Hiram Drayson

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Hiram Drayson
Hiram Drayson Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire (Year -2)
Order of Darkness (Year -2)
Positions Emperor of the Galaxy
Grand Admiral, Imperial Navy[1] (formerly)
Sith Lord, Order of Darkness

Hiram Drayson was the first recorded Emperor of the Galaxy. Although the surviving records of his reign are fragmentary, he is definitively known to have assumed the Imperial throne prior to Year -2 Day 240.[1] Due to the success of his military campaigns, his forces experienced a surge in new recruits from various planets, including such future legends as Adric Simms and Mccarthur.[1] Circa Year -2 Day 315, Drayson disappeared on a mysterious quest. During his absence, Admiral Suntzu of the Imperial Navy usurped his throne with the encouragement and aid of Captain Vodo Bonias. Within a month, Bonias usurped Suntzu and, when Drayson finally returned, Bonias drove Drayson's forces into exile.[1]

Circa Year -1 Day 0, Drayson and his remaining loyalists formed the Order of Darkness. They were eventually joined by General Diablirus Balseraph, the former Commanding Officer of the Imperial Army.[1] The Order briefly prospered before disappearing by the reign of Emperor Spytek. The fate of Drayson remains unknown.


Birth of the Empire

An admiral — other sources say Grand Admiral[1] — of the Republic Navy before his ascension, Drayson and his rogue Jedi assassin Agent 21 orchestrated a bloodless coup, removing those with pretensions to power from their positions, and transforming the Republic remnants into the first Galactic Empire.

His brief reign was plagued with administrative difficulties, as well as threats from rival warlords and other claimants to the throne. Nonetheless, Drayson managed to successfully procure ships and equipment for his new Imperial Army and Imperial Navy. He built the Empire into the preeminent force in the galaxy, as well as constructed a secondary Super Star Destroyer where one was the estimated sustainable limit at the time.

Drayson directed his Imperial forces from his flagship, the Death Knight, in campaigns against the separatist governments and organisations that had proliferated during the transition to Empire and the wars previous. However, sometime between Year -2 Day 302 and Year -2 Day 332,[1] Drayson disappeared on an unknown mission with "a vow to return stronger than ever."[1] In his absence, Admiral Suntzu — a loyal comrade whom Drayson had appointed Commander of the Imperial Navy — was convinced by Captain Vodo Bonias to seize the mantle of emperor for himself. Suntzu's one-month reign was notoriously ineffectual and, following internal clashes between General Diablirus Balseraph of the Army and Vodo Bonias of the Imperial Navy, he was forced to abdicate. Thus, when Drayson returned approximately two months later, he discovered Bonias was now ruler.[1] Unwilling to relinquish his power, Bonias quickly turned his ships against Drayson and drove his loyal forces into exile.


Swearing vengeance against Bonias, Drayson formed a neo-Imperial separatist movement called the Order of Darkness. He revealed himself as a Sith Lord and cultivated a cadre of Sith followers. Shortly thereafter, a number of officers defected to Drayson's order including the former Head of Intelligence Vice Admiral Jaster Mereel, as well as a number of other former Vice Admirals.[1] The Order of Darkness eventually included Imperial Army CO Balseraph, officer Evax, and much later Imperial Navy CO Admiral Dyvel Price, the latter bringing with them numerous ships and other assets of the Empire. The fortress Alamut was built as the stronghold of the Order.

However, after a brief period of prosperity, the Order disappeared, believed to have collapsed due to internal disputes. Drayson's death was never confirmed, but believed to have occurred shortly before the Order's collapse.

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Ruler of the Galactic Empire
Preceded By:
Position Created
Hiram Drayson
Unknown — Circa Year -2 Day 315
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