House Derycke

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"Stronger Together."
Historical Information


Friend of the House
EstablishedYear 13 day 295
General information
MembersNeria Derycke

Lilly Derycke

Ryu Derycke

Jade Derycke

Scott Hood

Barnaby Black

Revan Jones

Stephanie Barefoot-Rodes
HolositeHouse Derycke

Founding of the House:

On Year 13, Day 295 House Derycke was established with the twins as founding members. On Year 14, Day 35 Scott Hood married Lilly and became a family member of the house. For a while the House had little purpose as the twins and Scott had their own personal projects. On year 14 day 121 Barnaby Black asked Neria to marry her, because of this joyful event. He was allowed to join as a family of the House. Its thanks to Barnaby that the House started to progress and plans where set in motion to set up a small company under the Banner of House Derycke.

Derycke Enterprises:

DeryckeEnterprise logo zps07e1b8fa.png

Neria and Barnaby set the plans in motion and on Year 14, Day 235 the company Derycke Enterprises opens for business. The small company will be offering transportation and Prospecting. Plans are in progress to expand the services and to create a multinational under House Derycke. A family council is set in place to handle the business of the company and the direction of the House. With the creation of the house 3 new members are allowed to join the council: Jade Derycke and Revan Jones under House Jones and Stephanie Barefoot-Rodes.

Structure of the House:

The structure of the House is set up in several groups:

Family Council: First there is the Family Council, the ruling class of the House. The council exist out of family members that carry the name Derycke. Married with a Derycke, and are allowed into the council under their own name, House or Clan. Only one member of the Clan or House that joins the house may represent them. The others of that clan or House are still considered family, but won't be able to sit in the council.


Associates are business partners of House Derycke or work for Derycke Enterprises. Close associates can be given the opportunity to join the Council.

Friends of the House:

Friends of the House are as the title suggests, close friends and considered trustworthy towards the house. Regardless of their affiliation. Those that the house trust the most may be given the opportunity to join the Council and decide what course the House should follow.