Hosnian (System)

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General information
Sector Byblos
Galactic Coordinates 87, -37
Date of Discovery 19.188
Planets 5
Suns 1
Moons 1
Asteroid Fields 0
Controlled By Galactic Empire
Astrographic Entry Hosnian

The Hosnian system is a planetary system located in the Byblos sector of the Colonies region. It was the location of the Hosnian conflict between various parties, primarily the Galactic Empire and New Republic, vying for control of the planets, system, and sector. The Galactic Empire eventually secured control of the system via the worlds of Cardota, Hosnian Prime, and Raysho, while the New Republic maintained its hold over Hosnian, Courtsilius, and Hosnian Companion. It is estimated that up to tens of thousands of sentients lost their lives during the conflict which ultimately led to contested control of the star system's planets.


Planet Position Type Size Population Control
Cardota (4, 8) temperate/breathable 12x12 29,054,123,279 Galactic Empire
Hosnian Prime (6, 4) temperate/breathable 12x12 32,782,572,146 Galactic Empire
Hosnian Companian (7, 3) moon 2x2 221,523 New Republic
Courtsilius (9, 14) cold/breathable 12x12 33,248,967,701 New Republic
Hosnian (14, 5) temperate/breathable 12x12 22,970,792,200 New Republic
Raysho (15, 12) hot/breathable 12x12 37,515,684,868 Galactic Empire
The systems and sectors of the Colonies region, with the Byblos sector and Hosnian system highlighted.