Higelourmi Everivir

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Higelourmi Everivir
Biographical Information
Race Arcona
Homeworld Iktotch I
Clan Feleos
Mother Neisseria Dustwalker
Father Argus Everivir
Marital Status Single
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born 25 BBY
Languages Basic, Huttese
Quote "Death is almost something to which to look forward" -Y17 D312
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Brown
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Soskin Guard
Prior Affiliation Falleen Federation, Byblos Drive Yards

Higelourmi Everivir is a known vigilante of the southeast Expansion Region and the Middle Rim.

Born on Iktotch I circa 25 BBY, he operated on the Arconan homeworld of Cona following The Great Plight where he and his family engaged in acts of underground resistance and sabotage against the Empire until arrested by the authorities and placed under house in 7 ABY

Having heard of a means to escape off-world via efforts the Falleen Federation (still hostile to the Empire at the time) in the year 13 ABY. Able to escape off-world, he decided to leave the family he had on Cona to return to the Arconan colonies on Iktotch I and throughout the rest of the Federation. With this freedom he joined the Falleen Federation and served alongside his uncle Hannibal Dustwalker, and other family from which he had been separated since the Great Plight.

Hoping for an early retirement he thought to resign from federal service, but he was instead recruited to serve on the other side of the Galaxy as Executive Director of Byblos Drive Yards by Anax Noctru in late year 14 Enjoying the then generous salary of 5,000,000 credits a month, he attempted to turn around the struggling manufactory faction, only to have the company looted for several hundred million credit and various assets by Elegos Ryder, for which Anax held Higelourmi personally responsible.

The situation at BDY however was not to improve however as the faction soon after was infiltrated by Zann Consortium agents under the orders from ,Chokk Ovin Jix. Higelourmi was this captured by Dread Pirates by means of a 'rescue attempt' ploy in the year 15 remaining in Zann captivity until the following year. He is the first of only two known persons to have survived the Zann Consortium's Black Sails Prison.

Forced to kill several sentients and unsuccessfully attempt to lure others to their deaths in the Zann prison, Kentu finally decided that he was no longer useful or entertaining and was sold as a slave to Keth Terik for a sum of approximately 75,000,000 credits and sold again to an old friend in the Federation [Pepi Deto]] for about 100,000,000.

Higelourmi's luck had thus turned, winning the Falleen Federation lottery, was able to buy his freedom from his friend after multiple failed attempts to 'set him free'. Having suffered so badly under Zann, and further working as a slave for so long, Higelourmi refuse to be simple be freed and continued to act as Pepi's slave for some time until he was eventually rehabilitated. To this day, Higelourmi claims slavery was the best thing that ever happened to him and remains one of the greatest proponents for slavery and indentured servitude in the galaxy.

Later hired for a mercenary group run by Kai Shadlock called 'The Guild', he was one of the few surviving combatants of The League of Extraordinary Sentients Affair. After inheriting command of the 'The Guild' after a series of deaths in its administration in late year 16, Higelourmi reinvented the organization as a more public and legitimate paramilitary entity known as the Soskin Guard

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