House Asclepius

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House Asclepius
General Information
Status Provincial Government
Leader Lister O`Smeg
2IC Dro Siphodius
Motto Using our guts to save yours
Headquarters Maya Kovel V
Historical Information
Founded Year 6 Day 331
Political Information
Affiliation Avance Coalition
Type Medical/Government
Holosite House Asclepius

Alpha Medical Corps Beginnings of a Major House

Based largely out of the Maya Kovel System, House Asclepius is here to help all those in need of medical attention. Specifically our hopes are to train the best doctors and combat medics in the galaxy!

Founded on Year 8 Day 97, with an Embassy on the lake-front of Lake Maya Kovel on Maya Kovel V. Lake Maya Kovel features a luxurious underwater city that many travel to see. The city, made of Transparisteel bubbles with leveled Duracrete streets strong enough to hold structures, offers an exciting view of exotic glowing fish that are exclusive to this planet. Many collectors of aquatic life have tried to smuggle specimens of these precious glowing fish off-planet, but few have been able to, due to an effort by the planetary board to keep the fish exclusive to Maya Kovel V.

After the creation of the Avance Coalition, the need for a medical organization arose almost immediately as millions of refugees fled from all corners of the galaxy to seek safety in Coalition territory. Many of these travelers had been badly injured during their flight from embattled lands.

A medical team of like minded volunteers from within Avance began specializing in Cybernetics. Prosthetics and a new medical service called the Medical Urgency Extraction Team (MUET) and they took it upon themselves to try to fulfill this need.

House Asclepius is born

Soon after they formed an official minor house of the Avance Coalition, and founded several facilities in the Moddell (Sector). However it still proved daunting to cope with the massive need for medication and implants in sterile conditions, without having to rely on external - and not neutral - resources.

This minor house quickly realized that more could be done and organized a massive fund raiser to start and official and well structured medical company. The goal was to cover Avance Space quickly, efficiently and thoroughly, as well as have the opportunity to handle true neutral medical care for the rest of the galaxy.

Working diligently to provide Avance citizen's with all of their medical needs as well as laying down infrastructure to enable HA to become completely self-sufficient AMC's infrastructure grew large enough that on Year 9 Day 279 the HA petitioned for and received permission to govern Caduceus Province. HA's goal, to set up a stable government based on the principles set forth by the Avance government in the hopes of further increasing HA's infrastructure, as well as providing for the medical needs of citizens of the Galaxy who would not normally have had access to first rate medical care. HA also hopes to set up and protect a commercial trading system in Chondre, eventually expanding it to five defended Commercial trading planets which will provide the necessary tax based income to develop the rest of the sector to its maximum potential.

Sector Government achieved

Caduceus Province is located in the Stensen (Sector) Bri`ahl (Sector) Sector's of Outer Rim Territories. It includes the systems Ghothia, Bri'ahl, Malor-77, Caaraz, Kalzeron, Sareet, and Magar's World.

The Maya Kovel embassy is engineered in such a manner that it blends in almost completely with the surrounding terrain, making it an ideal location for patients the galaxy over to come and convalesce. When you arrive at our embassy, you will be cordially greeted by a team of nurses, receptionists, and orderlies.

If a job in the medical field excites you, please ask to see our employee representative who will gladly inform you of the careers available through House Asclepius' training programs. Some examples of optional career fields include: prospecting, production of medical goods and vehicles, construction, city management, transportation, and security operations.

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