Hollow Fist

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Posted by Syn on Year 5 Day 130

Location unknown

Deep in the cerulean nebula between the Abrion and Corellian sectors, the vanguard of the Krath fleet stood silent watch. Deeper into the nebula, the larger portion of the fleet lay, black against the colorful backdrop of the nebula. From the midst of the fleet, a modified Tabder-class cruiser maneuvered into open space and then vanished into hyperspace.

Parsecs away in the Lorell system, on the outskirts of the Hapan sector the ship dropped out of hyperspace. Maintaining an open holonet communications line to the Krath flagship in the cerulean nebula, the Nephthys headed into the system, hailing Lorell space command upon reaching the outskirts of the Hapan patrol networks. Through the holonet link, Master Thraken Solo opened a channel to the Hapan 17th fleet in system. "Hapan command, we are here to retrieve a pair of ships belonging to the Order of Krath. Transmitting identification codes now. We estimate a maximum two hour window of retrieval."

Comm static prevailed for a moment, and then Lorell Defence commander Tyrridon came into focus on the holovid. "Cleared for entrance into the system, Mister Solo. Make it quick." Thraken nodded and the visage of the Hapan faded out. Engines drove the massive Tabder-class cruiser forward into the system, where it pulled up alongside and dwarfed the newly acquired Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser and Acclamator-class assault ships of the Order. Tractor beams speared out from the Nephthys, securing both vessels to it. Skeleton crews and officers transferred to the two ships, bringing life support and other main systems online.

Half an hour later the ships were both fully operational, and released from the Nephthys. Transmitting from the bridge of the Acclamator assault ship with Tembre by her side, Syn Becket-Fe`ll hailed the Nephthys, which routed the transmission back to the