those". It was that weekend that he struck while Aidon was gone on a Sabatical and thus not able to stop him. In quick order he arrested six of the brethren: Pholomon Sol, Giraf Bokito, Matt Shack, Edward Stuart, Raiden Jin, and Myl Lorian. He attempted to arrest a seventh but Valek Noor was to powerful for the likes of Ezrakh Rhuk to arrest.

Ku`Bakai Roche did all he could watching from a distance of a week hyperspace travel. He tried to contact Aidon and a few others also on sabatical that might could of stopped the attack. Alas it was not to be, finally a few days later Aidon returned but by then Ezrakh had fled with his prisoners. Aidon was able to get another bounty hunter to negotiate the release of Myl Lorian and Raiden Jin into his custody. This gave a glimmer of hope that the others might be saved. Sadly Ezrakh found out about the exchange and then executed the other four, even after having had them up for auction and accepting bids on them. It is still not known how he found out.

During this time he sent many messages to Ku`Bakai Roche trying to entice him to join him in his Rebellion. Ku`Bakai had come to regard all the members of Heirs as friends and relatives. He would not betray them and refused on several occasions.

Ku`Bakai Roche as Chief Governor presided over the funerals of the lost brethren, and his heart was very heavy over the matter. Aidon Sadow changed a bit as well, fearing more damage might be done he removed roles from everyone. This caused a stop to all work. Still many plodded along hoping things would improve. Ku`Bakai Roche continued his work on planetary and system plans to the best of his ability. In the end Aidon Sadow decided to close the doors. He sold Entrus system off to Falleen Federation. To those that stayed until the very end he gave good bonuses to giving out ships, worker contracts, credits etc. Still for many of them it was a very sad time. A few set out to try to find Ezrakh Rhuk but he managed to slip through their fingers.