Hutt Space

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This article is about a sector in the galaxy. For the Hutt-related criminal organizations, see the Hutt Council or Hutt Cartel.
Hutt Space
Hutt Space (Sector).png
General information
RegionOuter Rim Territories
Historical EventsRevolt on Tatooine (Year 3)
Operation Saint George (Year 10)
Controlled ByEidola Pirates
Astrographic EntryHutt Space

Hutt Space is an infamous region of the galaxy — regarded as a sector astrographically — on the border between the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim Territories, near the entrance to Wild Space. It encompasses the Si'Klaata Cluster and borders the Tion Hegemony. Hutt Space is named for the Hutt species who have traditionally dominated the region. Differing accounts attribute different numbers of planets in Hutt Space, but reasonable estimates range from a few hundred to a thousand inhabited worlds.[1] The region is currently governed by the Eidola Pirates.


Imperial Dominion

Circa Year 3, Hutt Space was primarily controlled by the rapacious Hutt Council, an Imperial Suzerainty, led by Angobba Desilijic Lucar.[2] During the chaotic aftermath of the Second Imperial Civil War, Emperor Charon of the Galactic Empire granted the Council control of the Tatoo system as a reward for their assistance against Warlord Vodo Bonias' Dark Empire and Melukien Tar’Shakaar's Chimaera Order. Acknowledging Charon's magnanimous gift, Angobba the Hutt appointed Regnar Lodbrog as governor of the system and implemented laws deterring further settlements in the area. He reiterated that Council territories were protectorates of Charon's Empire and that Imperial shock-troops would remain garrisoned to preserve law and order.[3]

Eidolan Haunt

When Emperor Charon was overthrown, the Hutt Council lost their most affluent patron and, subsequently, control of Hutt Space. Recognizing that the loss of Imperial sponsorship had weakened the Council, the fearsome Eidola Pirates led by Teniel Djo quickly invaded the territory in Year 5 and waged a relentless campaign to eliminate the Hutts. The first individual targeted by the Eidola Pirates was Regnar Lodbrog, the Hutts' hand-picked governor of Tatooine.[4] The corpse of Lodbrog was delivered by Eidola to authorities on the planet Saubrant in the Kessel system. Shortly thereafter, law enforcement officers detained a Falleen trader identified as Soge Kihei, a purported Eidolan associate, for questioning. Kihei later confessed to being an Eidolan blaster-for-hire and to murdering Lodbrog. During a subsequent interview, Kihei revealed Lodbrog's execution was the first step in "Eidola's continuing efforts at eliminating its competition."[4] With the encroachment of Eidola Pirates into Hutt Space, the Hutt Council's decline was accelerated. Many of its members were assassinated by Eidola Pirates or rival syndicates in Hutt Space.


System Position Planets Population Controller
Toydaria (319, 17) 9 92,496,455,917 Tresario Star Kingdom
Y`toub (325, -20) 8 259,843,799,380 Eidola Pirates
Cyborrea (343, 93) 2 65,828,726 Murishani Unubunko
Nar Kaaga (325, -77) 4 44,751,252 Eidola Pirates
Saki (351, -14) 4 570,503,394 Falleen Federation
Bootana Hutta (353, 34) 7 80,231,211 Eidola Pirates
Cha Raaba (397, -20) 4 64,524,917 Eidola Pirates
Si`Klaata Cluster (360, 120) 8 828,104,335 Eidola Pirates
Moralan (390, 40) 2 456,239,505 Knights of the Fountain
Usk (385, 35) 4 2,134,045,265 Knights of the Fountain
Pybus (348, 30) 5 193,323,697 Eidola Pirates
Ardos (355, 5) 3 22,042,103 Eidola Pirates