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Known MembersList of known Herglics

The Herglic are a large race, typically towering over most races such as Humans. Their size makes it awkward for them to navigate places not designed with their kind in mind, taking up two seats when sitting at a restaurant or on a transport. Though this makes navigating most civilized worlds a chore, for the majority the race are a pleasant and easy-going people who are always willing to meet new sentients and visit new and exotic locales. Other than their size, their other unique features indicate their aquatic ancestry, with smooth, hydrodynamic bodies with no hair, and a blowhole on top of their heads through which they breathe.

The Herglic are well versed in star travel, and were one of the few races that achieved hypertravel without outside intervention. Their traders travelled far, and races they encountered were happy to see them visit and trade. Though their travel was born from their natural curiosity, they had little contact with the galactic government of the time. There has been some hints that the Herglic were much more advanced that many other species at one point, with technology that surpassed almost all recent breakthroughs, but this Herglic Empire failed for unknown reasons, with a few of their artefacts being uncovered on their colony worlds.