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House ExHilo
House Information
Lord Zao Nephalem
Security Consul Rui Jormar
Capital Zaddja
Affiliations The Wraiths
Historical information
Date of Establishment Year 9

House ExHilo is a Royal House, a remnant of the Avance Coalition. It was founded and is currently lead by Lord Zao Nephalem.


House ExHilo started on the forest planet of Kuna`s Tail IV in a cleared patch of land near the equator, in sight of Mount Jeus, which rises 31,000 feet into the sky. Here Zao Nephalem, with his friend Piico, started to build the Palace and cities that would soon become a hub of activity, both diplomatic and to the surprise of most, ... athletic skill and stamina. Beings from all around the galaxy come to compete in gladiatorial challenges just outside the Palace. Here the peak of physical capability is achieved and displayed. Lord Nephalem draws the correlation between physical ability and mental agility.

Zao cross2.jpg
One cannot separate the mind from the body, it is a symbiotic relationship bound as one Spirit.
Constant training and testing must be applied to mind and body both,
if one is to nourish their Spirit and excel in the galaxy."

- Lord Zao Nephalem.

Both Lord Nephalem and Honored Gand Adi Romrir were active participants of the Avancian Pugilist Bouts that test physical skill against other Avancians and various forms of 'obstacles.' The House Second, Piico SaNikto, is a Teras Kasi Master and runs a school on Kuna`s Tail 2 to share this learning to the gifted sentient. While it is not mandatory that House ExHilo members participate in the toning of the mind and body, it is both encouraged and sponsored by Lord Nephalem.

On year 9, day 264, while Zao was overseeing the construction of two new ExHilo cities, an assassin attempted a daring sniping spree on the Palace. The House ExHilo guard quickly routed the Assassin from the nearby forest and chased him into the defiles of the mountains. Co-currently, a few House ExHilo Members had been on the track of this would-be assassin for several days. Dex Bandol supplied air support while the Honored Gand, Adi Romrir, located the assassin hiding on an outcropping of a cliff. After landing a half-a-click away, and slowly making his way up the side of the mountain, Adi engaged the assassin in melee combat and defeated him. The assassin was later identified as a Mon Calamari named Shakte Grievous.

In mid-year 11, Lord Zao Nephalem made the decision to step down as Lord of House ExHilo and hand the destiny of ExHilo over to its members. Through their collective wisdom, they set up an Oligarcy - rule by many. Four of the senior members were set up as 'ministers' of areas of House business: Diplomacy, Economy, Military, Infastructure. Later that very year Lord Zao Nephalem handed leadership of House ExHilo to Honoured Gand, Lord Adi Romrir. Almost a year later Lord Adi Romrir retired from galactic life, and so began Herrick Cardass’ bid for leadership of House ExHilo with his promotion to leader taking place on Day 253 of Year 12. On this date a new copy of the House ExHilo Articles of Membership were enacted.

After the dissolution of the Avance Coalition at the end of Year 16, Zao Nephalem once again came back into the political scene, taking leadership not only of the House once again, but also of The Wraiths mercenary group that was able to gain it's independence after the coalition dissolved.

Late in the year 17,  House ExHilo  moved further out near wild space to Zaddja,  seceding all power in Kuna Tail to the Trade Federation.

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