Ignatius vi Cron

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Ignatius vi Cron
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffu
Clan Clan Olnoran
House House of Cron
Mother Miribel Olnoran
Father Joseph vi Cron
Siblings Cornelius vi Cron (Brother)

Weylin vi Cron (Cousin)

Languages Basic


Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.78 Metres
Political Information
Affiliation Zhellic Ecclesiarchy

Galactic Empire

Title Vicar (Zhellic Ecclesiarchy)
Rank Senior Superintendent (ret) (Galactic Empire)

Legatus (Notron Centurions)

Ignatius is a Male Kiffar from the planet Kiffex. He is a member of the House of Cron, leader of Clan Olnoran and Vicar of Azurba within the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy.


Early Life

Born on Kiffu, Ignatius' mother was a native Kiffar while his father was a member of the Tionese military who was briefly stationed on the planet as part of an exchange program designed to teach their officers about the cultural differences and clan system of the Kiffar people. His father had a family that remained located in the Allied Tion sector during this assignment and shortly after he was born his father took him and returned to Embaril II in the Allied Tion sector. There he was raised by his father, adoptive mother and older brother. He attended the prestigious Ascaron Academy, following in the footsteps of his older brother and mother to become a doctor but he had a hard time focusing, feeling out of place and dropped out after only the first year of study.

After dropping out of the Ascarion Academy, Ignatius found his way to the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy. His father had been a devout man of the faith and both children were raised to believe in The Thirteen gods and goddess of the Zhell people. It was here where Ignatius embraced his faith and became the Vicar of Azurba, the patron of what became the Kiffar people taking his pontifical name, Erasmus I.

He then returned to his home on Kiffex, where he rejoined his native Kiffar family, marking his face with their traditional clan markings and formerly taking his place in Clan Olnoran.

Ignatius briefly joined The Tresario Star Kingdom, where he worked supervising their mines in the Maldrood sector.

Galactic Empire

On year 20 Day 87 Ignatius joined the Galactic Empire. He reported to the Imperial Academy on Prakith and began his Imperial basic training. Showing remarkable apptitude for learning he quickly completed the program, graduating with Honours and requesting a position with the Regional Government.


  • His Holiness, Erasmus I, Vicar of Azurba and Patriarch of the Kiffu Rite
  • Duke, House of Cron