Horthon Gorthy

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Horthon Gorthy
Horthon Holocron.png
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen
Mother Hamaten Hy
Father Merovek Gort
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born -30:152 BCGT
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.5m
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Green
Political Information
Affiliation The Avance Coalition
Positions Second Seat
Prior Affiliation The Wraiths

A7 Mining

Born in the Rachuk sector, on the planet Argolfin, Horthon was raised by parents who lived on old money inherited from their parents. However the Gorthy's did not follow Merovek's (Horthon's Father's) traditional clan involvement in the biomedical industry that had made the previous generations of Gorts so successful. Merovek instead was an industrial designer for an interior furnishing company and Hamaten (Horthon's Mother) was an Advocate working in the intellectual property field, and later as a professor at a collegiate.

A young Horthon In The Wraiths

They lived uneventful middle class lives that could not have been called dull but could not be compared to the excitement that happens on planets like Coruscant or Argebob. When it came time for Horthon to choose a direction in life he decided the high level education that his family could afford was valuable to mercenaries due to the overwhelming amount of undereducated grunts that they draw. Horthon followed a degree in Intergalactic Politics with a sub-focus on Non-Mainstream Commerce. Horthon left the home system and headed to the Moddell sector looking for The Wraiths who eventually hired him as the Head of Security. He had to train for this field as his degree did not give him the exact skill set needed for the job, however his responsibilities eventually came to include advisory on business planning and asset management for Wraiths Command. Horthon was often happy to let it be known that he was one of the very few that had a formal education within the wraiths. He worked diligently for two years.

Avance Coalition

When The Avance Coalition was formed Horthon followed a large number of Wraiths there. He continues to work as a member of the government as the Consul of Commerce, which falls inline with his formal training much more than combat did, and serves as a special adviser to the Hall of Houses. In this position he participated in the early years of Avance and was involved in all major actions taken by the government.

Since Year 9 he has moved from his special advisor role to second seat of the Hall of Houses after the retirement of Kyle Rainer and his appointment by Venix Soyak.

House Soyak-Ikron

Horthon has aligned himself with House Soyak-Ikron because of his strong connection with friend Venix Soyak who he met when he first joined The Wraiths.