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House Valeo
House Information
Sentinel Varro Kaar
Warden Gorn Kalmir
Capital Wazta
Public Embassy Trindello
Affiliation Avance Coalition

"We will become self-sufficient. We will become keepers of knowledge and lore. We will take responsibility for our actions, and we will hold accountable the actions of others. We are a Brotherhood. We will stand back to back with those that share our convictions and beliefs. We are Steel. We are hard. We have been sharpened to an edge. Always remember the fires that we were forged in. Never forget."
— Brotherhood Of Steel Code, adapted by Valeo

House Valeo is a major house of The Avance Coalition, and the governing body of the Valean Republic. Its currently lead by Sentinel Varro Kaar. The members of House Valeo are the keepers of past knowledge, seekers of future truths and holders of the keys to Athenaeum.


Age of the Oath

At a time during which The Avance Coalition was a strong neutral entity in the Moddell sector and its incorporated subsidiares enjoyed prosperity, some individuals felt the internal political structure of Minor Houses was too polarized and needed some fresh wind to enrich the organisation as a whole. Two individuals, Sorel Kaar and Windu Maul, decided to spark the beginning of a House that would represent both worlds – action oriented individuals and thinkers in pursuit of knowledge to unite ideals that were separated for so long. Upon landing on the desolate and cold planet of Fangol in the empty Fangol system, they were greeted by the freezing cold and howling of winds through the mountains. The idea of starting something so complex and long lasting at such a golden era in the history of The Avance Coalition was not an easy decision. Fangol was an icon of endurance and strength, which the pair felt should flow in each member’s veins, and Fangol is where decision became final and became known as Sorel-Windu oath.

Several individuals were contacted with the desire and hope that they would support this new idea and become founding members of the House. The first three who were approached were Raith Kurn, a Wraith mercenary who it took upon himself to lead an action oriented House team of Proeliators, Kerrida Alameles the Wise, who took the mantle of Second in Command of the House, and Madruck So-Min, who became Internal Affairs Minister and later on took over position of Second in Command when Kerrida stepped down to attend other duties.

After the initial structure was set, other bold individuals accepted invitations to help form the House and others still offered their aid: Erik Axfow, a politician and cunning speaker, Stajn Xytonion, a fighter pilot and cheerful story teller, Vordok Shimada, a quiet man of action, Jens Nirna, a military cadet and decisive risk taker, Leticia Lamour, a curious and good hearted individual, and Vall Corvella, a man of mystery. Eleven names were put down on the datapad and stood together as a Brotherhood of new Beginning – forming House Valeo.

Age of the Minor House


During the age of the Minor House, the initial capital cities were built on the surface of the planet Fangol to offer home and shelter to the members of the emerging House. As storage and residential capacity reached the size necessary for the comfort of the founding members, an expansion project throughout the system became a reality. As funds became available construction projects were undertaken on the breathable planet of Feathor, a planet which became the financial base of the House. Each member of the House was given a personal residence to call home on Feathor as a binding commitment of House Valeo to take care of its members in their need.

Membership increased from the initial eleven to a strong group of individuals during this period, and each brought with them unique perspectives and innovative ideas which shaped the culture of the House. Sadly some members met with cruel fate in the course of their adventures, but their spirits remain in the annals of Valeo's history and their bodies cast as statues in the City of Legends.

Age of the Major House

Buried three miles under the surface of Fangol, a set of solid, ornate stone doors were found by a House Valeo scouting mission. It took Valeo’s greatest minds almost three months to open the hallowed doors to what would become known as The Athenaeum Halls. Upon cracking open the doors, they discovered a vast storehouse of knowledge collected by an ancient, clearly extinct society. The Athenaeum is so vast and so well defended that it is still home to sealed doors and passageways, despite the best efforts of House Valeo members to uncover their secrets.

Within the collected works translated during the initial discovery was extensive documentation about the lost race which originally constructed the expansive archive, including the records of millenia of war and conflict. Through all of the turmoil, the galaxy had lost more knowledge than it could possibly understand; across hundreds of worlds the ruins of the dead civilizations stand waiting for those who will decipher their secrets. The skeleton key having been found in the archives of the Athenaeum, the next step for the historians of galactic lore was to find more of the hidden libraries and attempt to piece their knowledge together. House Valeo, having been forged in the pursuit of these secrets, needed to expand in order to have a chance at discovering more caches.

The age of the major house is the time during which Valeo scientists finally found that for what they had been searching: a beginning to understand it all. They discovered the location to which the forerunner civilization fled after Fangol was no longer able to support life, a system located in the Kanchen Sector called Spuma. This place became the forerunners' last seat of power before they took their final breath. House Valeo, in the quest for understanding and seeking the truth to this society, began a large scale movement to Daegrin to set up a new capital in the footsteps of their spiritual ancestors.

Age of the Valkan Federation

Age of the Valean Republic

Structure and Organization

The Senate

The Senate is the legislative and judicial power in House Valeo.

The Regency

The Proeliatorate

The Ferociterate

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