Husqr Dara

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Husqr Dara
Husqr Dara NavyAvi.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Eriadu
Mother Teta Dara
Father Hok Dara
Spouse none
Siblings none
Children none
Born Year -16 BCGT
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.828 meters (6')
Coloring 79.38 kg (175 lbs)
Eye Color Grey-green
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Rank Admiral
Positions Navy Officer, Deputy Chief of Naval Command; Governor of Cmaoli Di
Prior Affiliation none
Awards see biography

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  • Redacted Family History and Personal Biography follows
   * Species: Human
   * Gender: Male
   * Height: 182.8 cm (6')
   * Weight: 79.38 kg (175 lbs)
   * Build: Athletic
   * Eye Colour: Grey-green
   * Hair Colour: Brown
   * Homeworld: Eriadu
   * Date of Birth: Year -16 BCGT (Before the Combine Galactic Time)
   * Age: 27
   * Titles: Chieftain of the Name - Dara, Clan Lord of---
     -RESTRICTED [Information Classified-  Level 4 Access required]----- 

Family History

Ancient Family Sigil of Clan Dara.

Husqr Dara's family traces its ancestry back to the Daragons. The Daragon family were space pilots and explorers who rose to prominence during the time of the Unification Wars until just after the Great Hyperspace War. They were natives of Koros Major* and hyperspace explorers who lived circa -5,000 BCGT. (*Empress Teta, formerly known as Koros Major and also called Cinnagar ) Considered the founding matriarch of Clan Dara, Jori Daragon laid the foundations of the family's wealth in ship repair, then ship-building leading eventually to mining in the Seswenna sector. The family prospered and grew, but due to a stigma arising from its association with the start of the Great Hyperspace War, a branch of the family shortened the name to Dara. The Dara family evolved into a clan with its hereditary clan seat on Eriadu. The clan held vast real estate holdings and had extensive mining rights on Eriadu and planets throughout the Seswenna sector. [Further reading, see subjects: Dara family; Clan Dara] Husqr Dara's parents, the last Chieftain of the Dara, Hok Dara and his wife Teta were----- RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required]-----

Personal History

Husqr Dara was born on Eriadu and moved with his parents, Hok and Teta, as an infant to Cmaoli Di VIII in the Brema Sector. The reason for the move to Cmaoli Di was attributed to Dara's mother's poor health. An only-child and heir-apparent as Chieftain of Clan Dara, Dara had a happy childhood and an excellent education in some of the best schools. After graduating he took a Grand Tour of the Core Worlds returning on the eve of his coming-of-age 16th birthday.

Hok Dara three days before his assassination.

His parents were assassinated------RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required]----- Much of Dara's personal and family wealth in the Seswenna sector were subsequently confiscated by the Imperial Outer Rim Authority for the Galactic Empire-----RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required]----- Several years later Dara surfaced joining the New Republic military and enlisting as a cadet in Starfighter Command. Graduating from the Academy with Perfect grades he was commissioned as a Flight Officer and joined a Battle Group. Embracing military life and the New Republic he rose quickly in the officer ranks. Encouraged by his superior officers, Dara transferred to the New Republic Naval Command. He has risen to the rank of Admiral serving as------RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required]-----

Soon after graduation from the NR Academy Dara returned to the elite institution and began working as an instructor under Administrator Angela Liu's leadership. Tireless and dedicated he served as Department Chair of General Education, Dean of Civilian Studies and Registrar (2IC) before he retired to concentrate on his Naval and Intelligence positions.

Husqr Dara served with distinction and dedication in the Center for Republic Intelligence, eventually rising to Director. While serving in CRI Dara was instrumental in the destruction of the Black Sun conspiracy that lay at the heart of the leadership of the New Republic. Owen von Ismay, Gawayne, Michael Turner and Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar were revealed as BS------DELETED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required]----- Dara saved the organization from collapse when former Director Mandor Bg resigned leaving with almost all of the agency officers ------RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required]-----

Husqr Dara has publicly vowed to track down the assassin who murdered his parents. He has sworn a sacred Clan oath to avenge them and regain his birthright. The text that follows is from a private holonet message to Clan Dara members: ----RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required]-----

Service Record

Positions Held:

   * Admiral in the New Republic Naval Command
   * Deputy Chief of Navy Command
   * RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required]-----
   * Governor of Cmaoli Di
   * Senator of the New Republic
   * New Republic Trade Middleman Level 2, insured up to 10 million credits 

Previous Positions:

   * Senator of the New Republic – 2 Sessions
   * Director of the Center for Republic Intelligence
   * Judge Emeritus of the NR Justice Department
   * Lieutenant in the New Republic SFC
   * Dean of Civilian Studies for the New Republic Academy
   * Professor and Department Chair of General Education of the New Republic Academy
   * Registrar of the New Republic Academy/2IC

Awards and Citations:

   * Chief of State's Medal
   * New Republic Service Medal
   * Republic Readiness Award - 3 times
   * Group Commanders Citation
   * Meritorius Unit Medal – 2 times
   * Instructor Dedication Award
   * Operation Slashroot
   * Operation Underdog
   * Operation Argo


—Searched Entry: “House or Clan Dara” From ’Galactic Who’s Who, a Listing of Prominent Sentients Since -6000 BCGT [ Redirected from Dara Family ]

House Dara or Clan Dara as it was referred to by its members was an ancient and distinguished family who originated from the Core Worlds. They had a long and distinguished political and economic pedigree spanning thousands of years. By the time of the dissolution of the Senate, they were one of the longest lasting Great Families of the Old Republic, having been established for thirty generations. The Daras were known for three things besides their family’s age: their staunch opposition to slavery, their promotion of environmentally sound industrial practices, and their unshakeable loyalty and integrity of service to the Republic. The Eriadu Daras were rivals of the Valorum and Tarkin families. They were all three part of the Quintad, a group of five powerful families that ruled the planet Eriadu. The Dara family owned a very profitable mining production company headquartered on Eriadu. At the time of the founding of the Empire, the ruling member of the family, styled Chieftain of the Dara, Hok Dara, lived on the world of Cmaoli Di VIII with his wife Teta and their only child, Husqr.

-- Searched Entry: “Quintad” From ‘A Concise History of the Seswenna Sector’ [See also: House Dara, House Valorum, House Tarkin]

The Quintad was a group of five powerful families that ruled the planet Eriadu. Originally hailing from the Core Worlds, the Quintad moved to Eriadu with the intent of making the backwater an industrial powerhouse. When the Quintad first arrived in -900 BCGT, Eriadu was best known for its local shell jewelry. By the dissolution of the Senate, the Quintad had not only succeeded in turning Eriadu into a major Outer Rim planet, but had also caused the Seswenna Sector to move its capital from Seswenna to Eriadu, reroute the Hydian Way into Eriadu, and make the planet generally be considered a "Core World located in the Outer Rim". However, under the Quintad, the planet had also suffered serious pollution, and also depended on nonhuman slave labor.


—Searched Entry: “Red Moons” From ‘Imperial Department of Military Research Listing of Defense & Security Intelligence & Analysis' [Redirected from: Dara Family; and, Rebel Leaders] -- Searched Entry: “Dara” From ‘A History of the Early Rebel Alliance’ [See also: ----- RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required]-----]

Red Moons was a mercenary organization led by a former Colonel of the New Republic----- RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required]-----dedicated to liberating worlds from the remnants of the Empire. Many members were disgruntled members of Imperial forces (see list---- RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required]----- as well as rebel organizations who wanted more done to stop the Empire. ----- RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required]----- the Red Moons were a group linked specifically with ----- RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required]----- could not do, possibly a clandestine division of the Centre for Republic Intelligence. ----- RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required]----- identified at least one ship, Red Moon Revenge, and their base ----- RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required]-----


Hok Dara, former officer -----RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required], RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required], RESTRICTED [Information Classified- Level 4 Access required],