House Csohn

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House Csohn
House Information
Patriarch Mechna Yerikov
Affiliations Chiss Ascendancy
Historical information
Date of Establishment Year 21 Day 291
House Members

SarinTal Dar


Retan Coda

Mechna Yerikov

Ranking Distant
Trial Born
Merit Adoptive

Tomaz Mar`anemi


Formerly a chartered House under the Chiss Ascendancy, House Csohn has developed itself as a familial lodge and remains loyal to the 7th Chiss Ascendancy. The official charter was revoked on Year 22 Day 228 by Grand Syndic Thresk. While initially disputed, the house voted unanimously to accept the decision made by the Grand Syndic but continue to remain a non-faction group dedicated to individual improvement and Chiss culture.


House Csohn was founded after the 7th Chiss Ascendancy revolution when Emperor Seele deposed the tyrant Reius. Following the changes, Grand Syndic Thresk chose to start anew and he eliminated all previous houses then held an election to determine who would be the new Aristocra. Cong`liddo Nollaig won the election, gaining the 3rd slotted position and after recruiting like minded members, these Chiss bonded together to found House Csohn.


Csohn k'tici is the cheunh translation of Red Flame, the Red Flame represents cunning, courage, discipline and a state of preparedness.


Members of the House are required to be capable and dedicated to their improvement. Actions and taking action define what embodies a potential member. While being Chiss is not a formal requirement, the group looks to embody what they believe to be an optimal Chiss identity by trying to emulate the meaning of the Red Flame. Members do not have to be in the Chiss Ascendancy and group events are not mandatory but encouraged when possible.


House Csohn participates as a fraternal minded style lodge looking to assist other Chiss in personal improvement, sharing knowledge and developing individual strengths. The group have been known to collaborate on side projects and organizes regular hunting trips. However, Faction duties take precedence with duty anchoring the core Red Flame ideal of being disciplined and prepared. House members are expected however to make time to participate in at least one hunt with a fellow House member and contribute ideas, beliefs and philosophies in discussion.


Csohn members gain ranks by activity participating in the bi-annual events and contributing to overall discussions.

Notable Events

Cast in Flame

The House was given its launch charter on Year 21 Day 291. The house members pledged to strive towards personal growth and development, linking members of the diaspora together in common cause.

First Blood

The first Blood ceremony was on Chadra held after Prard'arck'Inrokini killed a Rathar on Year 22 Day 51 with Aristocra Cong`liddo Nollaig presenting the first House Csohn banner on Year 22 Day 52 to the victorious hunter.

Operation Vigilance

Created by Blood Prard'arck'Inrokini and Lead by Speaker Mechna Yerikov in year 22, Operation Vigilance was a massive building project worth multiples of billions in credits to build fighter wings for the prestigious Cerberus Corporation

Home made

On Year 22 Day 134, months of preparations began to bear fruit as the first S40k produced by the house using only Chiss workmanship was completed, signaling promises made when the House was formed, beginning the ability for Chiss House Csohn members to access production as needed without the need of leasing facilities or taking away from faction centered production.

Target Acquired

After months of courtship, former Hzebi Aristocra Retan Coda joined House Csohn in a major gain for the group on Year 22 Day 136 . The respected Chiss made the switch after stepping down from his role months earlier. Aristocra Cong had immediately began to lobby Retan to make the switch to join the House. The move was controversial to some, but the House believed adding the experience and liked minded Chiss was good for the House as well as the community. The well travelled Retan had previously served with Cong in the Empire of the Hand and the like minded desire for self improvement lead to the eventual addition to House Csohn.

Learning to Grow

The first Merit Adoptive to join House Csohn was Boadil Ok Isan. A new member to the Chiss community, Boadil demonstrated a willingness to learn and develop their skillsets. On year 22 Day 235, Boadil was formally accepted into the fold of the group by unanimous vote and thus began their association with House Csohn.

Shifting Sands

Politics took over the Chiss Ascendancy and forces looking to control the community won over the Syndicure and on Year 22 Day 215, the Chiss Ascendancy announced they were planning on dissolving the chartered Chiss houses from the Ascendancy structure. The move was met with shock by House Csohn, but after long internal deliberations, the House decided to accept the decision without protest to continue outside of the official Chiss Ascendancy status, remaining loyal to the Ascendancy and Chiss community, every member having to maintain citizenship in good standing. While the choice to remove houses from the structure of the Ascendancy was seen as regrettable, House Csohn has continued onwards looking to keep members of the Chiss and its diaspora connected together.

Space Whale of a Celebration

Following the dissolution, House Csohn met together from Year 22 Day 247 to day 253 and hunted Purgill to celebrate the rise of the 7th Ascendancy whose formation gave birth to House Csohn. While there was some disappointment about the dissolution of the House charters, many different Chiss were brought together in fraternal kinship and the period of changes which lead to the new beginnings of the 7th Ascendacy also now marked a renewal of the kinship Csohn had brought together. The hunt was very successful with each participant nabbing a Purgill, with many gaining valuable experience and moments to remember, including one zealous member, maybe a little inebriated or possibly slightly mad, dual wielding pistols vs a Varactyl, alone, on purpose.

The Csohn Lodge

Founding House Members

Sarin Tal


Llyw`ely Norasc (deceased)

Mechna Yerikov

Cong`liddo Nollaig

New Members

Retan Coda

Tomaz Mar`anemi

Former Members

Boadil Ok Isan