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The Horizon Corporation, also known as the Horizon Conglomerate, was an umbrella group that contained various organizations and centered upon a security outfit entitled the Horizon Security Corporation. The conglomerate was built using funds and assets which Venom Kazvar, an unscrupulous warlord, had stolen from other groups such as The StarVengers. The Horizon Corporation became even more powerful near the end of Year 4 when Jim Stratus sold Galactic Salvage Inc. to Kazvar.

Kazvar's Horizon Corporation was headquartered at Cona. Rumors abounded that Kazvar was using advanced orbital shipyards to heavily upgrade his vessels. Supposedly, his fleet had disabled hundreds of orbiting weapons and used their components to modify a number of capital ships such as ionic Carrack Cruisers and the modified Modular Star Hauler Xenon which carried 100 ion batteries as well as a reinforced hull and shields.

Soon the Horizon Corporation became a widely-recognized pest in the Outer Rim Territories and was constantly threatening the New Anzat Order. As a a result of Kazvar's incessant sabre-rattling, a powerful coalition was formed between the Trade Federation, the Hapes Consortium, the Falleen Federation and the Antarian Rangers to eliminate the Horizon threat. Horizon attacked the Anzat holding of Ingo with the intent of capturing Anzat's famous Guardian Cruisers. The coalition force dispatched towards Ingo. When the hour of battle arrived, Kazvar mysteriously abandoned his forces. Kazvar's second-in-command, Tyr DeMeer, reluctantly assumed command of the Horizon fleet and oversaw their tactical retreat to Sullust. The Battle of Ingo thus spelled the end of the Horizon Corporation and marked the point in which Kazvar's empire disintegrated.

In the aftermath of this event, Kazvar later reappeared and attempted once again to pursue galactic domination. He was reportedly killed by Admiral Slip Stream aboard a Carrack cruiser. In another rumor, Adric Simms trapped and murdered him.