Helseth Hlaalu

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Helseth Hlaalu
Biographical Information
Race Human (Corellian)
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Barenziah Hlaalu
Father Symmachus Hlaalu
Born Year -22 Day 143
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85 meters
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Aurodium Legion
Rank Consul (HC-1)
Positions Adviser to the Aurodium Legion High Command
Prior Affiliation Tapani Starship Cooperative, D`Este Realty, InterGalactic Banking Clan

Helseth Hlaalu is an accomplished spacer, miner, military officer, businessman, and one-time statesman. A native of the planet Corellia, Hlaalu began his career in the Lorn system located in the Outer Rim Territories.


Hlaalu served as first officer on a Corellian Gunship and attained the rank of Rear Admiral in the Lorn Home Guard which patrolled the Trans Gulf Route, a dangerous hyperspace lane in the Arkanis Sector near the D'Anjon Nebula.

During a military campaign against the Lumini Pirates, he was given command of the Nebulon-B escort frigate "Antares Seven," and gained a reputation for running an efficient ship. Due to his increasing disgust with Lorn's military junta, Hlaalu left the Home Guard and pursued a career as a respectable businessman.

In Year 8, Hlaalu briefly served in the InterGalactic Banking Clan. During this tranquil period, he heard rumors in various spaceports of the riches to be gained from mining. When the fortunes of the Banking Clan declined, Hlaalu was recruited by Isabella D`Este to join her mining company as a prospector in the Phraetiss system. Due to his efficiency, he was promoted to Director of Construction for the latter mining group, and eventually rose to second-in-command under the auspices of Sheng-ji Yang. As his talents became apparent to other businessmen, he was offered and accepted the position of Director of Tapani Starship Cooperative, a shipwright firm owned by Riax Tardes. During this time, Hlaalu was independently contracted to work for the Tion Hegemony and Ailon Nova Guard. While working for Tion, Hlaalu befriended two ministers of the Tion government, Typhon Corbin and Theros Ironfield.

Circa Year 11, a fellow miner Dorn Zeke began recruiting personnel for his Aurodium Legion. Hlaalu was one of his earliest recruits and is never very far from Zeke. Hlaalu provided him with advice on the mood of his legionnaires, who often confided in Hlaalu if they were uncomfortable talking to Zeke himself. Hlaalu then passed along those concerns to Zeke, comfortable in the knowledge that Zeke wouldn't use the information against them. Hlaalu currently serves as an adviser to both Legate Dorn Zeke and Prefect Qard Sharq.

While serving the InterGalactic Banking Clan and D`Este Realty, Hlaalu began amassing a private fortune by investing in asteroid mining operations in Trade Federation space. After strip mining all valuable resources from the mines, the asteroids were sold for a considerable profit to the Trade Federation. Using these funds as initial capital for a private starship construction company, Hlaalu soon owned eight shipyards and made a small fortune selling bulk freighters on the private market.

During this time, Hlaalu developed a close friendship with the renowned trader Wes Reed that expanded from an initial sales partnership into planetary speculation. Wes and Hlaalu began settling planets in a hidden system that were soon sold to the Avance Coalition. They also became baron administrators for gas giants in the Douglas system, though differing views on planetary development goals prevented them from investing further in this venture. Hlaalu later went on to, with the help of Dorn Zeke, develop his gas giant into one of the hottest real estate markets in that quadrant of the galaxy.

Hlaalu played shockball in the Colonial Shockball League for two seasons for his own team, the Pakrik Phalanx. During this time, he became good friends with Rawth Shacklefist and his wife Kilian Delmarco. Impressed by Rawth's management skills, Hlaalu offered the management of the Phalanx to Rawth to replace Lea Delorme. This friendship led to Hlaalu becoming the godfather of Tarq`uinn Hlaalu Rannosek, the son of Rawth and Kilian.

Reasonably tall and good-looking, Hlaalu's two remarkable features are his bright eyes and piercing gaze. He has a kind smile, is very attentive when listening, active when speaking, and looks a good ten years younger than he actually is. Sometime in the past Hlaalu almost died from Vegan choriomeningitis.

Rumors abound of Hlaalu's hand in the death of Dylan D`Este, a former owner of D`Este Realty and business associate of Helseth. These rumors are often associated with scandalous gossip of the corrupted business practices of Dylan D`Este, perhaps lending a motive to this alleged assassination.

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