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Huttese is the native language of the Hutts, although it was spoken by many races, especially those on Tatooine. Because of the Hutts' commercial and criminal influence throughout the galaxy, Huttese was the second most common language after Galactic Basic, and served as the lingua franca for most of the space surrounding the Hutts' territory.


All the Nimbanels were fluent in Huttese, as well as in Basic and their own language, because their snout structure made it easy for them to articulate the Huttese language. Understanding the advantages of learning such an important language, the species made it a semi-official language of Nimban. Huttese was so influential that it also became a primary language for the Rodian race. Toydarians were also usually fluent in Huttese, because the two species had had a long commercial history with each other. They usually preferred to speak their Toydarian language rather than Basic, but if that was not a choice, they would try Huttese. Huttese was one of the primary languages of Tatooine and many Hutt-controlled worlds like it.

Although most Hutts were fluent in spoken and written Basic, they considered Huttese to be a much superior language to Basic, and demanded that "lesser beings" address them in Huttese.

The Hutts were the owners of three species, Niktos, Klatooinians and Vodrans, since the time of the Third Battle of Vontor. Klatooinians and Vodrans had forfeited their respective languages (Klatooinian language and Vodran language) to replace them with Huttese, being usually illiterate. However, Niktos kept alive the Nikto language during their servitude, learning Huttese only as a second language, and sometimes Basic as a third language. Some Hutts talked with their Nikto servants in Nikto language.