Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc.

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This article is about a defunct company by the name of Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc.. For The currently similarly named business, see Hoersch-Kessel Drive Inc.

Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc.
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Kran Chan
Owner Confederacy of Independent Systems
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 362
Political Information
Affiliation Corporate Alliance, Confederacy of Independent Systems
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Hoersch-Kessel Driveyards

Hoersch-Kessel Driveyards (HKD) is the ship company of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Based out of the Kalarba System, HKD is the primary ship producer of the Confederate Fleet.

History of Hoersch-Kessel Drive

Humble Beginnings

HKD Original Logo

Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc was founded late in Year 9 by a small time trader named Seijin Ackmin. With help from the Intergalactic Banking Clan. Mr. Ackmin gathered the necessary funds to start the Production company and appointed himself leader. Brought together after unsatisfactory conditions at other jobs, Hoersch Kessel Drive was united against what it saw as other ship companies joining conglomerates and losing what makes them unique. Wanting to feel more like a community than a hive-mind, they purposefully fought against the common and strove to be different. After some initial recruiting, Xedillian Vordesh was appointed to lead the company. Mr. Vordesh brought experience, some credits, and a good reputation to the company, and, under him, the company prospered.

Where other ship companies adapted old designs to meet their customers needs, HKD employees vowed to create new ships designs. While other companies chose build planets up only to reap the rewards, HKD vowed to build them up and use money to better the lives of the workers living there. Their goal was not to make as much money as possible but to better their lives and those of the friends, family, and colleagues. United by a common goal, they felt like nothing could stop them. After a few good months, and some sketch decisions and trades later, the company fell on hard times. Contracts became more difficult to get, and the stress started to get to Vordesh. Even with Mr. Ackmins help, the company began to slowly crumble.

Increases in prices and decreases in demand lead to the shipbuilding company to offer preorder after preorder, but rarely will one see a complete ship. While HKD had a strong policy against this practice, it found itself struggling to complete the orders and coming very close to breaking the promise it made to avoid committing a heinous crime against the public.

Seijin Ackmin

Times were rough for HKD, and Leader Xedillian Vordesh left the company, taking much of his assets with him. This put the Owner, and recently reappointed Leader, Mr. Ackmin into a bind. To gain a stimulus of credits, stock in the company was sold off. The idea seemed to work, as the company stabilized, but with little incoming credits, the problems started to show a few weeks later. That is when Xabia Dementos joined the company. Mr. Dementos was a know pirate, but Mr. Ackmin enjoyed his enthusiasm and hired him on to help him revitalize the company. Everything seemed to work, as some contracts started to trickle in for Station construction and production were filed with the company leadership. While everything seemed good, it in fact was not. The company was in danger, and when Mr. Dementos had the chance, he took it. While

Siejo Kutol

organizing an order for a large capital ship, Mr. Dementos gained control of the company. Now details were sketchy, but evidence poitns to Mr. Ackmin himself giving the Pirate these privileges. Mr. Dementos stole all of the money for the Construction Preorders, all the companies facilities, raw materials and kicked out all of the members. This put the company in immediate Danger of dissolution. With no place to turn, Mr. Ackmin sold the company to the Nautolan Siejo Kutol.

Mr. Kutol had a bright reputation for leadership and turning companies around, having lead the Nautolan Society out of Darkness, and bringing the Corporate Alliance back from the brink of being dissolved. Using his connections, he threw everything he could into Hoersch-Kessel Drive, saving it from falling apart. Soon after, he signed a contract with the Corporate Alliance. This contract outlined a partnership in business and solidified the companies survival. With this partnership, the company would always have contracts, which is vital for its survival.

New Life

Left With Hoersch-Kessel Drive stable, Mr. Kutol assigned Corporate Alliance Security Admiral Marid Sol to lead the company, moving much of the Alliances Security team to Hoersch-Kessel Drive. The Security team would watch over the Alliances investments in Dolomar, and work on ship production and station construction for the Alliance.

Using some of his past connections, Siejo Kutol hired Krayt Fel, retired Leader of the Techno Union to lead the Production aspect of the company. Shipyards began to spring up in Dolomar and production began a few months after the company was stable. With contracts from both the private sector, Nautolan Society and the Trade Federation, HKD was well on its way of becoming a respectable company once again.

In Year 10, with the help of the Trade Federation, HKD and the CA worked to secure the Oseon system for a new production complex for Hoersch Kessel Driveyards. After the initial construction of many large shipyards, HKD was set to build anything in the galaxy it could get its hands on the blueprints for. Shipyard rental for Alliance members became a norm and the company began to offer Shipyard Rental services to clients outside the Corporate Alliance. Kran Chan, retired leader of the Commerce Guild, was appointed Leader of HKD after Krayt Fel stepped down. Kran had extensive experience in company management and was a good friend of both the Trade Federation and Siejo Kutol.

As the Corporate Alliance, and in turn HKD grew, most of the work from the HKD production lines was fed to the Corporate Alliance Logistics departments. Specialty production employees became hard to come by and lead to a slow but steady descent in production until most of the HKD Yards. In Year 11, HKD had found it had turned into the one thing that it swore it never would, a Conglomerate Blob completely dependent on its host facton. Things had to change or the company would die

Reclaiming Destiny

In Year 11 the Corporate Alliance disbanded its Conglomerate, allowing each of the 5 companies to work completely independently of each other. This meant that each company, in order to survive and regain their stride, had to work hard or die trying. Not all companies made it, as Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company and Order of the Progenitor soon dissolved without the steady leadership they required. The rest, grew much stronger. Hoersch-Kessel Drive, first under Tyrie Dajek and then under Lidrah Kinav looked to making completion of client contracts priority 1. Ship production lines were set, raw materials flowing, they just needed a good dedicated team to keep it at work. Recruiting picked up and the production lines began to slowly make it back to full capacity.

Mid Year 11, HKD joined the Corporate Alliance and Haven Recycling Corporation in refounding the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and served as the primary ship producer of the CIS fleet.

Midlife Crisis

After a year of slowly increasing productivity, Hoersch-Kessel production lines were producing more efficiently then they ever had in its past. While the system leadership positions were doing excellent under managers Brazi Viro and Rakel Smythe, the leadership of Lidrah Kinav was starting to lag, as his personal life was beginning to get complicated. After a meeting with Siejo Kutol, it was decided he would take a less demanding job in the company and a new leader would be appointed.

Brazi Viro

After a long search period, Brazi Viro was chosen as the new leader. Only afew hours into his leadership, Brazi looted roughly 500,000,000 credits in materials and credits from the company. He was quickly removed from leadership and kicked from the company, but the damage was done. The remaining HKD leadership sent a plea to the CIS for assistance and a joint task force was sent to track down and attempt to apprehend Brazi. After his ship was identified in the Dolomar System, the task force closed in and disabled the ship.

Droid troops were sent in under the leadership of Tika Magire, Alex Masha, and Sabo Magus boarded the Bulk Freighter that Brazi Viro was held up in to find him barricaded in the cockpit. The assault began and lasted for 3 days, when Hawkbat Mercenary Nochbo Kitol broke through and took down the Traitor.

After the event, long time Corporate Alliance member, and one time Haven Leader Remus Vaslikov was made leader of HKD, with Kaminoan Jack Nix Tironus was assigned to take over Brazi's work.

New Horizons

After nearly 48 hours of negotiation, Corporate Alliance officially released HKD ownership to Echuu Shen-Jon. Hoersch-Kessel Driveyards had become a blight on the Galactic Community, effectively producing nothing to the public sector for over 2 years. After intense negotiation between brothers Siejo Kutol and Echuu Shen-Jon, an agreement was made to bring HKD back to the light. In a matter of hours, 3,000 shares, a 60% majority in the company, transferred hands.

The company share value took an immediate turn for the better, increasing the corporate fortune, to well over 1,000,000,000 credits. The company initiated an immediate restructuring program, turning the it's focus to the public sector, and away from any private contracts. The immediate construction of 9 new shipyards, and 12 new factories in the companies new home system, Kalarba, where broke ground just days later.

With the hope of bringing Hoersch-Kessel Drive out of the poverty, and repair the damage from years of neglect, the company immediately opened sales of 8 new ship lines. Selling primarily through Centrepoint Market, located in the Galactic Core,


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