Helen Hawk

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Lady Helen Hawk
Biographical Information
Race Kuati (Adoptive)
Homeworld Kuat (Nominal)
Mother Danielle Hawk
Father Alexander Hawk
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Kuati Planet, Year Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.67 meters
Weight 120
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom
Rank N-4
Prior Affiliation The eXiles

Old Republic Federation of Free Alliances

Awards Top Secret


Early Years

Lady Helen Hawk was born on Kuat to Alexander Hawk and Danielle Hawk, both Kuati. During the war when Helen was only 2 years old, Helen's parents decided it was better to leave Hapes and go somewhere safe, away from the war and its drama.

Unfortunately, their ships experienced mechanical difficulties after being chased by pirates. The ship was over planet Duro when it was hit hard by heavy lasers. It crashed and Helen's parents perished in the accident. The ship was found by a Duros family and took Helen in with them. They found Helen's ID Card, which disclosed her name along with her parents', and that she was of royal blood, making her a princess.

Helen was treated like part of the Duros family: she was baptised and was now officially a Duros at heart and Kuati by blood. Her Duros roots will never cease.

eXiles and Federation of Free Alliances Career

On YR 09 Day 310, Lady Helen sought to join a group of honest and hard working people and saw that in the eXiles Corporation which was governed by the Federation of Free Alliances. She entered the FFA academy under the tutelage of then Jr. Partner Nat`rhon L`uukh. Helen performed extremely well at the academy, graduating with honors, and thus was promoted to Intern upon graduation.

Upon graduation she was given a heading to Rimma Trade Route Remnants Sector, Moorja System, and was to work production for Koensayr. Here, she had the honor to meet CEO Han Daragon, a remarkable Arcona in Koensayr and who would one day become the leader of FFA.

Lady Helen was known for her high level of activity and how to easily grasp anything thrown her way. During this time-frame, Lady Helen found out about her own family's wealth and thus was now a wealthy princess. Coupled with this she was eventually promoted to Sr. Partner.


Loot of FFA

During Lady Helen's tenure in eXiles. She saw several high ranking members of eXiles come back from retirement. Executive Partner Kain Elderan and Executive Partner Jeb el' Razz. Kain was very active within eXiles during his tenure back from retirement and took offense to Jeb's meddling in FFA affairs. They had strong words amongst each other and never saw eye to eye even before both retired. Kain then made his own medical company called Elderan Eugenics. Even though he has his own organization FFA was still helping him in every sense as it helped their own.

During Year 11 Day 147 the board sought to remove Full Partner Kabal Shryke from FFA as his only intent was using eXiles for his own personal agenda. Kain was very close to Kabal and Kain didn't agree fully with this proposition. A meeting was to be held in place to address this among other things.

Unfortunately, not everyone could attend because of the distance as every Board member was in different areas of the galaxy, Kain being one of them. He took offense a meeting would be done without him even though he was told he could either get on Holo-Net and view the meeting and vote and or view logs of the meeting and vote. This was not enough for Kain, he thought he deserved to be at the board regardless if his vote would count later on before any decision would be made or not.

On Year 11 Day 150, Kain Elderan decided to loot the Federation of Free Alliances for his own personal gain. Kain requested his wife to go to FFA will full privileges; Kain being a Executive Partner, his wife was given the same amount of respect and thus was given privileges to ship codes and facility codes. Kain already had his plan in place and thus a Looting was set of FFA from himself, his wife Skylar Elderan and his cohort Allaina Musava. Jr. Partner Jerrick Jataan was also in the mix as he is a Toydarian and was seeking monetary gain as well by bribing eXiles not to give pertinent information to Kain Elderan and Kabal Shryke.

He took control of everything in FFA and XIL which was FFA's mining company. Fortunately, he didn't have any control of Koensayr. Lady Helen was on watch when this happened and immediately confronted Kain, Kain stated that he was tired of Jeb and his ideals and preferred his new found wealth. Kain requested that Lady Helen join him in the looting, Lady Helen refused and stated that honor and friends are worth more than wealth and being considered a traitor and a thief. Lady Helen pleaded with Kain to release all hostages and people trapped, he refused and in doing so, Lady Helen turned her whole attention to rescue all eXiles in this predicament. Kain decided to conduct propaganda stating he did it for the better of FFA and because Jeb was a bad person to work for, what he didn't see is that he was now a thief and in doing this malicious act, no Partners followed his treacherous path.

Though, what Kain didn't know was that Helen's honor is bigger than anything else and she declined and ultimately, got on the comms to Partners in FFA. Some XIL assets was saved though FFA assets was lost. Millions of sentients were trapped under Kain's control and he demanded either you are with me or against me. To his surprise everyone in FFA, Koen and XIL went against him. Lady Helen, used her own resources to gather hundreds of ships to conduct rescue operations along with FFA's Partners of all the trapped sentients across the galaxy as that was more important than assets.

All 95% of all eXiles sentients were successfully rescued, once this was accomplished, a re-takeover was set in place by the eXiles Full Partners and above: Nat`rhon L`uukh, Doric Eckender, Valat Horn, Zandar Russa, Jeb`el Razz, Izgit Mazarit, Han Daragon, Gatorfett Fronek and Lady Helen.

Kain saw that FFA was retaking control and immediately saw that his devilish plan was not working. So he sought help from the despised Black Sun from a recommendation of his friend Kabal Shryke though, Aurodium Legion and Dorn Zeke was his choice final choice.

Dorn was a business man and he was looking to score big, he was promised several planets among ships and assets from Kain as long as he was helped to regain control as it was looking quite pathetic given that eXiles was regaining several assets with no help and trapped members.

Because of this, FFA had no choice but to seek help as it was down in assets and had members still trapped at the same time and now it was Black Sun, Kain and Aurodium Legion against them. Executive Partner Valat Horn and Han Daragon talked to Avance Coalition and Lady Helen seeked the Rogue Squadron for help and both came to it's aid.

Kain and Dorn were disgusted that Rogue Squadron accepted to help FFA being that RS had been an arch-rival of FFA at one point. FFA couldn't get many assets back as it was impossible though they were able to secure quite a bit. Because of this FFA Partners took a meeting to discuss future plans for FFA and a new adventure began...

Old Republic Career

In YR 11 Day 205 eXiles Corporation decided to join the Old Republic. Given the fact that eXiles could no longer have FFA as government and had lost most of their planets and assets. Lady Helen and eXiles CEO Han Daragon began looking for a new home to go to. Lady Helen went and spoke to Supreme Chancellor Seth Shepard at his palace in Yavin. After much thought, eXiles partners voted on joining the Old Republic. 80% of eXiles wanted to expand and restart anew and the Old Republic doors were opened.

Koensayr and Maelstrom Industrial Salvage joined Old Republic with this new venture and Old Republic grew stronger than what it was. Han Daragon, Valat Horn, and Lady Helen Hawk were immediately voted on to be Ministers of the Old Republic, with Lady Helen being named Minister of Intelligence and was given her new ID Card.

Helen sig 10.png

In YR 11 Day 220 Lady Helen, was given the task to lead Old Republic's mining company Galacian Mining Corporation and she immediately went to work. By gaining assets and resources Lady Helen Hawk was able to establish an infrastructure that was able to conduct business in a new and better way for the Old Republic and it's NAT's. During her first year at the helm of GMC. GMC mass produced millions of RM's for OR's strategy. With Supreme Chancellor's blessing, she and Minister Valat Horn commenced an immediate plan for OR's future. They coordinated and built OR's first Tax Planet. Once that was done. 3 more Tax Planets got started and were immediately worked on. Minister Daragon, in the meantime, focused on producing mass ships for OR's fleet. Lady Hawk, was leader of it's mining company although she was a valuable asset for the Old Republic. She did it all, ship building, construction, prospecting, recycling. She proved that her tenacity and commanding the troops was superior than most sentients.

During YR 11 Day 320 Chancellor Seth Shepard stepped down from Old Republic and gave the reins to Vice Chancellor Korinas Vildras. With this change came a new beginning in Old Republic, with that note OR welcomed: Sirius Dogstar, Stryker Killian, Gatorfett Fronek and Zandar Russa as new Ministers.

Slayn and Korpil

On YR 13 Day 05 Lady Helen Hawk decided to step down from Minister of Old Republic due to personality differences among some heads of state. She left Old Republic space wishing to wander the galaxy and take a break. Though not long after leaving the quadrant. She got a holo message and several members from OR wanted to follow her to wherever she ended up at.

So she held a board meeting via holo-projectors, and the new board of directors decided to make a new home in Roche Asteroids. The board members decided it was karma and wanted to remake the Verpine ship-manufacturer, "Slayn and Korpil," better known as S&K. S&K was a great company to work for, it rebuilt Roche system entirely to where most people would envy it. It became a top ship producer in the galaxy, building ships after ships. It even took away a planet from the Confederacy of Independent Systems in the north west of the core, in which it took less than 2 months to free. Although, things came to an end with a past that would bring Lady Hawk with her friends from the past.

The eXiles

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On year 13 Day 330. Lady Hawk got a holo-message asking for her help. The Old Republic and the eXiles were being given like slaves to The Krath by it's leader Wim Jurgen. Lady Hawk, quickly went to work. Gathering old acquaintances and frends. She began having talks with The Krath about getting eXiles owned planets and assets back into the hands of it's rightful owners. After a serious of talks, The Krath leadership led by Tapar Craken came to realize that it was indeed a unfortunate scenario and thus would give eXiles back what was originally theirs. As soon as that was done and a protectorate agreement was signed, Lady Hawk, gathered eXiles leadership and brought back the old crew together. In a short period of time The eXiles was created on year 13 day 361. Lady Hawk was voted as it's first Supreme Chancellor and quickly started organizing and putting together a mix of the way of the OR and FFA. She started her rule by assigning old veteran leadership to the eXiles. She started focusing on eco, given that Krath kept 2 sectors that were old republic territory and had facility income planets along with station hubs in them. There was a deal in place to return those 2 sectors to the eXiles, the deal was within 6 months the sectors would be returned to the eXiles. This deal was between Tapar Craken and Lazarus Kell of Krath and Helen of the eXiles, specifically Quiberon and Tammuz Sectors, were the topics of the conversations. 6 Months passed the Krath was acting like like they didn't know nothing about the talks, recorded conversations were submitted to show the proof of the deals, yet the deal was reneged even though, those sectors were stolen from the eXiles. Given that TX and Krath were GA allies, Helen decided not to make a fuss of it for political reasons, yet she never forgot the lies of the Krath leadership, which was truly sad given that Krath was supposed to be an ally of the eXiles.

Promptly, Helen's first order of business was to start 2 station hubs in 2 different sectors under their control. The hubs were massive, along with defense systems placed systematically to protect it's people. Helen started to coordinate with it's Ministers to raise the economic capability of the eXiles. 10 planets were identified to raise the population, trade, construction and overall income, so the eXiles would be able to self-function without the need of help from anyone. Helen invested over 40 billion credits, of her own wealth into making eXiles fully functional once more. From 0 income, eXiles taxes and influx of credits grew to over 1 billion a month within 4 years. Everything in TX was going according to plan.

Although, things in the Galactic Alliance was another story. Helen, informed NR's leaders of Tresario Star Kingdom selling tech via a proxy and that proxy was Dac Kain a friend of TSK and a shadow vigo of Black Sun. She clearly gave enough intel to NR to show that TSK were going to be leaving the GA due to conflict within the GA and with FF. Yet the intel was not believed and TSK did indeed leave the GA, proving Helen right. Months passed by and Helen got intel that FF was going to be leaving GA, again NR didn't believe this intel and again Helen proved that she was right and FF left the GA.

In Helen's eyes the GA's intel capabilities was slow, non-existatnt and there was minimal coordination within the GA. She was voted to lead the Galactic Alliance intel department. She tried to infuse cooperation, minimize the sentients that were on the department, yet with the NR, IE, KD, and TC relaxed and trusting sentients with intel that could easily jeopardize the trust of the GA leaders, leaks were everywhere as they gave access to sentients as long as they were active or giving access to sentients with prior criminal or trust issues.

Helen started to see that TIEFE a GA government was being strong armed by the NR with restricted tech because they had a build war with a neutral faction, yet it was their sovereign right. At that point the GA leaders sided with Helen, regarding NR's tactics. TIEFE decided to do as NR wished, so they would not compromise their restricted tech, that was given to them by the New Republic. This is where Helen started to see the NR that wants people to see as democratic yet, they are not even near that.

Months passed by and the Holowan Conglomerate submitted their application to the GA. Helen voiced her concerns in acceptance of them, the rest of the GA leaders voiced their concerns as well and agreed with what Helen was stated as facts were facts. GA votes were counted and Holowan was declined to be accepted as a member of the GA. NR was highly upset and thus, decided to have Holowan join NR as a PSA instead. Thus, forcing Holowan Conglomerate onto the GA while changing their name to The Resistance. This tactic was seen as shady and uncalled for by not only Helen but several GA leaders.

The nail that hit the coffin though, was early in year 18, when NR approached the GA and asked about the thoughts of accepting the Gree Trade Authority onto the GA. Helen and most leaders were adamant about accepting known criminals and ex-BS agents. The acceptance was declined, so NR informs GTA to join their PSA "The Resistance". This was the last straw that Helen needed to see how NR does business. At that point, Helen thought, it was best to retire from the eXiles and the GA as a whole. eXiles was given restricted tech by other allied GA factions and thus Helen took her personal ships, she couldn't take and leave TX with no credits, so she left most personally owned ships there and took 3 Mon Cal's from TX as payment earned early year 18.

A year and half passed by and Helen was retired at this point and Orion Chran sent Helen a holo-message. Asking for the return of NR assets. Helen responded by stating "what NR assets? The assets I own were eXiles owned, I owned eXiles at the time thus they were owned by me." I took a portion of some ships and left the rest. I am retired and still in TX, Helen reiterated, why are you all so worried about me." At that point a response was made by Orion and Helen was taken aback by the threat. "Either return the assets or you will have a warrant out for your arrest." Helen laughed at that comment and started to write a holo-message in return. The message read, "When NR demands the same thing from Krath leaders, from Falleen Federation, I will then think about returning those assets, in the mean-time please don't be hypocritical." Helen knew that NR decided not to ask for the restricted tech NR gave FF due to wanting to keep their lines of communication open and the hope that one day FF returned to the GA. Helen also knew that Krath leaders along with other GA leaders often kept Mon Cals owned by them and not their governments and yet NR had the decency to ask Helen about her Mon Cals, especially them knowing she was retired. Helen also asked, why does NR not have Dac Kain or other factions/individuals on trade bans or warrants knowing they traffic restricted tech? These are all the inconsistencies that Helen sees in the NR and the way they conduct themselves, they rather buy friends even if it means they are doing the wrong thing then, doing what is right.

Tresario Star Kingdom

Thus on year 19 day 238, Lady Helen decided it was time to come back to the galaxy and be a part of a government that cared for it's people and defended it's people from the likes of governments like the NR and Krath.

Helen Hawk was arrested late in Year 19 (CGT) by Kevin Wolff of the Bounty Hunters Guild, who then delivered her into the custody of the New Republic to answer for her accused crimes of Grand Theft, Possession of Stolen Property, and Trafficking in Stolen Property. Her Mon Calamari star cruisers, which were the reason for her 260,000,000 credit bounty and ultimately led to her arrest, were auctioned off on the galactic market after her capture.

Business and Middling

Honesty and Dependability is something Lady Helen is known for. That is one of the reasons, why she is trusted as a middle-woman for quite a bit of people around the galaxy.


CPM trade record:

Trade Value: 63,264,733,398

Buy Value: 31,040,303,398

Sell Value: 32,224,430,000

Average Sale: 82,698,998

Positive: 765 (100%) Neutral: 0 (0%) Negative: 0 (0%)

Maximum trade where a sentient sent first 1.5 billion credits.

Numerous trades conducted though not reflected via CPM.