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This article is about the defunct Hutt Council. For the existent criminal organization, see The Hutt Cartel.
The Hutt Council
Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png
General Information
Motto "Greed is Good"
Status Defunct (see: Hutt Cartel)
Leader Angobba the Hutt[1] (Year 3)
Ollo the Hutt[2] (Year 4)
Kavvel the Hutt[3] (Year 4)
Tara Tylger[4] (Year 5)
Kavvel the Hutt[5] (Year 5)
2IC Ollo the Hutt (Year 3)
Voragga the Hutt (Year 5)
Owner Hutt Conglomerate
Headquarters Pawa,[6] Nal Hutta
Hutt Space
Historical Information
Founder Angobba the Hutt[1]
Founded Year 3 Day 81[7]
Dissolved Year 5 Day 347[8]
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire (military alliance)
The Hutt Cartel (successor group)
Industry Trade Conglomerate
Imperial Suzerainty
Holosite The Hutt Council (Year 3)

The Hutt Council, often abbreviated as THC and also known as the Hutt Grand Council, was a trading conglomerate and an Imperial suzerainty that existed from Year 3 Day 81 to Year 5 Day 347. Its origins trace back to the decadent age of the Old Republic when the Hutts controlled a dangerous swath of the galaxy between the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim Territories. The Council controlled the region by overseeing the activities of the Hutt clanskajidics — and their business syndicates. Their capital was located in the Y'toub system and was called Nal Hutta. Following centuries of decline, the Council was reborn on Year 3 Day 81 by Angobba Desilijic Lucar.[7]

During the Second Imperial Civil War that ravaged the galaxy circa Year 3, the Hutt Council was a key ally of Emperor Charon's Galactic Empire and — under the auspices of Grand Admiral Black Lodge and Director Matrel Byden — the Council played a prominent role in Charon's campaign to exterminate Warlord Vodo Bonias' Dark Empire. In the eyes of Bonias, it was contemptible that a humanocentric regime such as Charon's Empire should publicly align itself with a criminal syndicate of Hutts. For this reason, the Council became the target of a propaganda war by Bonias' Dark Empire which denounced this alliance as an example of how Charon's Empire was weak and unfaithful to true Imperial values. As an Imperial suzerainty, the Hutt Council greatly benefited from its participation in the latter struggle and was awarded governance of the Tatoo system by Charon.

Circa Year 4, the Council was engaged in a dispute with Prince Qel Dar's Black Sun crime syndicate due to its arrest and extradition of Vigo Acria Larkin to the Galactic Empire. The dispute culminated in Black Sun's blockade of Nal Hutta. Due to the Council repeatedly arresting personnel of the Dark Empire and Black Sun, the Council's allies in the United Trade Federation were captured and ransomed by their enemies which led to an infamous hostage crisis. Also during this turbulent era, a campaign of vengeance was launched against the Hutts by Raan Jodus,[9] a feared operative of the Bounty Hunter Alliance and a triumvir in its depraved Council of Blood.[9] Despite a sizable bounty on his head, Jodus infiltrated the Council and executed several of its members, notably Thalos the Hutt, who sought to replace Angobba.

With the overthrow of Emperor Charon and the ascendance of Warlord Bonias' puppet Count Greyson Uebles to the Imperial throne, the Galactic Empire and the Dark Empire were merged on Year 3 Day 290. Thus the Hutt Council was now viewed with intense hostility by the new Imperial leadership which was staffed by many former officers of the Dark Empire. These officers remembered the Council's effective campaign against them and, as a result, the Hutts were stripped of their Imperial patronage. With the loss of their Imperial support, Angobba the Hutt abdicated as leader of the Council and was replaced by Ollo the Hutt in Year 4.

Ultimately, with the rise of pirate queen Teniel Djo and the encroachment of her Eidola Pirates into Hutt Space circa Year 5, the Council — now led by Kavvel the Hutt[3] — lost its power and virtually ceased to exist by Year 5 Day 347. This decline changed with the emergence of the Zuuma kajidic circa Year 10 led by Voragga Zuuma Ajurr. An ambitious administrator, Voragga assumed leadership of the Hutt diaspora. Under his auspices, the Hutt Cartel was founded as the successor group of the Council. Joining Voragga in this endeavor was a distant cousin and shrewd associate Tobba the Hutt, the leader of the Nokko kajidic. Together, the Zuuma and Nokko kajidics forged a business alliance, and restored the Hutts to their rightful place as the gluttonous parasites of galactic trade.

Council Members


Name and Position

Biographical Details

Angobba the Hutt Avatar.png

Angobba the Hutt
Council Leader
Years 34

His Excellency Angobba Desilijic Lucar[10] ("Angobba the Hutt") — The self-styled "Executive Chair-Hutt" and ruler of the Hutt Council from Year 3 to Year 4, Angobba led the Council during its golden age. Under his auspices, the Council was awarded governance of the Tatoo system by Emperor Charon's Galactic Empire; became a major decision-maker in the United Trade Federation and the League of Trade; captured and extradited the Black Sun terrorist Acria Larkin, and orchestrated successful operations against the Dark Empire led by Warlord Vodo Bonias and Count Greyson Uebles. When Charon was usurped by Uebles and Vodo, the Council lost its Imperial patronage and Angobba shortly thereafter stepped down as leader of the organization.

Ollo the Hutt Portrait.png

Ollo the Hutt
Council Leader
Years 45

His Excellency Ollo Desilijic Shan[11] ("Ollo the Hutt") — An oily bureaucrat who was seen by other Hutts as lacking both vision and ability, Ollo was a steadfast supporter of Angobba the Hutt and helped establish the Hutt Council. After the overthrow of Emperor Charon and the retirement of Angobba, the Council was thrown into chaos with each member vying for control. During this turbulent period, Ollo ruled the Council from Year 4 to Year 5. His reign was brief and ineffectual.

Kavvel the Hutt Portrait.png

Kavvel the Hutt
Council Leader
Year 5

His Excellency Kavvel the Hutt[3] — Notorious for his extravagance, Kavvel was the former Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Tech.[12] He seized control of the Council in Year 4 with the aid of Dark Princess Xya Howie of Black Sun and her assassin Tara Tylger. They arrested all those who sided against him.[3] Kavvel sought to consolidate his power and directed much of his attention to constructing luxurious dwellings for himself. In Year 5, Kavvel was purportedly assassinated as the result of a conspiracy involving bodyguards bribed by Voragga. Others assert Kavvel escaped and was last sighted in the Outer Rim circa Year 6 Day 360.

Voragga Zuuma Avatar.png

Voragga the Hutt
Council Member
Years 45

His Excellency Voragga Zuuma Ajurr[13] ("Voragga the Hutt") — A festering mountainous pustule who fancied himself to be a high lord of merchants and criminals, Voragga was a member of the Hutt Council circa Year 5 and witnessed its painful decline as well as the encroachment of Teniel Djo's Eidolan forces into its territory. He became openly critical of Kavvel's reign as leader of the Council and ultimately departed for the Unknown Regions. Half a decade later, he re-emerged from obscurity to form the Hutt Cartel from the ashes of the Council on Year 10 Day 60.

Thalos the Hutt Portrait.png

Thalos the Hutt
Council Member
Year 3

His Excellency Thalos the Hutt[14] — A self-satisfied and ruthless crime lord, Thalos the Hutt was well on his way to becoming a major player in the galactic underworld. With his accumulated wealth, he constructed a palace on the planet Bralvadir in the Sz Fel system of the Kanchen sector. Many undesirables found employment in the service of Thalos and this led some to speculate Thalos was involved more in disreputable business than in legal trade on Bralvadir. Ultimately, Thalos was marked for death by Black Sun during its war against the Hutt Council and was murdered by the bounty hunter Raan Jodus on Year 3 Day 235.[14]

Dargon Yotam Avatar Year 3.png

Dargon Yotam
Trade Liaison
Years 35

Supreme Chancellor Dargon Yotam (Special Envoy of the United Trade Federation) — A key ally of the Hutt Council, Dargon Yotam was an honorary adviser to Angobba the Hutt and informally served as his chief policy strategist. Due to his unwavering support of the Council, Yotam was kidnapped by Serj Seinwill at the behest of Vodo Bonias and held for ransom in a hostage crisis that stunned the galaxy. Later, the influence of Yotam's United Trade Federation and Angobba's Hutt Council on galactic commerce triggered the formation of the League of Trade consisting of Intellifish, Astralwerks Engineering, Haven, Sky Knight Trading Federation, Cosmo Corp, Integral Corporation, Paradox Resource Exploration, and Twin Star Mining.[15]

Wehr Avatar Year 3.png

Dante Wehr
Imperial Liaison
Years 34

Major Dante Wehr[16] (Special Envoy of Emperor Charon) — When the Hutt Council was a subsidiary of the Galactic Empire, Emperor Charon appointed Major Wehr of the Imperial Army as a special envoy to the Council.[16] At the time of his appointment, Wehr had faithfully served in the Imperial Army for four years and had ties to Imperial Intelligence (II), the external espionage apparatus of the Empire. Wehr functioned as the eyes and ears of Charon in a turbulent era when separatist movements such as the Dark Empire arose to challenge Imperial dominance in the Arkanis sector of the Outer Rim Territories. When Charon was overthrown in Year 4, Wehr resigned his officer's commission and disappeared into the Unknown Regions.


Legacy of the Ancients

Angobba the Hutt enjoyed the patronage of Emperor Charon until the latter's deposal by Bonias.[10]

Over a millennia ago, the Hutt Grand Council, formally called the Clans of the Ancients or Council of Elders, was the ruling political body of Nal Hutta and the Hutt race. During a more civilized age when the Old Republic reigned, the Hutt Council governed a vast syndicate that encompassed all of Hutt Space, a dangerous swath of the galaxy between the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim Territories. This grand Hutt Council controlled the region by overseeing the activities of the Hutt clans — kajidics — and their business endeavors. Their capital was located in the Y’Toub system and was called Nal Hutta which translates as "glorious jewel" in Huttese. The terrestrial bog-world of Nal Hutta was owned by the Hutt kajidics who also ruled its orbiting satellite, Nar Shaddaa, colloquially known as The Smuggler’s Moon. Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa were once the center of a popular galactic trade route. The Council was composed only of those Hutt clans that could trace their lineage to the Hutts' defiled, ancient homeworld of Varl. This was before the dark times, of course, before the Empire.

By the time of Emperor Charon's reign as ruler of the Galactic Empire, the Hutt Grand Council had reached the nadir of its impotence and was compromised of petty crime lords who squabbled with each other over control of their criminal syndicates. In this dark hour of Hutt indigence, an ambitious crime lord was obsessed with visions of empire. Angobba Desilijic Lucar was an ambitious, greedy, and pragmatic Hutt adept at bending others to his will. He also enjoyed cruelty, in the form of torture, executions, and subjugation. He did this for enjoyment, as well as for practical purposes of logistics and need. For many years, he reportedly had amassed a fortune as the patron of the Lumini Pirates led by the enigmatic Rahm Zarkov, a lawless brigand and esoteric art collector. Together, Angobba and Zarkov allegedly carved out a fiefdom in the Cron Drift and its surrounding territories.

Despite their success, Angobba was dissatisfied with such small-time endeavors. Consumed with visions of a reborn Hutt empire, Angobba undertook a far-fetched scheme to reform the Hutt Council and to seek allies in the great powers that dominated the galaxy. Seeking the patronage of other powerful Hutts in the galaxy, Angobba pandered to the great power nationalism that lurked in the oily carcasses of his fellow slugs. He claimed the time had come for Hutts to return to Hutt Space and to rebuild their glorious culture. In order to facilitate this process, Angobba reformed the ancient Hutt Council on Year 3 Day 81 and invited all Hutts to join the organization.[7]

Return of the Hutts

"For a time now, the Hutt society has faded to memories throughout the galaxy. The time has come for Hutts to return to Hutt Space..."
Angobba Desilijic Lucar, "The Hutt Council" - Year 3 Day 81
The enigmatic Dante Wehr was an Imperial Army major and an agent for Imperial Intelligence. He served as Emperor Charon's eyes and ears on the Hutt Council circa Year 3.[16]

Within days countless Hutts had answered Angobba's call. A new council was assembled consisting of Angobba, Ollo Shan, Voragga Zuuma, Thalos the Hutt, Jaycen Shal'un Solic, and Korga Vrjin. Throughout this period, Angobba Desilijic Lucar ("Angobba the Hutt") reigned as the "Executive Chair-Hutt" of the council with Ollo Desilijic Shan ("Ollo the Hutt") as his deputy. Other members of the council included His Excellency Jaycen Shal'un Solic[17] ("Shal'un the Hutt") of Nal Hutta Entertainment, and His Excellency Korga Odanee Vrjin[18] ("Korga the Hutt"). Seeking powerful allies in their quest to rebuild the Hutt empire, Angobba sought the patronage of Emperor Charon of the Galactic Empire.

It was a dark time for Charon's regime. An Imperial separatist movement calling itself the Dark Empire, led by the Warlord Vodo Bonias, had coalesced in the Outer Rim Territories and had sparked a second Imperial civil war. Not yet willing to confront Charon's Empire directly, the separatists marshaled their forces in secrecy. Aware of the rising threat that Vodo's Dark Empire posed, Charon's forces focused on the rumored Vodoist base on Bastion and were poised to strike. On the planet Coruscant, the heart of the Empire, Emperor Charon and Director Matrel Byden of the Imperial Security Bureau laid plans to crush the Dark Empire once and for all. The full weight of the Empire was about to come to bear against the separatists. It was in this era of intrigue that Angobba sought Charon's favor.

Angobba realized he could exploit the widening fissure between Emperor Charon's Galactic Empire situated in the Core Worlds and Warlord Bonias' Dark Empire situated in the Outer Rim Territories. Angobba contacted Director Byden of Charon's Imperial Security Bureau and offered her the services of the Hutt Council. With Charon's blessing, Byden accepted Angobba's offer. The Empire appointed Major Dante Wehr, an Imperial Army officer, as the official Imperial liaison with the Council to act as the eyes and ears of Emperor Charon.[19] A native of Tatooine, Wehr had joined Emperor Spytek's Galactic Empire circa Year 0. He graduated from the Imperial Academy and served during the glorious reign of Emperor Piett. During this period, a schism arose between the Imperial Army under Trey Connel and the Imperial Navy under Gorn Veynom. Wehr continued to serve in the Army in infantry and reconnaissance. He gradually made his way through the ranks and successive Imperial administrations.

Unbeknownst to the Hutts, Major Wehr was more than Imperial Army officer, but also a skilled agent for the Imperial intelligence network. He received and obeyed orders from of Director Naal Soven of Imperial Intelligence (II) and later Soven's successor, Robert Voor. As an intelligence agent, Wehr served alongside other Imperials who led exceptional careers in their dedication to the Empire such as Kolace Jorgensen and Niven Scherbankov. Wehr also helped reform the Imperial Army at this stage by helping to propose the re-organization of the Army in battalion-sized units for sector defense.[20] One of Imperial Intelligence's most valued and trusted underlings, Wehr's quiet low-key bearing was a deception to appear incompetent or weak to others. He rarely spoke in public, but his silence allowed him to be ever-observant to the actions and behaviors of those who worked with him. His low officer's rank also let him go unnoticed by other Imperial officers and the Hutts themselves. While Director Byden worked behind-the-scenes to secure funds for the Hutts, the organization soon became Charon's spearhead against the Dark Empire.

Dark Tide Rising

"Fat, filthy, unintelligent Hutts... The true definition of scum. I am saddened by the fact that Charon has allowed slime into the Galactic Empire. Was it so long ago that the policy of the Empire and of the dark side was not to not allow alien filth into our structure, into our society, into our political parties? But here your faithful allies the Hutt gangsters, a crime syndicate, the bullies you use to get those poor corporations and governments that just happen to be inside your space to pay their tithes to you with, are now your governments spokespersons. Your alliance with this filthy race is repulsive..."
Warlord Vodo Bonias of the Dark Empire, "A Denunciation From Your Emperor" - Year 3 Day 102
Warlord Vodo Bonias was the ruler of the Dark Empire, an Imperial separatist movement, and an implacable enemy of the Hutt Council.

Supplied with Imperial funds and equipment, the Hutt Council experienced a surge in growth. According to Wehr's memoirs, Imperial relations with the Hutts were good. The Council worked closely with Wehr and regularly shared intelligence and coordinated strategy in the galaxy. However, Byden insisted the Council carry out its part of the bargain and strike at the Dark Empire.

The antipathy between the Dark Empire and the Hutt Council was quite simple: The Council was an alien collective and a staunch ally of Emperor Charon's Galactic Empire; hence, the Dark Empire forcefully denounced this alliance as an example of how Charon's Empire was weak and unfaithful to Imperial standards.[21] In the eyes of Warlord Bonias, it was contemptible that a humanocentric regime such as the Galactic Empire should publicly align itself with a criminal syndicate of Hutts. For this reason, the Council became the center of a propaganda war between Bonias' Dark Empire and Charon's Galactic Empire on the controversial issue of true Imperial values.

On Year 3 Day 101, the Hutt Council denounced the Dark Empire as "little more than foolish Jedi powers and a small collection of pitiful officers with the combined leadership ability of a womp rat." As the Hutts was now a subsidiary of the Galactic Empire, the Council issued an edict which declared all persons associated with the Dark Empire as personae non gratae. All Dark Empire officers, citizens, and their affiliates, found in any of the Council's territories were immediately arrested, transferred to Imperial authorities, and tried for treason. All vessels identified as Dark Empire vessels, or vessels of known conspirators of the rebel Empire, would be seized and impounded by Imperial Naval officers or local Nal Hutta authorities.[22] In response to this edict, Vodo Bonias of the Dark Empire authorized his Minister of State, Princess Gabriella Storm, to secretly contact the Hutt Council and to offer a peace treaty. The treaty was rejected.[23]

By hunting down the personnel of the Dark Empire, the Hutts' janissaries proved themselves a threat to Vodo Bonias; hence, he became fixated upon the Council's elimination. On Year 3 Day 102, Bonias and Darth Knyte conspired aboard their flagship to repay the Hutts' insolence. Decrying the criminal pact between Emperor Charon's Galactic Empire and the Hutt Council, Bonias vowed that Charon's involvement with the Hutts would not go unpunished and swore that Charon's "death will be an example for all the galaxy."[24] In a subsequent public communique, Count Greyson Uebles — Bonias' Minister of Defense — decried the corrupting influence of the Hutt syndicate and noted the Hutts "use the weakness of Charon's regime to make fortunes and carve out themselves positions of power. Charon thinks he can use them for his own ends. A gross mistake. The result is a further decline of Imperial influence and credibility."[25]

The Unseen Trap

"The Falleen Federation will support and adopt the same stance as the Hutt Council in never dealing with those who would bring ruin to innocents..."
Lord Tholin Dur`aak of the Falleen kingdom, "Order Stands Against Criminals" - Year 3 Day 186
Supreme Chancellor Dargon Yotam of the United Trade Federation was a key ally of the Hutt Council and at the center of a hostage crisis that stunned the galaxy.

Even as the Hutts celebrated the success of their operations against the Dark Empire, another sinister plot was set in motion that would become an even greater concern to the Council. While hostilities increased between the Hutt Council and the Dark Empire, five individuals planned a hidden rendezvous to allegedly plot the assassination of Eldrik Kuraine, the despised leader of Astralwerks Engineering and the heir apparent to Lord Tholin Dur'aak of the Falleen Federation. These individuals included:

The alleged plot entailed murdering Kuraine, hijacking Kuraine's ship Nakatu and — with the assistance of Mandalorian warrior Zechs Darius — seizing the Astralwerks Engineering's fleet of Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers and Carrack-class light cruisers. In order to carry out this alleged scheme, the conspirators clandestinely approached the Hutt Council for resources and personnel. The Council rebuffed their overtures and instead suggested they approach The StarVengers. The conspirators employed the talents of Serj Seinwill, a black-haired wookiee and a disreputable blaster-for-hire with ties to The StarVengers. A former employee of Yotam's United Trade Federation, Seinwill had become a merciless brigand.[28]

On Year 3 Day 184, the five conspirators boarded Serj Seinwill's battered YT-1300 freighter. Most of them, like Frollo, had been ordered by their superiors to board Seinwill's vessel and await further orders. They were immediately captured by Seinwill and his band of cutthroats. Thus the StarVengers captured Luddo Nadd, ForceFlow, Frollo The White of the Jedi Praxium, Dargon Yotam of the United Trade Federation, and Ethan Stone. When Seinwill seized the five individuals, Frollo was released very quickly as at the time Frollo was an unimportant peon.[29] Although Frollo was unaware of the plot against Kuraine, Seinwill had been plotting to overthrow almost everybody. The prisoners were bound to chairs and guarded by three Gammorreans equipped with vibro-axes in the background, as well as a Trandoshan with a crossbow pointed at three men. Luddo was released as a sign of good faith, but Dargon was held captive until the StarVengers received substantial funds from the United Trade Federation. Likewise, Ethan and ForceFlow remained captive.[26] Frollo was released by the StarVengers as a sign of their disgust with the Galactic Empire. Frollo the White was escorted off the ship onto the ground. Seinwill's YT-1300 then took off into space with the remaining hostages.[30]

On Year 3 Day 185, Angobba the Hutt assumed Seinwill was on the payroll of the Dark Empire and publicly denounced the hostage situation. He called for the galaxy to unite against "the disgusting criminals" known as The StarVengers. Angobba learned the terrorists were bankrolled by the Dark Empire. As a federate of the United Trade Federation, the Hutt Council rejected the ransom demands of the terrorists for Dargon Yotam.[31]

On Year 3 Day 186, Serj Seinwill reiterated the ransom demands. Vowing his support for the Dark Empire, the StarVengers demanded 100 million credits for Dargon, 75 million credits for Ethan Stone, 10 million credits for ForceFlow.[32] In response, Torent Puma — the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Outrider Trading and a Praetor in the United Trade Federation — refused to pay the ransom for Dargon: "It is the policy of the United Trade Federation to not negotiate with terrorists. Dargon is prepared to die for the United Trade Federation."[33] On Year 3 Day 186, Lord Tholin Dur'aak of the Falleen Federation pledged his government's support to the Hutts against the terrorist Seinwill: "We will support and adopt the same stance as the Hutt Council and the governments of the galaxy, in never dealing with those who would bring disorder and ruin to innocents."[34]

Shocked at the unified response of the galaxy against terrorism and fearing a massive retaliation, the military council of the StarVengers held an emergency meeting. They decided to banish Serj Seinwill and pretend his actions were beyond their control. They authorized a spokesman Admiral Larien Notarri, the director of Nebular Enterprises, to publicly denounce Serj Seinwill as a rogue operative who carried out the ransom operation "using his own resources and personnel."[35] While galactic bureaucrats debated what course of action should be taken to rescue the hostages, Ethan Stone conned Seinwill into releasing his employee Luddo Nadd. In repayment for this treachery, Seinwill turned Stone over to the Dark Empire.[36]

By chance, the captured Dargon managed to communicate using a home-made comlink that was wired into the ship's hull. He was able to send the coordinates of his captor's ship to United Trade Federation and the Hutt Council. Immediately, multiple rescue teams were separately assembled by the Hutts, the United Trade Federation, and the Rebel Alliance. On Year 3 Day 201, Dargon escaped Seinwill's captivity. Ultimately, it was neither the United Trade Federation nor the Hutt Council that saved Dargon, but the Rebel Alliance. Intriguingly, the rescue team of rebels extracted an encrypted ships log from the databanks of Seinwill's dungeon ship. The log revealed that Seinwill had landed on Bastion, the headquarters of the Dark Empire, in order to allegedly receive further instructions from Vodo Bonias. Rumors swirled that debated whether the Dark Empire was financing Seinwill's activities.[37]

Yotam's rescue by the Rebel Alliance greatly swayed his sentiments towards their idealistic cause. As a result Dargon lost faith in the Empire and Hapes. In the a GNS broadcast, Dargon congratulated the Hutt Council for gaining administration of Tatoo.[37] On Year 3 Day 203, in response to their ally Dargon's denunciation of the Empire, Angobba the Hutt hastily dispatched a message to Emperor Charon which reaffirmed the fealty of the Hutt Council and distanced the Council from Yotam's actions. Even though Angobba was thankful that Supreme Chancellor Yotam was safe and unharmed, the Council would never denounce or insult its protector the Galactic Empire.[38]

Prime Minister Choibacco of the Hapes Consortium declared that Wookiees across the galaxy were outraged by Seinwill's actions. Declaring that Seinwill's actions were a stain on the pride of wookiees, Choibacco decreed that Seinwill was now an outcast from Wookiee society. Seinwill could never return to his homeworld of Kashyyyk again.[39] After Yotam was rescued by rebel agents and his safety assured, the United Trade Federation declared Seinwill an "enemy of the people." Bounty hunters were dispatched to hunt him down and kill him. Speaking at the Great Summit of the United Trade Federation, Yotam forgave Seinwill and called for compassion, understanding and peace. However, Serj continued his terrorist activities, murdering both Rebels and Imperials. In light of Seinwill's continued violence, Dargon declared him to be an enemy of the people and signed Seinwill's death warrant. During this period, Seinwill became the most wanted criminal in the galaxy. Shortly thereafter, Seinwill fled to Coruscant and attempted to recruit disillusioned Imperial personnel to join his motly crew of brigands. On a dark night in the lower levels, Seinwill was cornered in an alley by a death squad sent by the United Trade Federation. After several hours of combat, Seinwill was captured, although he killed two of his captors in the process. Later that week, Seinwill was transported to an unknown location. On Year 3 Day 357, by order of Supreme Chancellor Dargon Yotam, Seinwill was executed in a grisly fashion in a dungeon. He was the first individual ever to be executed in the history of the United Trade Federation.[40] He was strangled by hanging but released while he was still alive, eviscerated, his bowels burnt before him, and then beheaded. His preserved head — dipped in tar — was briefly displayed in the Arcadia Museum. Weeks later, Yotam presented Seinwill's head as a birthday gift to Angobba the Hutt and, for months thereafter, Seinwill's head graced Angobba's throne-room on Nal Hutta.

Revolt on Tatooine

Main article: Chimaera Order
"Due to the loyalty that the Hutts have shown us, we decree that the Tatoo system be directly administered by the Hutt Council. They will do so in the name of Emperor Charon..."
Grand Admiral Black Lodge of the Galactic Empire, "The State of Tatoo" - Year 3 Day 200
The Imperial forces of Grand Admiral Black Lodge were critical in restoring Hutt control of Tatooine.[41]

Meanwhile, on the backwater planet of Tatooine, rumors drifted through the lazy starports of Mos Espa and Mos Eisley. These rumors claimed a mad prophet had arisen in the Jundland Wastes. Traders reported a gathering of nomads in the desert and a masked sorcerer called Melukien Tar’Shakaar who led this swiftly increasing horde to victory. The Sand People, ever a menace to other inhabitants of the planet, were apparently unconnected with this revolt and were likewise afraid of Tar’Shakaar's growing army.

The tide of Tar’Shakaar's forces swept north, and dozens of moisture farmers died in their squat-walled homesteads. Panicked Jawas informed the local Imperial garrison that Mos Eisley was the ultimate goal of Tar’Shakaar and his chanting votaries. Raids from the desert were not uncommon, but this latest uprising seemed to foreshadow more than a raid. The Jawas chattered that Tar’Shakaar had welded thirty nomadic tribes into a large band of followers who dubbed themselves the Chimaera Order.[42] The garrison commander notified the Imperial High Command.

Responding to this threat, Emperor Charon instructed Grand Admiral Black Lodge on Year 3 Day 200 to crush the uprising by Tar’Shakaar's followers. Lodge quickly hypered with the 1st Assault Force aboard his flagship Nemesis to Tatooine. To ensure a quick victory, Charon requested the janissaries of the Hutt Council assist in the operation. Soonafter, the revolt by Tar’Shakaar — the so-called "mad prophet of the desert" — was crushed by the combined armies of the Empire and the Hutts.[43]

Due to the loyalty the Hutts had shown the Empire by helping defeat the revolt, Charon decreed the Tatoo system would be directly administered by the Hutt Council in his name.[43] Acknowledging Charon's magnanimous gift, Angobba Desilijic Lucar appointed his lackey, Regnar Lodbrog, as governor of Tatooine. Angobba also passed laws prohibiting future settlements on the planet. Thenceforward, the Hutts' territories were protectorates of the Empire and Imperial troops were garrisoned on the surface to provide for the maintenance of law and order.[43]

The uprising by Melukien Tar’Shakaar's Chimaera Order on Tatooine prompted an immediate military response by Charon's Galactic Empire circa Year 3 and resulted in Charon bequeathing the planet to the Hutts.

Although defeated and broken, the surviving remnants of Tar’Shakaar's followers sought refuge under the black wings of the Dark Empire and its allies.[41] On Year 3 Day 204, Bertyarg Lucat of Intellifish secretly met and sheltered the defeated insurgents. Under Lucat's authority, Intellfish denounced the occupation of Tatooine by the 1st Imperial Assault fleet led by the Grand Admiral Lodge, and decried the Imperial cession of the planet to the Hutts.[44] On Year 3 Day 212, in order to apprehend the surviving Chimaeran fugitives and its patrons, Grand Admiral Lodge issued arrest warrants for Bertyag Lucat and Melukian Tar’Shakaar for high treason against the Empire.[45]

With order restored on Tatooine, Angobba's puppet-governor Regnar Lodbrog implemented draconian measures to ensure the Hutts' rule. Picket ships were posted throughout the Tatoo system to thwart terrorists from smuggling arms to the planet's surface. In conjunction with Imperial Intelligence, the Hutt Council's elite janissaries searched all starports for terrorists and their accomplices.[46]

On Year 3 Day 213, while in the Jomark system, Chancellor Green Devil of Loronar Security was assassinated. The Chancellor was en-route to a large delegation meeting with the Falleen kingdom to meet with the Falleen High Council on various issues concerning planetary affairs. The Chancellor and many colleagues departed from LorSec Headquarters on Prathil and were later intercepted by a small force of hostiles. The band of aggressors, one capital ship accompanied by fighters, ambushed the Chancellor's vessel before they had any chance of defense. Shots were aimed to kill, no capturing or disabling attempts were made. Suspicion for the assassination was linked to the director of Astralwerks Engineering, Eldrik Kuraine, as well as the Dark Empire. A funeral service was held in Chancellor Green Devil's honor.[47] The Hutts suspected the death of Green Devil was linked to the surviving operatives of Chaemera Order.[48]

Whom the Gods Destroy

Sterik Hasger was an unwitting pawn of Warlord Vodo Bonias' Dark Empire in its pitiless war against the Hutt Council and Blue Sabre Transportation in Year 3.

While the revolt on Tatooine captivated galactic headlines, another unexpected event was about to unfold. In Year 3, Blue Sabre Transportation — led by a brash Corellian star-pilot named Sterik Hasger — was one of the pillars of Supreme Chancellor Dargon Yotam's economic bloc known as the United Trade Federation. Hasger's transport company was losing a territorial conflict with Ayja Laetras' Twin Star Mining corporation and was in dire financial straits.[49] In a plot intended to circuitously harm the Hutts and Yotam's trade bloc, Bonias' Dark Empire sent an emissary to Hasger with a proposition. In exchange for a controlling interest in Hasger's floundering company, the Dark Empire promised to assist Hasger both financially and militarily. As a result, Hasger's transport company left Yotam's United Trade Federation and became a nationalized subsidiary of the Dark Empire. Bonias himself donated a YV-666 to the Blue Sabre Transportation fleet and a tidy sum of six million credits. Buoyed by this patronage, Blue Sabre Transportation was able to drive the Twin Star Mining corporation from its star-systems.

Once Blue Sabre Transportation became a subsidiary of the Dark Empire, however, the new Sith owners began to rule with an iron fist. Bonias insisted that Hasger immediately repay the loan.[49] He also demanded that Hasger execute any personnel with rebel sympathies, including Hasger's old friend Ethan Stone.[49] Although Hasger succeeded in killing several employees, Stone discerned Hasger's treachery, fled the company, and the two friends became bitter enemies.

During these stressful times, Hasger began a torrid affair with Catrinna Eisel, a promiscuous employee of Blue Sabre Transportation. Hasger had been Catrinna's guardian after the death of her parents but now, under the influence of the Sith, he became her lover. Unfortunately, in a cantina quarrel, Catrinna had insulted Princess Gabriella Storm,[49] the former head of Black Sun and a major dignitary in Bonias' Dark Empire. The spiteful Princess Storm spread tales that Catrinna was engaging in lascivious behavior and had a venereal disease. When such gossip only increased Catrinna's popularity, Storm demanded Hasger execute Catrinna. Although Hasger had not hesitated when instructed by Bonias to execute former rebels in Blue Sabre Transportation, he refused to slay his lover.

Annoyed by Hasger's defiance, Bonias and Storm ordered his arrest for violating the contract he had signed with the Sith regime.[50] Hunted by Sith assassins, Sterik and Catrinna secretly contacted Angobba Desilijic Lucar and were granted political asylum by the Hutts. The romantic duo attempted to flee to Hutt Space but were tragically separated.[49] Alone and a wanted man, Hasger fled to the remote ice-world of Anteevy where, while in orbit, his ship was ambushed by his Sith pursuers. His vessel crashed and he was presumed dead.[51]

After fleeing the Dark Empire, Sterik Hasger's starship was attacked in orbit near the ice-world of Anteevy by Sith assassins. He was presumed dead.[51]

Meanwhile, rumors swirled that the Dark Empire had manipulated Hasger until he went insane and killed himself. As one commentator suggested, "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad." Following Hasger's disappearance, the Dark Empire consolidated its stranglehold on Blue Sabre Transportation. They appointed a loyal henchman named Blackthorne as its new president. Sinister and dictatorial, Blackthorne terrorized the few remaining employees. As a result, Nemesi Nemsien, an experienced Bothan pilot and the Vice President of the company, defected to Charon's Empire. Other employees likewise fled to the Core Worlds in stolen starships.[52]

However, in a surprise twist, Sterik Hasger was still alive. He had crash-landed on the ice planet of Anteevy and awoke with blood gushing from his ruined left eye. He rationed his supplies and derived warmth from a small portable heater in his cockpit.[51] Using a repaired holo-transmitter, Hasger beseeched Angobba the Hutt to rescue him and to convince Supreme Chancellor Yotam to protect him from Bonias. Although Yotam was displeased with Hasger for leaving his trade bloc, he consented to protect him as a favor to Angobba. In a taunting missive to the Dark Empire, Angobba boldly revealed Hasger was alive and under his protection. Irritated, Bonias threatened further action against the Hutts and the United Trade Federation unless Hasger was surrendered to him. Out of his concern for Hasger's safety, the Hutts smuggled him to the Core Worlds, an area firmly controlled by Charon's regime.

In the Core Worlds, Hasger was reunited with his former vice president, Nemsien. Hasger and Nemsien were given a personal audience with Emperor Charon. With the approval of Charon, the duo formed a guerrilla movement dubbed "the Baldoran Alliance" with the declared objective of destroying Bonias' Dark Empire. The guerrillas of the Baldoran Alliance included Sterik Hasger, Nemesi Nemsien, Zakar Huntel, Dakkon Blackblade, Draven Emberheart, and Thaka Dhal. In the black markets of the galaxy, ugly canards circulated that Emperor Charon was the patron of the Baldoran Alliance and bankrolled their terrorist operations. The veracity of such accusations remains unknown.[53] Ultimately, Hasger's Baldoran Alliance was a failure and fell apart. Desperate for credits, Hasger and Nemsien decided to charter a new transportation company, and began gathering the resources to make this dream into a reality. Out of the ashes of Blue Sabre Transportation was reborn Corellian Transport Services, a company that later became a subsidiary of the New Republic.[54]

War with Black Sun

Main article: Black Sun Crisis
"The galaxy now knows the extent of the greed and dishonor possessed by the Hutts..."
Dark Prince Qel Dar of Black Sun, "Imperial Justice and Slug Greed" - Year 3 Day 254
Raan Jodus was allegedly paid by Dark Prince Qel Dar of Black Sun to target the Hutt Council. A skilled bounty-hunter, Jodus stalked and assassinated Thalos the Hutt circa Year 3.

Circa Year 3, the Black Sun crime syndicate was governed by Dark Prince Qel Dar, a charismatic Falleen nobleman and a scion of the Huruk-Rah clan. Dar's aggressive foreign policy soon embroiled Black Sun in a protracted conflict with the Hapes Consortium when he attempted to conquer the Hapan planet of Lorell. Simultaneously, Prince Dar sent a taskforce to conquer Pawa,[6] the capital city of Nal Hutta and the headquarters of the Hutt Council.[6] As a former Black Sun adviser who had once served alongside Dar during Princess Storm's reign, Angobba was dismayed by Dar's betrayal. He quickly entered negotiations with Prime Minister Choibacco of the Hapan kingdom in order to form an axis against Black Sun, their mutual enemy. Angobba's efforts were fruitful and, on Year 3 Day 147, the Hapan monarch James I allied with the Hutts and the two collectives began coordinating their operations against Prince Dar. In addition to placing bounties on Black Sun operatives, James I authorized a Hapan diplomat to publish a list of hidden fortresses erected by Black Sun on Lorell.[55]

Hoping to strike a crippling blow against the Hutts, Qel Dar decided to assassinate a member of the Hutt Council. He employed the services of Raan Jodus — a feared bounty hunter — to carry out the assassination. A week later, on the planet Bralvadir in the Xa Fel system, a massive explosion demolished the palace of Thalos the Hutt, a respected dignitary of the Hutt Council. Emergency crews rushed to the scene of the blast. No traces of the Hutt were found, although many corpses were buried in the rubble. A forensic analysis indicated a high amount of Nergon-14 was used in the blast, a signature compound often used by Jodus.[14] Following the attack on Braldavir, the Hutts requested Imperial experts to conduct a private investigation. The experts concluded Thalos' assassination was at the behest of Black Sun and the Empire placed a bounty of one million credits on Jodus's head — dead or alive.[56]

Angered by the murder of his councilor Thalos, Angobba plotted revenge. He retained the services of Rahm Zarkov to kidnap a high-ranking official in Prince Dar's crime syndicate. On Year 3 Day 240, Qel Dar dispatched his ambassador, Vigo Acria Larkin, to intimidate trading companies into commerce agreements with Black Sun. Larkin and her aides were waylaid by Zarkov and a contingent of security personnel. The aides were killed and Larkin captured. Larkin's past as a rebel terrorist was widely known and the Hutts extradited her to the Empire for a substantial reward.[57] Thus on Year 3 Day 243, as the sun rose above the planet of Taanab, Director Byden, Major Wehr, and a phalanx of stormtroopers waited on the landing platform to receive the captured Larkin. As the shuttle's ramp dropped, Larkin with two Weequay warriors on either side of her appeared descending down the ramp; closely followed by Ollo the Hutt. Wehr handed a credit chip to Ollo who stated in Huttese, "Director, please tell Emperor Charon that the Hutt Council was honored to be of service." Byden nodded and the prisoner transfer was successfully completed.[16]

Incensed by Larkin's imprisonment, Qel Dar embargoed the Hutts and dispatched the Black Sun's 2nd Fleet to Nal Hutta. Upon arrival in Hutt Space, the fleet encircled Nal Hutta and bombarded the disputed city of Pawa. Responding to the blockade, the Hutts called upon their allies in the United Trade Federation and the Empire to drive the Black Sun's fleet from their territory.[58] As a result, Black Sun's fleet retreated and the blockade failed.[59] Knowing the Hutt Council was a proxy of the Empire, the shrewd Prince Dar dispatched the seductive Princess Krystal as a diplomatic envoy in order to plead their case before Emperor Charon.[60] Krystal's mission was a success and, in a secret pact, Charon promised to spare Larkin's life.

Ollo Shan the Hutt supervised the prisoner transfer of Vigo Acria Larkin to the Galactic Empire in Year 3.

On Year 3 Day 252, Acria Larkin was tried on Coruscant. Surrounded by stormtroopers and manacled in stun cuffs, Larkin was brought before an Imperial magistrate. Pleading "guilty to all charges," Larkin was sentenced to incarceration in the Ghorman System Penitentiary.[61] After Prince Dar and Princess Krystal returned to Kiffex from an extended holiday, Qel Dar denounced the Hutts for capturing Larkin and called for a trade boycott. On Year 3 Day 276, as a result of this boycott, President Tarkacheen of Aurora Technologies terminated his commerce pact with the Hutt Council.[62] Black Sun mobilized two additional fleets to secure Nal Hutta. Qel Dar contacted the Huruk-Rah, the royal clan of Falleen, to secure their military support for Black Sun. Shortly thereafter, Dar ordered the assassination of yet another Hutt. A Hutt who had registered in a Tatooine caravansary as a guest but when the morning service arrived its body was found in the suite with two blaster burns in the back of its head. The sole clue to the gangland-style killing was the lack of eyes in the large creature, an old criminal mark meant to show that greed was the cause of death. The Hutt's death was intended by Dar to serve as an unmistakable message to the Hutt Council.[63]

Supreme Chancellor Dargon Yotam attempted to mediate the conflict between Black Sun and the Hutts. Dargon flew with a fleet to Hutt Space to ensure the two sides ceased their attacks. Assisting him was Praetor Torent Puma. Both optimistically believed the Hutts and Black Sun might cease their hostilities.[64] Meanwhile, Acria Larkin completed her sentence at the Imperial penitentiary and was released. Unfortunately, her capture by the Hutts had brought her status as a Black Sun agent before the public's eye. This increased scrutiny had a negative impact on the career of her husband, Aves Larkin, who was the Lord Seneschal and Regent of the Falleen kingdom. Denounced as Black Sun spies by their Falleen comrades, Aves and Acria resigned from the Falleen Federation.[65] Further complicating matters, tabloids revealed on Year 4 Day 40 that Kosh Naranek, the virile regent of Black Sun, was involved in a torrid affair with Acria. Upon hearing this news, Syn Naranek — Naranek's wife of nine months and a Commander in the Imperial Navy — obtained an annulment of their marriage.[66] On Day 43, Aves Larkin disappeared. A note penned by Aves cited his crumbling marriage and his wife Acria's infidelities as the reasons for his departure.[67] Whether or not the Hutts played a role in Aves' disappearance was never determined.

Following his calamitous war against the Hutts and the Hapans, the reputation of Prince Dar suffered. Several months later, he held a press conference on Year 4 Day 61 and resigned as regent of Black Sun. He entrusted the future of his organization to Plojo Rosom and then retired with his consort to an undisclosed citadel in the Inner Rim.[68]

That Which Survives

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"We have lost everything. All is drifting on the wind as Angobba once foretold, but we shall return..."
Voragga Zuuma Ajurr of the Hutt Council
Voragga Zuuma Ajurr witnessed the Hutt Council's painful decline. He later formed the Hutt Cartel from its ashes in Year 10.

In early Year 3, Princess Gabriella Storm called for the rapprochement and reunification of the Dark Empire and Galactic Empire.[69] Compelled by political undercurrents beyond his control, Emperor Charon reluctantly agreed to the proposed reunification despite knowing his implacable enemies in the Dark Empire such as Warlord Vodo Bonias and Adric Simms were plotting his overthrow. As Charon predicted, he was soon deposed following reunification and Bonias' puppet, Count Greyson Uebles, usurped the Imperial throne as emperor. When word spread that Emperor Charon was overthrown by Uebles and his master Bonias, many of the Council's ardent Imperial supporters such as Dante Wehr and Black Lodge became disillusioned by these events and joined the mass exodus of officers that left the Empire. Wehr's 5th Army Battalion and much of the Imperial Army dissolved quickly in the aftermath.[20] Likewise, on Year 3 Day 220, Black Lodge resigned in protest of the merger and journeyed into the Unknown Regions, thus disappearing from the annals of galactic history.[70] With the overthrow of Emperor Charon and the resignation of Black Lodge — key supporters of the Hutts — the Council had lost its Imperial patronage and began a slow, painful decline.

Recognizing that the loss of Imperial patronage had greatly weakened the Council, the fearsome Eidola Pirates quickly invaded their territory and waged a relentless campaign to eliminate the Hutt Council. The first individual targeted by the Eidola Pirates was Regnar Lodbrog, the Hutt Council's former governor of Tatooine. The corpse of Lodbrog was delivered by Eidola to authorities on the planet Saubrant in the Kessel system. Shortly thereafter, law enforcement officers detained a Falleen trader identified as Soge Kihei, a purported Eidolan associate, for questioning. Kihei later confessed to being an Eidolan blaster-for-hire and to murdering Lodbrog. During a subsequent interview, Kihei revealed Lodbrog's execution was the first step in "Eidola's continuing efforts at eliminating its competition."[71]

With the solidification of Bonias' grasp over the Galactic Empire and the encroachment of Eidola Pirates into Hutt Space, the Hutt Council's decline was accelerated. Many of its members were assassinated by Eidolan thugs or rival syndicates in the galactic underworld. Within two years, the Hutt Council lost its power and virtually disappeared. This decline changed with the emergence of the Zuuma kajidic led by Voragga the Hutt. Filthy and corpulent, Voragga Zuuma Ajurr is a distant cousin and vitriolic competitor of Tobba Nokko. Renowned for his carnal appetite and penchant for licking Twi’leki slave girls, Voragga is a shrewd businessman and had been a powerful voice in the Hutt Council. An ambitious administrator, Voragga assumed leadership of the Hutt Cartel. Under his auspices, the Hutt Council was re-established and the cartel reinvigorated. Joining Voragga in this endeavor was a distant cousin and shrewd associate Tobba the Hutt, the leader of the Nokko kajidic. Together, the Zuuma and Nokko kajidics have forged a business alliance, and shall soon restore the Hutt Cartel to its rightful place as the parasite of galactic trade.


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Recorded Date


Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 3 Day 81

The Hutt Council is founded by Angobba Desilijic Lucar and Ollo Shan.[7]

Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 3 Day 101

The Hutt Council pledges fealty to Emperor Charon and declares war on the Dark Empire.[22]

Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 3 Day 102

Vodo Bonias of the Dark Empire angrily denounces the Hutt Council.[24]

Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 3 Day 171

Greyson Uebles belittles the pact between Charon's Empire, Black Sun, and the Hutts as "an axis of incompetence."[25]

Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 3 Day 181

The Hutt Council and Aurora Technologies sign a lucrative commerce pact.[72]

Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 3 Day 213

The Chimaera Order is crushed. The Hutts appoint Regnar Lodbrog as governor of Tatooine.[46]

Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 3 Day 276

At Black Sun's behest, Aurora Technologies cancels its commerce pact with the Council.[73]

Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 3 Day 357

The Hutt Council's ally, Dargon Yotam, executes wretched kidnapper Serj Seinwill.[40]

Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 5 Day 140

Tara Tylger temporarily replaces Kavvel as leader indicating Black Sun's control of the Council.[74][75]

Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 5 Day 294

The Eidola Pirates murder Regnar Lodbrog, the Hutt Council's former governor of Tatooine.[76]

Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 5 Day 347

The Hutt Council goes bankrupt and is liquidated.[77]

Hutt Cartel Logo Y10.png Year 10 Day 60

Voragga Zuuma and Tobba Nokko form the Hutt Cartel, the spiritual successor of the Council.

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