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IWAssassin.jpgLadm iwassassin.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Died Year 3
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Tan skin, grey hair, balding
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Rank Lord Admiral
Prior Affiliation None

IWAssassin served in the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire from before Year 0 until his death in Year 3. He rose through the ranks within the Second Assault Fleet, which he eventually commanded himself as a Captain, and was promoted to Vice Admiral after a splinter group of Imperials defected to form The Core. At this time he left the fleet in order to serve as Executive Officer of the Navy, and eventually as Navy Commanding Officer while a Grand Admiral, spearheading numerous operations and Naval reconstructions. With the creation of the new rank, he became the first Lord Admiral of the Imperial Navy. During the From The Ashes operation, he publicly committed suicide on board a personally owned freighter, citing dissatisfaction with the state of the galaxy.

Both within and outside of the Empire, IWAssassin was known primarily for his intellect and tactical genius. He was a close friend and mentor of Syn's during her own service in the Navy, and the two worked on numerous Naval and personal projects together. He left her the ship that would become the Solitaire upon his death. Little about his personal life was known; IWAssassin was nearly always seen in uniform. He had cybernetic eyes, although the reason for them was never stated publicly.