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Royal House Ismay
House Ismay Emblem Year 14.png
"Confiteor Deo Omnipotenti, Quia peccavi nimis."
Historical Information
FounderVictor von Ismay
EstablishedYear 1 Day 1
General information
Current headSigmund von Ismay
HeadquartersCasterly Rock, Iego Moon G
Twi`lek (secondary)
HolositeHouse Ismay

House Ismay is a prosperous and widely-known political dynasty and royal house. The family originated from Coruscant in the distant past where an early patriarch purportedly obtained the peerage of Count. In contemporary years, the family gained widespread prominence under Moff Victor von Ismay XVI during his decorated service in the Galactic Empire. Despite Victor's grisly murder by Teniel Djo of the Eidola Pirates, the wealth and influence of the family nevertheless increased with the ascension of Victor's eldest son, Wilhelm von Ismay, as ruler of the Anzatan Commonwealth circa Year 6. Following Wilhelm's assassination by his consort Queen Keishi Miahr, several heirs of House Ismay denounced the latter monarch as a usurper and asserted their claim to be the lawful rulers of the Anzatan Commonwealth until its dissolution. They also claim to be the rightful rulers of the Twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth. Conte Alexander von Ismay would subsequently lead the Black Sun between Year 14 and Year 17.

Spanning several generations, House Ismay encompasses many notable personages in the galaxy and, through matrilineal descent, shares blood-ties with House Tylger. Many scions of the House now reside in leading institutions and polities on both sides of the ongoing Galactic Civil War. The present head of the family is Conte-Reggente Sigmund von Ismay, a senior intelligence officer within the Galactic Empire.

Family History

House Ismay's founding and founders have been lost in the mists of time; however, the family traces it's lineage back thousands of years to the early years of the Old Republic. What is known is that the Ismays originated on Coruscant and gained the hereditary title of Count. More recently the family came to prominence under the leadership of Victor von Ismay XVI. Victor rose within the Galactic Empire to hold numerous high-ranking positions, including Bureau Chief of Imperial Intelligence, Minister of Information, and Moff of the Corellian Sector.

After the murder of Victor on Year 5 Day 331 the title of Count passed to his eldest son, Wilhelm von Ismay. Like his father Wilhelm had sat upon Imperial High Command during the reign of Greyson Uebles, however he had stepped down after the Emperor's disappearance and become increasingly opposed to Emperor Vodo Bonias. Despite these private doubts Wilhelm's brothers Vlademar and Owen von Ismay continued to hold high rank in the Galactic Empire.

In the last days of Year 5 Vlademar was rewarded with the Chancellorship of the New Anzat Order, a once independent government reduced to an Imperial protectorate. Wilhelm joined his younger brother there and urged him to break away from Imperial tutelage. Vlademar initially sought to establish independence. However under intense Imperial pressure he backtracked and Wilhelm was placed under arrest. However his supporters rebelled and assassinated Vlademar on Year 6 Day 155, leaving Wilhelm sole master of Anzat. Shortly afterwards Owen would publicly denounce Vodo Bonias' rule of the Galactic Empire and join his eldest brother.

These events would mark the remainder of Wilhelm's time as Count. Under his leadership House Ismay was closely associated with the New Anzat Order and persona non grata within the Galactic Empire's sphere of influence. A number of family members made their way to Anzat to join with their kin, most prominently the twins Sydney and Alexander von Ismay.

Although initially ruling as Chancellor Wilhelm moved the New Anzat Order in an increasingly monarchical direction by proclaiming himself Regent. On Year 7 Day 225 he would step down in favor of his brother Owen. The succession would not last long though; Wilhelm wrested control back in Year 8 Day 55 after months of bitter dispute and a ruthlessly fought election. Having again secured his leadership of family and government Wilhelm would preside over the transformation of the New Anzat Order into the Anzatan Commonwealth and secure his own coronation as Sovereign.

Upon Wilhelm von Ismay's death, the family was briefly headed by Owen. However he soon retired from galactic affairs and leadership fell to his brother Alexander.

Initially serving as Minister of Culture in the Anzatan Commonwealth, Alexander would strike out on his own as prince of the Binaros Smuggling Alliance before joining the Black Sun where he would rise to Underlord and ruler. Increasingly erratic after abdicating and possibly infected by the Metamorphosis Plague Alexander would die of a Ryll overdose on Year 18 Day 43. As a result Sigmund von Ismay became head of House Ismay.

During the time of Victor, the comital title of House Ismay was verified by not just one Imperial sovereign, but three — Emperors Charon, Greyson Uebles, and Vodo Bonias. While Wilhelm was head of the Household, he added first a baronial title (granted by the Falleen Crown) and gained the kingly title of Sovereign (through the Ismayic Anzatan Crown).

Family Dynamics

The Ismay family is blood related with the Tylger family. Alex Tylger and Victor von Ismay both had the same mother, Xalil Zaarin Tylger, thus linking both great families as one. Over the generations, many people have married into the family, and some have divorced out of the family. A notable family that married into the Tylger side was the Ikron-Soyak family via the union of Tara Tylger and Navik Ikron.

The Ismay family is not limited to the Human race. Viscountess Asarya`katr is half-human and half-Twi'Lek and Baron Asmo von Ismay is Devaronian. Most, if not all of the Ismay siblings are half-siblings. Victor von Ismay's many mistresses and wives over the span of his life, produced countless numbers of progeny, of which they keep being discovered periodically, making the family even larger. Taking into account his elder children's exploits, the family has continued to grow drastically, with an average of two to six children per descendant.


Conte Alexander von Ismay was the head of House Ismay before his death.

Since the assassination of Victor von Ismay by Teniel Djo and the rise of Wilhelm von Ismay to the head of the Household, the Royal House has maintained a triumvirate-like upper structure composed of the Count (Conte) and the two Viscounts (Visconte/ssa). They hold a simple majority vote on most issues directly concerning the House, including new pledged members and investigations into the genetic lineage of those claiming to be descended from the House. During Wilhelm's stewardship, the Council consisted of himself, Count Owen von Ismay, Countess Sydney von Ismay and Countess Asarya`katr von Ismay.

With Wilhelm's murder, Conte Alexander von Ismay assumed control of the family, with his sisters Sydney and Asa, and brother Owen.

False Pretenders

Persons claiming to be descended from the Ismay lineage has been a common factor in the last decade of the House's history, mostly considered on the 'upswing' due to Victor XVI's inability to maintain decorum in the presence of women as well as to the family's positions of power over the years.

Though many have claimed to be Victor's children or even married to various other persons in the family, most have remained virtually unknown and fade into further obscurity or simply relinquish claim to the House's lineage and birthright. One person that has continued to be a thorn in the side of the House and refused to do either is Memnon Gato.

Memnon von Ismay was a descendant of Victor XVI, his eldest son. However young Memnon was found dead at a young age, having passed during mysterious circumstances. The person now going by the name of Memnon Gato von Ismay frequently claims a grudge against the family, and Victor in particular even though long dead. Many times during his service in the Empire's Sith Fleet during Emperor Charon's reign, Memnon Gato was chastised and even arrested for plotting to assassinate Moff Victor von Ismay XVI. He is generally considered to be harmless, albeit mentally unstable. He is wanted for questioning in the death of the real Memnon von Ismay.



Conte/Contessa (Count/Countess)

Visconte/Viscontessa (Viscount/Viscountess)

Barone/Baronessa (Baron/Baroness)

Signore/Signoressa (Lord/Lady)

Patrizio/Patrizia (Patrician, or Highborn)


Deceased Conte Wilhelm von Ismay was assassinated while serving as Sovereign of the Anzatan Commonwealth.

False Pretenders

  • Memnon Gato-von Ismay [Origin unknown]

[*] By marriage, no authority within the House

[**] By marriage, reverted to Signore/Signoressa after spouse's death

Pledged Members

Pledged members of the House are those not related by blood, marriage, or adoption who have sworn an oath of service to the Royal House. They gain rank with service and time. These ranks are Retainer, Oathman, Lawman, and Kinsman. Occasionally Pledged Members are granted minor noble titles and essentially adopted in the family, though they are outside the proper line of succession. As no male member may be adopted into the House's lineage, this offers non-blood males to serve the House faithfully and honorably.


Victor von Ismay XV
Various Consorts
Other Consorts
Kate Elden
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Asmo von Ismay
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Nico von Ismay
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Various Consorts
Wilhelm von Ismay 
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