Holowan Mechanicals (Year 13)

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Holowan Mechanicals
General Information
Status Defunct
Owner Gand Xitwa
Headquarters Danuta
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 345
Dissolved Year 19 Day 108 (Merged into Cloud City)
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Industry Droid Manufacturer

Holowan Mechanicals is a Private Sector Affiliate of the New Republic and production arm of The Resistance. The company originally named Sha`kage, was created on Year 15 Day 345 by Cedron Tryonel and Jaria Feri. It would later evolve to become the Feri-Tryonel Corporation with a focus on intel gathering services along with its continued paramilitary operations. The seeds of the relationship with the Holowan Sovereignty began to take serious roots when their production division, Holowan Laboratories, would later merge into Feri-Tyronel.

As a resistance movement against the Imperial Union began to form within Holowan, Cedron Tryonel, then President of Feri-Tryonel Corp. entrusted the future of his company to a young and upstart Gand named Xitwa when he decided to join Holowan on Day 117 of Year 17. With many of Feri-Tryonel’s employees following Cedron, much of the company had to be restructured. The company would move away from its paramilitary operations and repurpose itself in a more industrial and design-centered manner. Later on Day 174 of Year 17, Xitwa would rename the company to Holowan Mechanicals to better reflect the company’s growing partnership with the Holowan Sovereignty when they officially declared themselves the Resistance.

The restructure and renamed Holowan Mechanicals continues to work with the free citizens of the New Republic, the Resistance, and members of the Galactic Alliance providing a source for ship, vehicle, and equipment designs and production services.