Hutt Cartel

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This article is about the Year 23 Zann Consortium Faction. For its defunct predecessor, see Hutt Cartel (Year 5).
Hutt Cartel
Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Hondo Walker
2IC Ximo Jobal
Owner Ximaro Jix
Historical Information
Founded Year 23 Day 294
Political Information
Affiliation Zann Consortium
Industry Criminals

Sordid History and Current reality

Originally lead by Voragga Zuuma Ajurr, colloquially known as "Vorraga The Hutt", the organization Hutt Cartel briefly rose to prominence and then fell from grace not long after . In it's time it was overseen by various MajorDomo's, following Zuuma's failure to compete with more crafty and volatile rivals. As a struggling shell of it's former existance, in it's later years the Hutt Cartel was believed to be a puppet of the mercenary government, Aurodium Legion. With its turbulent lifespan the Hutt Cartel remained barely intact by threads, before being eliminated by another family within it's own society, "The Hutt Clan". Striving for independence it's leader Crime Boss, Burgga Kostijic Mafa, waged war on the cartel taking assets and absorbing business operations. The remenants of the Cartel, later transformed the shadowy operation into the"Hutt Clan Consortium".

It was here the Hutt Clan Consortium began to rise up among other slithering creatures of Nal Hutta as a decently respected slime rancher making his existence known across the every back alley and civilized area known to all sentient beings alike. With a continued annexation of HC territory and more real estate and mercenaries from around the galaxy, Burgga became incredibly arrogant and confident. Then Mafa began to expand his influence in effort to see his clan reign as the premiere crime outfit. Dipping his grubby fingers into illegal trade, theft , smuggling and even bounty hunting the Hutt Kingpin had it all with allies like the Freebooters Alliance at the back of his tail.

Unstopoable is what Burgga thought himself as he then privately and publcily launched a series of attacks against cime syndicate Zann Consortium. Actions, Mafa was not prepared to defend against from retaliation, and would later be his demise.

Within less than 1 standard year, the clan quickly lost nearly all its muscle. Then they would lose influence and ultimately , Mafa would disappear and be found suspiciously cryogenically frozen following various hostile actions from Zann agents retaliating against the crumbling HCC. His body paraded by Zann leaders around his palace, following the loss of his organization.

It was here, under Zann Consortium control, Circle (Racket Boss) member Hondo Walker was appointed by his peers to liquidate the factions assets and work force. However, Hondo had other plans and made his case to Crime Lord of Zann, Ximaro Jix. Hondo then announced publicly he would continue running Zann's trafficking network under the reborn Hutt Cartel banner bringing back its grass roots of black marketing, slicing, smuggling and the Trandoshan's own trades of racketeering, slaving and illicit drug distribution.


Hutt Cartel has a large contingent of various races, even Hutts that serve as guards, mercenaries, raiders, and even smugglers for the cartel. However, the new reptilians management have decreed, no Hutt shall rule the Kadijic (syndicate) ever again, so Hutts are the only marginalized of race due to their historical mistreatment of other sentient species.

It is said that individuals who join Hutt Cartel first become Hired Blasters (Mercenaries), before being allowed to become a Kung (Prospect/Uninitiated Member). From there little is known of the Cartel ranking system, only that actions in the criminal organization bring cause for promotion.

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