Huw Roon

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Huw Roon
Huw Navy-II.png
Biographical Information
Race Kel Dor
Homeworld Dorin
Mother Mim Roon, Kel Dor architect
Father Vernon Roon, Kel Dor scientist
Siblings Mardos Roon, Pru Roon (twin)
Languages Kel Dor, Shyriiwook, Sullustese, Ryl, Snivvian,
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.04 meters
Coloring Blue
Eye Color Silver
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic, Republic Medical
Rank Minister of State, New Republic Ministry of State
Positions Teacher, Republic Medical Academy
Awards Citations and Awards
"“Nothing wrecks you harder than time.”"
— Dr. Huw Roon

Born on the Kel Dor homeworld Dorin, Huw Roon was described as an atypical member of his race. Having inherited his father's skills in both medical science and creativity, he tried finding his place in the universe as a doctor. After a sudden discovery involving his father's disappearance, his path changed. Bringing him all sorts of adventures and revelations...



Huw Child.png
A young Huw playing on the roof

Huw Roon was born to wealthy Kel Dor aristocrats Vernon and Mim Roon in the city of Dor’shan on his homeworld, Dorin. A reserved but outgoing child, Huw had no difficulty making friends and getting into the kind of trouble that one would expect from a young kel dor. His father Vernon, a well-known and respected scientist, saw great promise in his youngest son. Huw could often be found flitting about his father’s laboratory and playing about his legs while he was conducting the various experiments and research that Vernon was known for. Huw would spend hours in his family's laboratory, drawing the myriad array of creatures that his father would house and study there. These years were later found to be formative ones for young Huw: as an adult, he would study medicine and eventually become a respected doctor and biologist in his own right.

When Huw was eight years old, his father Vernon left his family on Dorin to head for deep space in order to conduct research for a highly classified experimental project known only to himself.

Vernon Roon did not return

His father’s disappearance, while hard on the entire family, proved to be particularly difficult for Huw. Over the next several years, he struggled to find a sense of purpose and reasoning behind his father’s sudden disappearance. It was a struggle that would continue to plague him into adulthood. The years progressed, as they are want to do, and Huw found himself to be a man. Being the progeny of a famed scientist and coming from a family of wealth and notoriety, it was not difficult for him to gain admission to the most respected universities to study medicine. Having completed his studies, Huw began to work at his Uncle’s practice in his home city of Dor’shan, and at his mother’s suggestion, began to train other students of medicine. In his teachings, he regained purpose and eventually settled for a life as an academic professor for medical science & biology.


Huw Teacher.png
Huw sitting inside his family's laboratory

As the long days at the Dor'shan academy progressed, Huw often found himself alone at night. One evening, after a particularly difficult day, Huw returned to his apartment to once more seek shelter from the outside world. Having grown isolated over the years, his loneliness offered him time to think of his father, as he often did on such nights. After his father’s disappearance, his mother gave him a chest full of Vernon’s personal effects. For many years the chest had gone relatively untouched by Huw, but that night he approached the chest and gently lifted the lid. Inside the chest, Huw found several different items: a long dead holopad, various handheld scientific instruments and, at the very bottom of the chest, an old white lab coat.

It was this white lab coat, still bearing the ID-card belonging to his father, that would change Huw’s life forever. Inside the musky white folds he found a small datadisk, weathered and aged from years of abuse. Once he flipped it over in the palm of his hand, he saw it was labelled with one word: “Impetus”.

Huw, still holding the lab coat, urgently grabbed his holopad and sat down and loaded the datadisk. A recording of Vernon Roon’s voice began to fill the room. Huw was startled as it had been years since he heard that voice, but focused intently on his father’s words:

"“...I think I have it all wrong... how could I have been so blind? I have spent YEARS looking at this all wrong! I will contact Dr. Raddius immediately. I think he can point me in the right direction...”"
— Vernon Roon's recording

The recording ended as abruptly as it began. Upon closer inspection, the datadisk had been damaged from what appeared to have been a rather haphazard attempt at wiping it and no other data was able to be retrieved.

Huw spent the next several days obsessing of the recording. He listened to it again and again, hoping to glean some other information that was not immediately apparent, but to no avail. It was then that Huw decided to take the next logical step and locate this Dr. Raddius, and, after a lengthy search, he was able to discern that Raddius had dealings with the New Republic and that he disappeared about the same time as his father. Learning more of their origin, Huw took an interest in their ideals. Eventually he would decide to head over see for himself what role the NR had played in his father's life.

A New Life

Huw Bar.png
Huw inside RepMed's Cantina

With the reluctant blessings of his family, Huw Roon left Dor'shan and joined the New Republic. He figured that if he was ever going to get to the bottom of whatever “Impetus” turned out to be, that he was going to need the help of someone within the Republic and maybe, someone there would know something about his father and Dr. Raddius. Upon graduating the NR Academy on Rodia, which was no difficult task for him, Huw decided to put his skills to use and joined Republic Medical, a medical faction in service of the NR. He felt that before he began asking a lot of questions, that it would be prudent to take some time to get adjusted to his new home and his new life within the NR. After some days of shipping raw materials for RepMed, Huw decided to investigate the local cantina. Little did he know that this building would be the centre of several friendships within his faction. In here, he met sentient such as the first CEO he served under: Jen Eyan. Or would have long chats with the young Nohayk Haddock and the more carefree Han Ballooga. One sentient in particular proved to be a devoted companion in his future life: Gile Landala and he would walk similar paths in their lives it seemed.

"Koh-to-yah my friend..."

As it turned out, Gile would become Huw's most trusted friend. The pair had almost started their careers at the same place and time within the NR, with Gile missing Huw by just one month. Being of similar age and interests, they immediately took a liking to one another and proved that the two of them could accomplish great things. it came to no surprise that both of them eventually applied to become the Republic Medical Academy's new headmaster. Frollo the White, RepMed CEO at the time, allowed for both of them to lead the medical academy together. In a mere three months, the pair were able to revise the somewhat outdated Basic Medical Course, which had been closed for a while now. With the Basic Course open to the public once more, enthusiasts of medicine came and flooded the Medical Academy's halls. As both Huw and Gile worked actively for RepMed and rose through the ranks, they eventually got noticed by several other members of the NR community. Many people began to see them as a odd pair whose motivation and happiness did not seem to tire.

Stepping up

Huw CultOff.png
The Culture Office is back in business

After having been a member of the art and recruiting teams inside the New Republic Ministry of State, Huw got approached by none other than Natalis Oro. Natalis was Minister of State at the time and had taken notice of the young Kel Dor's liking for social involvement and care for the NR's community and came to see if he'd be interested in the position of "Associate Minister of State". After peeking his interest a bit, she eventually persuaded the nervous young man into accepting. However, faith had altered plans in store it seemed. As Natalis shortly felt a great need in stepping back a little. Arco Serle was her chosen replacement and thus Huw became his second instead of Natalis. Knowing each other from their work in the NR academy, both Huw and Arco held a great respect to one another and their work. Through this, a healthy work-relationship grew, built on respect and honesty. Sadly, the events that followed were beyond Arco's control and forced him to turn his attention elsewhere, leaving Associate Minister Roon in charge of a rather mixed up setting. It was in this time of his life where Huw had to make sure he stepped up his game.

As a side effect to rising in rank, Huw also got aware of an imminent political storm. A chasm began to form between what was called the "Old guard" and the "New guard". Younger members of the New Republic's community began to accuse veterans of influencing and holding on to their positions, even if they seemed no longer qualified. Some veterans on the other hand began to suspect several young members as conspirators against the Advisory Council of that time. The younger public saw these accusations as a paranoid reaction after Jasper Merlyn's Conspiracy. Being part of a young group of enthusiasts looking to discuss the current climate of the NR, Huw was one of the younger members called the "Young New Republicans". The YNR, as they came to be known, was believed to be the main opposition of the current Advisory Council. This however, was over time proven to be incorrect. While certain members of the YNR did claim their intent to be revolutionary, others such as Roon stated quite the opposite. Reaching out to several AC members for help even. As matters slowly seemed to settle down, things sadly flared up once more when the new Chief of State Elections neared at the end of Year 18. With Orion Chran seemingly being the "Old Guard"'s favourite. The YNR, as the "Young Guard" front, was believed to be candidate Darcks Galvan's main support. Huw remained working towards clearing YNR's name of any influencing and kept on stating their neutrality inside the New Republic Community.

As expectations grew, the time had come to prove his worth. In the following months the young Kel Dor managed the MoS departments in Arco's absence, often feeling alone in the process but never without counsel. Orion Chran and Tengri Lethas were two of his main advisors at the time as they guided him on his path of leadership. In his time as AMoS, he witnessed the Art team reliving a golden age under their new leader, Shu Shei Dael. Huw rebuilt the Culture Office under a new form of command: A board of three members, jointly leading the culture office and its three branches. A milestone in his career and personal life, came in the form of Associate Minister of Justice Katie Tonks. Her appointment caused the Justice Department to flourish in activity no one had witnessed yet. As an administrative member of the MoS, the young Miss Tonks came to be close with both Arco and Huw. With Arco's attention turned elsewhere, she proved to be a valuable support for Huw. On Day 94 of Year 19, after Arco's sixth month of absence, Huw was offered the position of Minister of State.

Falling down

In the aftermath of Year 18, Huw came to stand face-to-face with death. During an undisclosed military operation, he and several other members from Republic Medical's staff were invited to participate in, what was meant to be, a basic training exercise on Serocco. It was safe to state that this operation turned out more perilous than anticepated. During the course of the operation Huw offered medical assistance to the NRAF's soldiers, inclucing saving the life of one of Starfighter Command's pilot officers. At one point, reports were coming in that members of Tresario Star Kingdom had arrived planetside. The Republic and Tresario's forces clashed in several small skirmiches along the battlefield. It was in one of these short-lived battles that Roon was mortally wounded and succumbed, leaving the Kel Dor dead for an estimated time of 6 minutes. After an extended recovery, Huw found his way back to RepMed headquarters. Resuming his position among his fellow doctors.

The beginning of Year 19 also proved to be full of emotional challenges for the young Kel Dor. On day 38, one of his young protégés, Nohayk Haddock was captured and executed by known pirate Kuga Morguul. This event was shortly followed by Lieutenant Commander Ghullka Ikto's flight from the New Republic in fear of repercussions against the members of the Young New Republicans. A paranoia that seemed to follow his iktotchi friend ever since Seth Wrenstar's suicide on Year 18 Day 354. After Republic Medical received several heavy blows such as Han Ballooga's betrayal and looting of Republic Medical and Frollo the White being trialed publically for breaking NR laws regarding buying Restricted Tech, Huw had taken his leave as well and chose a Naval career instead. However his life as a military officer was short lived as he came to the aid of Gile Landala after a mere month. Due to Republic Medical's decreasing numbers, the pair were now bringing their best to the table in order to fight for the medical faction's survival. The toughest blow came in the form of one of Huw's best friend and Associate Minister of Justice at the time. On year 19 Day 173 Katie Tonks was unmasked and proven to be in league with known criminal Jasper Merlyn. Katie's betrayal and influence was felt gravely throughout the entire New Republic. This event left its mark on the young Kel Dor, same as with others such as Liviana Iota. After a period of questioning his own judgement and leadership, Huw was eventually persuaded to remain active as the NR's Minister of State.

In persuit

Being seated on the Advisory Council did in no way mean the Kel Dor's adventures had stopped. Soon after his appointment, he and Gile had tracked down a new lead in the search for Huw's father. This was part of their reason for joining the operation on Serocco which proved so fateful for Huw. Soon after the doctor's recovery they pinpointed the location of an Alderaanian arms dealer.

Personality and Abilities

"But... I failed."
"Good. Now go fail again."
— Dr. Huw Roon to one of his pupils.
Huw Operation.png
Huw performing a delicate eye operation

Calm but passionate, Huw was always busy with everything. Driven by his father's teachings and dissapearance, he would like nothing better than to know what his dad would think of him in this moment. Huw often drew pictures to come to himself, to forget the stress of his busy life or to relieve him of it. Sometimes he seemed confused or appeared to be, some said this was due to him never truly being able to adapt to crowds after a lonely childhood. He had the talent and drive to set up an organization or branch and manage it successfully, which proved useful in his years as Minister of State as he tirelessly kept it running. In his time, Huw had grown as a teacher. Trying to make his students see the magnificent things they were capable of.

"“I've never been much of a fighter. Apologies for what you're about to see.”"
— Huw Roon on Serocco

Being a doctor, Huw had considerable skill in medicine. Though most high-end doctors did not see him as one of the best, it was his creativity in medical matters that gave him his reputation of an adequate doctor. His calm though still amiable nature had often been called "a plus on his otherwise 'unorthodox' thinking" by his more professional colleagues. Despite his clever expertise in the medical field, Huw was a terrible combatant. Never having cared for duelling classes in his youth or friendly brawls between his friends, he had grown a man of mind instead of strength. However, this did change somewhat as he joined the New Republic. Where he sometimes went along on military operations, which caused him to gain his combat experience. In the year 19 he also received a cybernetic arm after a failed experiment he never disclosed, the arm severely increased his strength. Rendering him able to pack up quite a big punch.

Social Connections

Gile Landala

Huw & Gile at broadcasting for the RNN

A young Coruscanti, Huw met Gile when the latter walked up to him in Republic Medical's cantina. The youthful newcomer was roughly the same age as the young Kel Dor. Which caused them both to find common ground quite easy. As they both set foot in the medical industrial sector, their lives proved to become very similar in paths. Having both applied for the medical academy, it was to no one's surprise that both of them ended up being a doctor. However, one was claimed a sane man, the other... unorthodox. As most things do in life, change came within months. Huw started to lead a life in the cultural sector of the New Republic Ministry of State, while Gile eventually grew into the position of RepMed CEO. Over time, Gile became something of a brother to Huw. The two of them grew close and would rarely be seen on an adventure without the other half of the duo.

Space, Wind & Fire

The Young New Republican or YNR as they were referred as, was a group of friends wanting to discuss their current governmental status and discuss their daily lives in private. Political debates aside, the group proved to be full of wonderful compatriots to Huw personally. Members such as Tem Sappo, Nohayk Haddock and Kaja Teno proved to remain by Huw's side in the NR. Others such as Ghullka Ikto and Orion Jenru eventually went their own way. One member, Seth Wrenstar, found his end as he robbed himself from his life due to political tension in and out of the group. Eventually the group renamed themselves as "Space, Wind & Fire" to show the NR that their intentions were purely concerned to private chatting and share their private moments of peace.

Liviana Iota

The MoS and Academy Headmistress on a break

A bright starfighter pilot that arrived in the New Republic, several months after Huw did. Huw and Liviana, or Liv as she was commonly named, met on the battlefield. During a military operation on Serocco, Huw was offering medical support to New Republican troops in the field, while Liv defended a nearby asteroid field from several criminal starfighters.

As part of the Republic News Network, Huw was the one to take Pilot Officer Iota's first official picture in the NR community. However their real interactions came later in their lives with both their careers already set and both risen through their department's ranks. Huw would meet Liv again after her short fling with Huw's colleague, Dr. Gile Landala. Their relationship would turn into a surprising event as Liviana eventually chose Katie Tonks over the young doctor, another good friend of Huw's. The real test of Liv and Huw's friendship came after Miss Tonks was unmasked and associated with a known criminal. Liv was left broken hearted and Huw damaged in his judgement and trust, causing both of them to find support in one another.

During an undisclosed military operation, Liviana disappeared. The loss of his friend caused Huw to grief, as he tried to honor her work where she had been instumental.

Career History

Associate Minister of State
Preceded By:
Huw Roon
Day 246 Year 18 - Day 94 Year 19
Succeeded By:
Kaja Teno

Minister of State
Preceded By:
Arco Serle
Huw Roon
Day 94 Year 19 - Day 36 Year 20
Succeeded By:
Gothar Elensar

Awards & Citations

  • Uogo'cor Achievement Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Republic Service Medal
  • Republic Medical Cross
  • Instructor Dedication Award
  • Community Award (x2)