Hyper-Communications Cartel

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Hyper-Communications Cartel
Th hccv4-1.png
General Information
Motto "Our Business is News"
Status Inactive
Leader Edgeman Riman
Owner Kain Elderan
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 145
Dissolved Year 13 Day 361
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Commerce Collective
Industry Information provider
Holosite Hyper-Communications Cartel


The Hyper-Communications Cartel is the primary communications service for the Galactic Commerce Collective. It builds and maintains satellites and monitors communication networks within and outside the conglomerate's space.

Tasked with establishing and maintaining communication networks for the Collective and its allies, the HCC employs only the best news reporters and communications satellite specialists in the galaxy. One of the most famous GCC news channels, the "GalCom News Network", is maintained and operated by the HCC. In addition to the communication-based tasks that it is assigned, the HCC also builds and maintains public buildings such as libraries and zoos and helps ensure the public eye is on the Collective in a positive light.


The Hyper-Communications Cartel, often abbreviated as HCC, was founded in Year 13 by Chairman Sovan Theln, a former military officer in the Hapan Navy, and Vice Chairman Edgeman Riman, a former Magister of the Askajian Harbingers.

Soon after it was founded, the HCC was accepted as a member organization in the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The HCC thrived under the CIS.

After a length of time as a member of the CIS, the HCC determined that it needed a new direction to better itself. The HCC took an interest in the Galactic Commerce Collective which offered business deals not offered by the CIS. In the interest of the Cartel's members, the Chairman and Vice Chairman both approved of the motion to move the HCC's corporate headquarters into GCC corporate territory.


Main article: Timeline
  • Year 13 Day 145: The Hyper-Communications Cartel is formed by Sovan Theln with its headquarters on Ardenia.
  • Year 13 Day 224: The Hyper-Communications Cartel leaves the Confederacy of Independent Systems.
  • Year 13 Day 225: The Hyper-Communications Cartel joins the Galactic Commerce Collective.
  • Year 13 Day 247: Sovan Theln, leader of the Hyper-Communications Cartel, is replaced by Vice Chairman Edgeman Riman.
  • Year 13 Day 248: Sovan Theln, the former leader of the Hyper-Communications Cartel, leaves the Hyper-Communications Cartel.
  • Year 13 Day 348: Edgeman Riman, the leader of Hyper-Communications Cartel was replaced today by Kain Elderan when Edgeman Riman was promptly arrested and executed by Adiara Bartyn.
  • Year 13 Day 361: The Hyper-Communications Cartel was absorbed into the Galactic Commerce Collective, effectively dissolving the faction entirely.


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